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IPS LIMITED - Shielding, Insulative, and Bonding Tapes
Electronics Industry Solutions for EMI/RFI Control - Thermal Management - High Voltage Insulation - Wire Processing - Acoustics - Vibration Control - Coating - ID - Masking - bonding - Work-Holding - Weather Resistance - Waterproofing - Custom OEM and More! Click Here to Enter or Call - USA: (800)225-0665, Int'l: (203)266-5314 . . .

A-JARO THERMAL - Boca Raton, FL - - ISO Manufacturer of general purpose fans, ultra-high static, AC axial, DC, notebook, aquas waterproof, micro \'Super Flow\', VGA, IC coolers, blowers, ultra-high output, bracket fans, third & fourth leads, LED coolers, and aquas waterproofed fans.
(561)241-6700, Fax: (561)241-3328, E-mail: Request a quote ..... ...

ACK TECHNOLOGY, INC - Buena Park, CA - - Heat sinks, heat pipes, heat pumps (Thermoelectric Coolers). Liquid cold plates, & extreme high density heat sinks, light weight for high power electronics, single & multi stage heat pumps to cool below ambient or freezing for medical & laser devices, and heat pipes for desktop and notebook computer applications.

(714)739-5797, Fax: (717)739-5897, E-mail: Request a quote

ADVANCED THERMAL SOLUTIONS, INC. - Norwood, MA - - Advanced Thermal Solutions is a leading engineering and manufacturing company, supplying complete thermal and mechanical packaging solutions from analysis and testing to final production. ATS provides a wide range of heat sinks, air and liquid cooling solutions, laboratory-quality thermal instrumentation, along with thermal design consulting services and training.

(781)769-2800, Fax: (781)769-9979, E-mail: Request a quote
Read our latest new product release:
New Heat Sink Design from Advanced Thermal Solutions Enables LTE / WiMAX Telecommunications Equipment trials

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ANALYSIS & DESIGN SOLUTIONS, LLC - Altamont, NY - - Providers of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and technical expertise for thermal management of electronics packaging. COMPUTATIONAL ANALYSIS is performed and the results are used to make design changes. Cost effective 3D simulations to address your engineering and design issues. Call now to qualify for a free simulation of your application.
(518)831-1700, Fax: (518)861-7075, E-mail: Request a quote

AOS THERMAL COMPOUNDS - Eatontown, NJ - - Dry-to-Touch THERMAL GREASE - Widest selection of non-silicone and silicone thermal greases available on the market. Since developing AOS Heat Sink Compound, the first Non-Silicone thermal grease, AOS has continued to expand its product line with newer, more advanced formulas. Ask for free samples of our dry-to-touch thermal greases.
(732)389-5514, Fax: (732)389-6380, E-mail: Request a quote

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BERGQUIST COMPANY, The - CHANHASSEN, MN - - The Bergquist Company Thermal Products Group is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of thermal management materials which control and manage heat in electronic assemblies and printed circuit boards. These materials include Sil-Pad (thermally conductive insulators), Gap Pad (gap filling materials), Hi-Flow (phase change materials), and Thermal Clad IMS (substrates for surface mount applications).
(800)347-4572, (952)835-2322, Fax: (952)835-0430, E-mail: Request a quote

CAD DESIGN SERVICES, INC. / CDS - Santa Clara, CA - - Standard and custom electronic design automation solutions - 3D CAD and CAM software for physical layout, full 3D electrical and thermal model generation and manufacturing of all types of printed circuit boards, flex, RF/microwave, ceramic designs, LTCC and thick/thin Film, semiconductor packages including lead frames and gold wire bonding.

(408)436-1340, Fax: (408)436-1341, E-mail: Request a quote

COMPUFAB, INC. - Woodstown, NJ - - The Universal Stiffener™ is an aluminum bar which functions as a mechanical PCB stiffener, a heat transfer device or an electrical bus bar. It fastens to a PCB with machine screws or rivets anywhere along the length of the bar - A lower cost alternative to machined fiberglass or machined metal PCB stiffeners.

