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JUSTiN ELECTRONICS CORP. - The Resistor Specialist Resistors - Potentiometers - Value-Added Distributors - We Stock All Sizes & Tolerances from Major Mfrs. - SMD Chip Resistors - Military Resistors - Metal Film Resistors - Wirewound Resistors - Resistor Networks - Precision Resistors - Trimmer Potentiometers - Taping & Reeling - Lead Trimming - More! . . . Click to Visit Our Website Now or Call . . . 631-951-4900 . . .
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JUSTIN ELECTRONICS - Hauppauge, NY - - 100% woman owned, franchised stocking "resistor specialist," allowing us to maintain the status as a leader in resistor distribution. Serving both military and commercial OEMs with extensive inventory of resistor products to meet the resistor requirements of your latest designs or any production problem which may arise. (631)951-4900, Fax: (631)951-47471, E-mail:
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