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AeroComm - Wireless OEM Modules & Devices Affordable, Reliable, Certified - Our RF Solutions Enable Long Range and Fast Time-to-Market. Enter Here or call (800)492-2320 . . .

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AeroComm, Inc. - Lenexa, KS - - AeroComm's complete, compact 2.4GHz & 900MHz data radios and extensive RF background, development tools, and support help OEMs get wireless capability – fast. All transceivers are agency-certified around the globe, ready to integrate via RS232/422/485. Proprietary FHSS technology provides reliable communication even in RF-dense areas. High output power supports long range.
(800)492-2320, Fax: (913)492-1243, E-mail: Sales@AeroComm.com Request a quote

ALTAN TECHNOLOGIES, INC.. - Vancouver, BC, Canada - - Altan's ALT5801 is a compact 5.8 GHz ISM band wireless transceiver module which implements the full ZigBee / IEEE 802.15.4 feature set. This transceiver is designed for OEMs who need a reliable 5.8 GHz wireless data link integrated into their products. RS-232, USB and stand alone evaluation boards available. .

(866)992-5826, (604)948-9322, E-mail: sales@altantechnologies.com Request a quote

BlueRadios, Inc. - Denver, CO - - Our tiny SMT internationally approved BLUETOOTH OEM WIRELESS data / voice modems provide 100m range – 2.4GHz - frequency hopping spread spectrum, serial interface, self-discovery, point-to-point networks / point-to-multipoint networks, includes integrated software stack and profiles, Standard AT commands. Call for our new OEM Evaluation kit.
(303)814-6767, Fax: (702)548-4801, E-mail: Info@BlueRadios.com Request a quote

DATA-LINC GROUP - Belleview, WA - - License-free, wireless ETHERNET RADIO MODEMS which are ideal for large SCADA and high RFI environments. Rated range is 25 miles (40km) with omni directional antennas - seamless connectivity and unparalleled reliability between PLC, PC and RTU applications - even in extreme environments as water/wastewater and oil/gas to industrial automation.
(425)882-2206, Fax: (425)867-0865, E-mail: Info@Data-Linc.com Request a quote

ICP DAS USA, INC. - Rolling Hills Estates, CA - - 2.4 Ghz and 900 Mhz wireless RADIO MODEMS with diistance up to 3 miles. Good replacement for wire data transmitters. Our GSM modems will allow you to communicate to our controllers anywhere in the world. Easy to set up, wireless without distance limitation. Also suppliers of wireless Ethernet data acquisition solutions.
(310)265-9352, Fax: (310)265-9899 , E-mail: Sales@icpdas-usa.com Request a quote

MAX STREAM - Orem, UT - - Our tiny FCC-approved OEM WIRELESS MODEMS provide 10 miles range - 900MHz-110dBm / 2.4GHz-105dBm - Frequency hopping spread spectrum, Serial interface, Low power modes, Addressability point-to-point networks / point-to-multipoint networks, Standard AT commands. Call for our new OEM development kit.
(866)765-9885, Fax: (801)765-9895, E-mail: Sales@MaxStream.net
Request a quote

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