(856)769-9050, (856)769-9058, E-mail: Request a quote

ENVIROSAFE TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Jacksonville, FL - - Dustshield offers standard NEMA COMPUTER ENCLOSURES, PC enclosures, computer cabinets and computer security enclosures which are designed so the user always has easy access to the protected equipment while preventing damage from heat, dust, oil, and other abrasive airborne contaminants found in a harsh environment workplace.
(800)587-9557, (904)646-3456, Fax: (904)646-3575, E-mail: Request a quote

EPOXYSET, INC. - Lincoln, RI - - A leading manufacturer of custom formulated adhesives, encapsulants & potting compounds and thermal grease used in advanced technology applications. We supply superior quality products used in the electronics and microelectronics, medical devices, semiconductor, fiber optics, and aerospace industries. Our product line constantly expands to meet innovative material requirements for the technologies.

(401)726-4500, Fax: (401)726-4502, E-mail: Request a quote

EZ FAN & BLOWER CO. - Los Angeles, CA - - Manufacturers of AC/DC FANS, cooling fans, CPU coolers & accessories, blowers in differnt sizes, DC brushless motors, and gear head motors. OEM applications include computers, office machinery, vending & kiosks, instrumentation, and bio-medical electronics. We manufacture in Taiwan and stock most fans in our Los Angels warehouse. Reps & distributors welcome.
(213)427-9199, Fax: (213)427-9195, E-mail: Request a quote

IPS LIMITED - Bethlehem, CT - - TAPE SOLUTION EXPERTS, stocking over 90 different material types in various widths, single & double-sided adhesive. Specializing in electronics industry applications in EMI/RFI control, thermal management, high voltage insulation, wire processing, acoustics, vibration control, coating, ID, masking, bonding, work-holding, weather resistance, waterproofing and more.
(800)225-0665, (203)266-5314, Fax: (203)266-7614, E-mail: Request a quote

NOREN PRODUCTS, INC. - Menlo Park, CA - - Air-to-Air and Air-to-Water heat exchangers remove heat from sealed electronic enclosures, panels and cabinets in indoor and outdoor applications. 10 times more efficient than air conditioning, with no maintenance. NEMA 12 units available - Save energy utilizing Noren Compact cabinet coolers. Fast, custom applications - Software determines your needs in minutes.
(650)322-9500, Fax: (650)324-1348, E-mail: Request a Quote

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PFANNENBERG, INC. - Lancaster, NY - - Specializing in thermal management of electronic enclosures - Filterfans, cooling units (air conditioners), air water heat exchangers, chillers, heaters, hydrostats, and thermostats. Our products are designed to save energy and other resources, keeping your electronics from overheating and your processes up and running on a consistent basis, avoiding costly down time.
(716)685-6866, Fax: ( 716)681-1521, E-mail: Request a Quote

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POLYSCIENCE - Niles, IL - - ISO 9001 manufacturer of refrigerated and heated liquid circularors, chillers and heat exchangers for a wide range of temperature controlling applications. OEM and turnkey solutions - Your design and manufacturing source for small to medium quantities of complete electromechanical devices, sub-asemblies and refrigeration systems typically used to spot cool or temperature control constant temperature products.
(800)229-7569, (847)647-0611, Fax: (847)647-1155, E-mail: Request a quote

SENSOR PRODUCTS, INC. / SPI - Madison. NJ - - Manufacturer and distributor of tactile pressure indicating sensor solutions. Our Pressurex® film reveals the surface contact pressure distribution and magnitude between a heat sink and heat source interface, aiding significantly in performing thermal analysis. Free samples available, and the entire product line and applications can be viewed and purchased online.

(800)755-2201, (973)884-1755, Fax: (973)884-1699 , E-mail: Request a quote
Read our latest new product release:
Measure Heat Sink Thermal Interface Using SPI's Surface Pressure Sensing Film

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SILICONE SOLUTIONS - Twinsburg, OH Thermally conductive SILICONE PRODUCTS for bonding and encapsulation of electronic components. SS-35 is a thixotropic paste, SS-180 is a self-leveling liquid. Both products offer unprimed adhesion to metals and most plastics, fast room temperature cure and high temperature resistance, combined with high thermal conductivity.
(330)405-4595, Fax: 330-405-4596, E-mail: Request a quote

