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International Cord Sets, Inc. - Power Cords for the World
CE Approved - International Cordsets - Any Length & Color - EU Harmonized Cables - Silicone Cables - PVC Cables - Rubber Cables - Neoprene Cables - Inline Switches - IEC 309 Connectors - Liquid Tight Strain Relief - Enter Here or call (973)227-2118 . . .

3M TOUCH SYSTEMS - Methuen, MA - - 3M Touch Systems offers engineers innovative LCD & CRT touch screens and touch monitors solutions with a commitment to ease of integration, unparalleled responsiveness, and simplicity of use. Touch technologies include ClearTek II capacitive, Near Field Imaging projected capacitive, and 4-, 5-, and 8-wire resistive solutions in Polyester Laminate (PL) and Film-on-Glass (FG) construction.
(888)659-1080, (978)659-9379 Fax: (978)659-9243, E-mail: Request a quote

CHAMPA ASSOCIATES, INC. - Aliso Viejo, CA - - LCD Specialists since 1984. ChampaLCD is a sales agent for the largest 23 top world class LCD Manufacturers. We search the best sources to fit your LCD needs. E-mail your specifications and we'll provide you with the best LCD to fit your exact needs, at the lowest cost and fastest delivery.
(949)581-3459, Fax: (949)581-2432, E-mail: Request a quote ..... ..

DCI, INCORPORATED. - Lenexa, KS - - Custom designers and manufacturers of LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAYS (LCDs) and LED displays, dichroic diplays, first minima displays and integrated display modules for all applications. DCI's fifteen years of display development and production experience will help you meet your customers' demands and exceed their expectations.
(913)982-5672, Fax: (913)982-5766, E-mail: Request a quote

GOLDEN VIEW DISPLAY, INC. - Ft. Myers, FL - - Manufacturers of Liquid Crystal Displays and modules for clocks, calculators, instruments, pagers, telephones, medical equipment and many other OEM applications. Our displays are highly reliable with excellent readability and high contrast. LCD modules offered in TN, STN, and FSTN. Also available with EL, LED or CCFL backlighting.
(239)332-8868, Fax: (239)590-6066, E-mail: Request a quote

INSTRUMENT & EQUIPMENT CO. - Sparta, NJ - - TFT LCD DISPLAYS available as stand-alone panel-mounted all-in-one PCs or panel-mounted display only types. Also available are capacitive, resistive, or acoustic wave touchscreens that we can install or they can be purchased seperately. Our LCD displays range in size from 10" to 19" and are suitable for OEM integration.
(800)432-1255, (973)579-0009, Fax: (973)579-6665, E-mail: Request a quote

NEW YORK COMPONENTS - Forest Hills, NY - - Millions of parts in stock to fill any requirement. LCD & LCD modules, hard-to-find and obsolete ICs, connectors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, crystals, oscillators, and electromechanicals. Orders shipped ASAP from our centrally located New York warehouse. Contact us with your component needs.
(718)275-7775, Fax: (718)275-9888, E-mail: Request a quote

NEWHAVEN DISPLAY INTERNATIONAL, LLC - Hoffman Estates, IL - - Cost effective, high quality display devices, ranging from LCDs to VFDs. In addition to our vast standard parts offerings we provide custom designs for all OEM sectors. products are produced in Mainland China and stocked at our Chicago warehouse, marketed via a nationwide network of independent sales representatives and stocking distributors.
(847)839-0150, Fax: (847)839-0152, Request a quote .....


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