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International Cord Sets, Inc. - Power Cords for the World
CE Approved - International Cordsets - Any Length & Color - EU Harmonized Cables - Silicone Cables - PVC Cables - Rubber Cables - Neoprene Cables - Inline Switches - IEC 309 Connectors - Liquid Tight Strain Relief - Enter Here or call (973)227-2118 . . .

ADVANCED COMPLIANCE SOLUTIONS, INC. - Atlanta, GA - - ACS provides EMC, Product safety and environmental testing. The state-of-the-art facility employs a 3-meter semi-anechoic chamber, 3 & 10 meter OATS and a 10,000 square foot laboratory. Services include domestic and international regulatory approvals such as FCC, IC, CE Marking, R&TTE and specializing in worldwide wireless approvals.
(770)831-8048, Fax: (770)831-8598, E-mail: Info@ACStestlab.com Request a quote

CKC LABORATORIES, INC. - Mariposa, CA - - DO 160 testing for EMC compliance. CKC’s DO 160 test labs include lightning transient testing and 200 V/m, radiated susceptibility to 40 GHz. Capable of performing Boeing D6-16050-2/3/4 and Boeing D200Z001. Fully-accredited aerospace EMC testing by A2LA to ISO Guide 17025.
(209)966-5240, Fax: (866)779-9776, E-mail: ckclabs@ckc.com Request a quote

COMPLIANCE TESTING LABORATORIES, INC. - Liberty, SC - - COMPLIANCE & CERTIFICATION testing in the areas of EMC, product safety, and acoustical testing for the global marketplace. Accreditations include NVLAP, BCIQ, VCCI & FCC approval. Consultation and troubleshooting are available. Witness testing, Notified Body, and competent Body access as needed.
(888)843-1820, Fax: (864)843-1812, E-mail: ctl@prodigy.net Request a quote

INTEGRITY DESIGN & RESEARCH CORP. - Essex Jct., VT - - High quality ELF instruments for AC and DC magnetic field measurements. Customers include federal government agencies such as, NASA, FDA, U.S. Navy, as well as various states and local government agencies. Also universities, electric power companies, researchers, manufacturers, hospitals and consumers, interested in ELF & static magnetic field measurement.
(802)872-7116, Fax: (802)872-7155, E-mail: Saba@Worldnet.att.net Request a quote

NEMKO North America - San Diego, CA - - - U.S. & worldwide testing and certification services - Safety, EMC, telecom, wireless, FCC, ISO. 20 Nemko facilities worldwide, 4 facilities in North America, US./Canada.
(800)337-4362, (858)755-5525, Fax: (858)452-1810, E-mail: Grant.Schmidbauer@NemcoNA.com Request a quote

TUV SUD AMERICA - Peabody, MA - - TUV SUD America provides global product safety and management systems certification. We offer product safety testing, CE marking assistance, NRTL and SCC services, EMC and environmental testing, medical and FDA-related services and more. Globally, TUV has issued more than 190,000 product and 30,000 quality management system certifications.
(800)TUV-0123, Fax: (978)977-0159, E-mail: Info@tuvam.com Request a quote

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