STACI LC - Ft. Lauderdale, FL & Dongguan, China - - Custom thermal management solutions. Extruded aluminum HEAT SINKS with variety of surface finish options. Also thermally conductive PCB systems to replace the need for conventional heat sinks - also known as Insulated Metal Substrate / IMS, Thermal Clad / T-Clad, Aluminum Clad / Al-Clad. Competitively priced Asian production facilities. ISO and QS9000 certified factories.
(954)623-3100, Fax: (954)623-3122, E-mail: Request a quote

STEGO, INC. - Marietta, GA - - THERMAL MANAGEMENT & CONTROLS for electrical/electronic enclosures used in telecom, automation, security, commercial, and industrial applications. Resistance type and PTC-based enclosure heaters, fan heaters, CCTV camera heaters, heaters for valves and actuators, temperature & humidity controls, lights, filter fans, 19" fan trays and related products - 120/230VAC and common DC voltages.
(888)783-4611, (770)984-0858, Fax: (770)984-0615, E-mail: Request a quote

SUPERCOOL, U.S., INC. - Minneapolis, MN - - Designers & manufacturers of Peltier THERMOELECTRIC (TE) COOLERS for over 25 years. Thermal management OEM applications for electronics, medical, laboratory, automotive, and refrigiration. Standard TE modules, sub-assemblies and custom OEM designs. Whatever your requirements, we have the know-how to match. Visit our website to see a list of Supercool's worldwide reps.
(800)311-9055, (952)745-9238, Fax: (952)745-9381, E-mail: Request a quote ..... .

TECA USA - Chicago, IL - - World leaders in the manufacture of solid-state air conditioners, cold plates and liquid chillers. Complete line of THERMOELECTRIC COOLING products from 1-2000 Btu/Hr, featuring Nema 12, 4X, hazardous duty (C1D2), high ambient operation, shock/vibration resistance, air & liquid cooled, in AC and DC configurations. Request our FREE product catalog or Windows-based sizing software.
(888)832-2872, (773)342-4900, Fax: (773)342-0191, E-mail: Request a quote ..... .

THERMAGON, INC. - Cleveland, OH - - Thermagon, Inc. produces some of the world’s highest-rated, thermally conductive dielectric polymers for use in electronic packaging. Our products include thermally conductive interface materials, phase change materials, gap fillers, encapsulants, putties, greases, adhesives and thermally conductive printed circuit board systems. Thermagon products are currently in use worldwide.
(888)246-9050, (216)939-2300, Fax: (216)939-2310, E-mail: Request a quote

TIMTRONICS - Yaphank, NY - - Leading manufacturer of the most advanced Non-Silicone and Silicone heat sink compounds, and other thermal interface materials, with distribution worldwide. Unique formulations include high temperature and electrically conductive compounds. TIMTRONICS also custom formulates for specific design applications which require thermal management solutions.
(631)345-6509, Fax: (631)775-4023, E-mail: Request a quote ..... .

TRITON INDUSTRIES, INC. - Chicago, IL - - Custom HEAT SINKS / HEAT CONVECTORS - Stamped aluminum products... Serving the power supply, circuit board, automotive, audio, & other Electronic industries. Zero labor, automated presses, auto-clean technology delivers clean, fast, low-cost products. ISO-9002 & QS-9000 Certified American Manufacturer with warehouses in LA & San Diego. Send drawings, specs... Pro-E/Auto-Cad.
(773)384-3700, Fax: (773)384-8748, E-mail: Request a quote

TWO DIMENSIONAL INSTRUMENTS, LLC - Crestwood, KY - - Manufacturer of the ThermaViewer, the next generation chart recorder. Monitoring temperuature and humidity, the ThermaViewer saves and displays a time-temperature graph on the large LCD display. Storing over 10 months for each sensor and displaying temperature history, the ThermaViewer monitors temperatures from -250°F to 1500°F.
(877)241-0042, (502)243-0042, Fax: (502)243-0039, E-mail: Request a quote

VILLAUME ASSOCIATES LLC - Intervale, NH - - 14 years continuous running of the White Mountain Roundtable Thermal Management Seminar Series. Have worked with large and small heat applications from inception to production. Having designed many different applications including SSL, amplifiers, processors and co-processors, full board solutions. Our designs are being utilized in telecommunications and LED lighting projects worldwide.

(603)785-7383, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: Request a quote
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