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QUICKPARTS ~ Rapid Prototyping Plastic Parts
Rapid Prototyping - Injection Molding - Low Volume Protos - Competitive Production Quantities - ISO-9001 Registered - ITAR Certified - SLA/Stereolithography - FDM/Fused Deposition Modeling - SLS/Selective Laser Sintering - PolyJet - Cast Urethanes - Sheet Metal - CNC Machining - Click Here to Enter or Call (USA) 877-521-8683 . . . or (International) 770-901-3200 . . .

ACF COMPONENTS & FASTENERS, INC. - Hayward, CA - - One-stop shopping for all your fastener and mechanical requirements. As a Master STOCKING DISTRIBUTOR, ACF is ready to give you a competitive edge by saving you money, and by being your quality on-time supplier. Stocking AVK, Bivar, Heyco,Ideal, Keystone, Panduit, PIC Design, RAF, Richco, Sumitomo Electric, 3M, and Zierick.
(800)227-2901, (510)487-2100, Fax: (510)471-7018, E-mail: Request a quote

ACROTECH, INC. - Lake City, MN - - Cast and compression molded K-Prene urethane. Stocked products in 6 durometers (sheet, bar, rod, tube, bumpers, etc.) and in several sizes. Custom molding services include manufacturing any required metal inserts and bonding to them. Stripping and recovering metal shafts, hubs, etc. Several colors available.
(800)345-0583, (651)345-3362, Fax: (651)345-3759, E-mail: Request a quote

ACROTECH SOUTHWEST, INC. - Kerville, TX - - ISO Certified full service producer of quality plastic components and assemblies. AcroTech is a customer-focused organization that blends technology with highly skilled professionals. Strategically located in Minnesota, South Carolina, and Texas with injection, blow molding, design and tooling capability. We solve OEM technical problems.
(508)482-9683, Fax: (508)482-9683, E-mail: Request a quote

AMERICAN EPOXY & METAL, INC. - Bronx, NY - - PLASTIC ENCLOSURES, bobbins, potting shells and battery cases - All shapes and sizes available for electronic, military and mechanical applications. In-house machining and molding capabilities, including CNC routing and laser cutting. Secondary operations available such as, holes, slots, terminals, standoffs, and internal wiring. No job too big or too small. Send us your blueprint for a competitive price quotation.
(800)503-3883, (718)828-7828, Fax: (718)823-1677, E-mail: Request a quote

AVS RAPID PROTOTYPES - Bay Shore, NY - - Bring your ideas to life - Offering total concept validation prior to full production. Solutions are built around a combination of the latest in Direct Digital Manufacturing equipment and practical engineering know-how. Options range from limited production of a prototype design to conventional short run manufacturing of your custom plastic parts.
(571)228-0613, (631)667-1001, E-mail: Request a quote 10/GP

COMPASS ELECTRONICS - Santa Ana, CA - - Injection molded plastic parts, specializing in the mechanical requirements of Electronics OEMs.
(714)424-9100, Fax: (714)424-0667 E-mail: Request a quote

FIRST CUT - Maple Plain, MN - - First Cut offers CNC-machined plastic parts in one to three business days. The company provides low volumes for prototypes where form, fit, and function are needed, and is an alternative to rapid prototypes when material properties, surface finish, and dimensional characteristics are important.
(763)479-3680, Fax: (763)479-2679, E-mail: Request a quote 10/GP

GOLDEN PACIFIC ELECTRONICS, INC. - Placentia, CA - - Serving OEMs & ODMs since 1979 with PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING and metal parts from our California ofice and our offshore facility in China.
(714)993-6970, Fax: (714)993-6023, E-mail: Request a quote

iSkin, inc. - Toronto, Ont., Canada - - We design and manufacture colorful silicone molded cases for electronic instruments and small hand-held devices. Also available are standard and OEM custom keyboard protection products.
(416)924-9607, Fax: (416)924-7731, E-mail: Request a quote

LANE COMPANY - Minneapolis, MN - - Vacuum formed (thermoformed) plastic parts, trays, part carriers, shipping trays, and custom OEM parts made of various plastics. We are confident that no matter how challenging your project we can make it work. Our Unique Commitment is to produce your prototype PLASTIC PARTS in 48 hours.
(612)379-2018, Fax: (612)379-0038, E-mail: Request a quote .....

MARCO MNANUFACTURING CO., INC. - Philadelphia, PA - - Injection modled plastics from a leading manufacturer of TERMINAL BLOCKS - military, commercial aircraft, Eurostyles, and more. Offering many variations of terminal block materials, terminal lugs, quick connect tabs, marker strips, hardware and fasteners.
(215)463-2332, Fax: (215)334-4990, E-mail: Request a quote

MID-SOUTH INDUSTRIES, INC. (MSI) - Gadsden, AL - - Custom electronic contract manufacturing and electro-mechanical assembly. Core competencies in tools, dies, molds, plastic injection molding, metal stampings (welding and powder coating) and sub-assemblies.
(800)223-5059, Fax: (256)494-1308, E-mail: Request a quote

PROTOMOLD - Maple Plain, MN - - Turn your 3D CAD model into real plastic injection molded parts in one business day! Protomold automates many of its processes and provides accessible, live customer support before, during and after an order is placed. Best for 10–10,000 pieces. Upload your CAD files today for a free, fully-automated ProtoQuote interactive quote.
(763)479-3680, Fax: (763)479-2679, E-mail: Request a quote 10/GP

RAPID CONN, INC. - Lake Forest, CA - - Manufacturers of METAL & PLASTIC PARTS at our U.S. based design and development center. Fully automated production, design/support, and multi location warehousing, JIT, EDI and various other custom services. The Company's offshore manufacturing is conducted in cost efficient global locations such as Malaysia and China.
(949)951-1020, Fax: (949)951-8265, E-mail: Request a quote

SILAR LABORATORIES - Wilmington, NC - - 000 000 000.
(910)762-5800, (910)228-5033, E-Mail: Request a quote

TRICEL TECH, INC. - Boca Raton, FL - - Domestic and offshore job shops and contract manufacturing facilities assure you alignment with the right fit. We have expertise in metal stamping, metal machining, plastic injection modlding and PCB assembly. Our manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO or QS standards. Visit us to review equipment profiles of our qualified facilities.
(561)487-7362, Fax: (561)807-5964, E-mail: Request a quote

UNITED UNIVERSAL INDUSTRIES, INC. - Joliet, IL - - Specializing in the molding of RUBBER & PLASTIC for the wire and cable industry. We also provide insert molding - We have made locking pins, appliance feet and test prod products. Providing assembly, cutting/stripping and terminating lead wire, soldering, hot stamping, apply adhesives, cut/coil & hank and package (bag & tag).
(800)683-7228, (815)727-4445, Fax: (815)727-4490, E-mail: Request a quote

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