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AGILE MAGNETICS ~ Custom Transformers & Inductors
Formerly known as RMS / Regional Manufacturing Specialists - Custom Coils - Custom Inductors - Custom Transformers - Custom Toroidals - Your One Stop for Wound Magnetics - Click Here to Enter or Call . . 800-805-8991 . . . - AGILE MAGNETICS

AGILE MAGNETICS, Concord, NH - - Experts in the manufacture, design, and sourcing of custom magnetics. We are unique to the industry in our responsiveness to your requests, reliability of delivery, and repeatability of product. Custom transformers, inductors, linear stator motors, and coils designed and manufactured to UL / CUL / VDE and CE, with UL and CUL markings if required.
(800)805-8991, Fax: (603)410-6434, E-mail: rmakee@agilemagco.com Request a quote

GOWANDA ELECTRONICS CORP. - Gowanda, NY - - Gowanda Electronics, founded in 1963, is a leading supplier of high-performance magnetic components to the global electronics marketplace. Typical applications include medical & diagnostic devices, military/aerospace, test & measurement, monitoring systems, communications, computers & peripherals, and many consumer products. AS9100, ISO 13486:2000, & ISO 9001:2000 registered. (716)532-2234, Fax: (716)532-2702, E-mail: sales@gowanda.com

NICOLLET TECHNOLOGIES CORP. - Minneapolis, MN - - We focus on price and performance for virtually any transformer configuration and quantity up to 50kVA. More than 3500 different OEM designs since 1969 for a wide variety of industries. Isolation transformers, auto transformers, current limiting transformers, ferro-resonant transformers (CVT), toroidal transformers, inductors, chokes, coils, electronic Ballast Systems, More! (612)379-7919, Fax: (612)379-1184, E-mail: sales@nictec.com

PREM MAGNETICS, INC. - Johnsburg, IL - - Prem offers one of the most comprehensive selections of telephony audio and coupling transformers: voice and data, feed bridge inductors, wet and dry units, hybrid telephone transformers and high speed interconnect magnetics. We have low profile designs and both thru-hole and surface mount configurations. Zero defects guaranteed. Order samples online. (815)385-2700, Fax: (815)385-8578, E-mail: Sales@PremMag.com

STANDEX ELECTRONICS, INC. - Cincinnati, OH - - Standex Electronics designs and manufactures a variety of high frequency custom and standard transformers, inductors and chokes to fit most any need in the 20KHz to RF range. Contact Standex Electronics for a your custom requirement, any of our standard transformers, or custom variation of any of our standard transformers.
(866)782-6339, (513)871-3777 Fax: (513)871-3779, E-mail: Standex@StandexElectronics.com Request a quote

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