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IPS LIMITED - Shielding, Insulative, and Bonding Tapes
Electronics Industry Solutions for EMI/RFI Control - Thermal Management - High Voltage Insulation - Wire Processing - Acoustics - Vibration Control - Coating - ID - Masking - bonding - Work-Holding - Weather Resistance - Waterproofing - Custom OEM and More! Click Here to Enter or Call - USA: (800)225-0665, Int'l: (203)266-5314 . . .

BICRON ELECTRONICS COMPANY - Canaan, CT - - ISO 9001:2000 Lean Sigma designer and manufacturer of standard and custom power magnetics for power control and power management applications. Experts in BIL rated CORONA-FREE equirements for INDUSTRIAL CONTROL, grid management and standby power sub systems. Design, prototyping and supply chain management services, including OEM value added assemblies.
(800)624-2766, (860)824-5125, Fax: (860)824-1137, E-mail: OEM1@BicronUSA.com Request a quote

CUSTOM ELECTRONICS, INC. - Oneonta, NY - - Manufacturers of high voltage mica paper capacitors and electronic modules. Providing high reliability, specialty capacitors and "black boxes" for commercial and military applications since 1964.
(607)432-3880, Fax: (607)432-3913, E-mail: Sales@CustomElec.com Request a quote

ELECTRON TUBES, INC. - Rockaway, NJ - - Manufacturers and distributors of high voltage power supplies to the OEM and research markets. Product line includes DC to DC converters, photomultiplier power bases, high voltage supplies for mass spectroscopy and analytical instrumentation, X-ray power sources and high voltage digital meters.
(800)521-8382, Fax: (973)586-9771, E-mail: Sales@ElectronTubes.com Request a quote

EMCO HIGH VOLTAGE CORP. - Sutter Creek, CA - - Our innovative high voltage power supplies provide high performance in miniature, cost effective packages. Standard off-the-shelf products range from ultra-miniature high voltage converters occupying 0.125 cubic inches to precision, multi-output, rack-mount high voltage systems. Performance and precision previously only available in larger, more expensive power supplies.
(800)546-3880, (209)267-1630, Fax: (209)267-0282, E-mail: Sales@EmcoHighVoltage.com Request a quote ..... .

GLASSMAN HIGH VOLTAGE - High Bridge, NJ - - Working together with a host of diverse OEM customers since 1977, the Glassman name is synonymous with high reliability high voltage power. Benefit from our dedication and investment in technology development, lean manufacturing principles and after-sale customer support, second to none in the power supply industry.
(908)638-3800, Fax: (908)638-3700, E-mail: Sales@GlassmanHV.com Request a quote

IPS LIMITED - Bethlehem, CT - - HIGH VOLTAGE INSULATION tapes. Stocking Nomex and over 90 different material types in various widths, single & double-sided adhesive. Specializing in electronics industry applications in EMI/RFI control, thermal management, high voltage insulation, wire processing, acoustics, vibration control, coating, ID, masking, bonding, work-holding, weather resistance, waterproofing and more.
(800)225-0665, (203)266-5314, Fax: (203)266-7614, E-mail: info@IPSlimited.com
Request a quote

MEGA ELECTRONICS, INC. - New Brunswick, NJ - - EN60309 high voltae POWER CORDS and CORDSETS up to 125A/500Volts for international usage and 63A/380V for domestic usage are available in various lengths and cable types. Also available are the locking plugs in varying voltages. Please call with your high voltage cord requirements.
Toll-Free: (888)463-4235, (732)249-2656, Fax: (732)249-7442, E-mail: OEMinfo@MegaElectronics.com Request a quote

POLYTEC PI - Auburn, MA - - Please visit our website and return later for a complete description of our high voltage products.
(508)832-3456, Fax: (508)832-0506, E-mail: Info@PolytecPI.com
Request a quote

SCHAEFER, INC. - Ashland, MA - - Schaefer addresses high voltage requirements with DC/DC converter input ranges up to 850VDC and outputs up to 400VDC. Output power range from 50W to 12kW . Solutions can be customized to meet end-system requirements by adding options including redundant operation, remote control of voltages, etc.
(508)881-7330, Fax: (508)231-0861, E-mail: Sales@SchaeferPower.com Request a quote

THOMAS TECHNICAL - Concord, CA - - Standard and custom WIRE & CABLE for your high voltage applications. Please visit our website now and return later for a complete description of our line of HV wire & cable.
(925)288-9473, Fax: (925)288-1210, E-mail: TTS1@PacBell.net Request a quote

VITREK CORPORATION - San Diego, CA - - Leading manufacturer of automated electrical safety test equipment for regulatory compliance verification. Testers include AC & DC hipot (dielectric withstand), insulation resistance measurement, ground bond testers, precision HIGH VOLTAGE METERS and high voltage scanning systems. Allso, test automation software and turnkey automated test solutions, complete with barcode capability.
(858)689-2755, Fax: (858)689-2760, E-mail: Info@Vitrek.com Request a quote

YOKOGAWA CORPORATION OF AMERICA - Newnan, GA - - The Meter Division of Yokogawa manufactures a wide variety of analog meters (2% panel mount and 1% switchboard mount), digital meters and AC power transducers. The Instrument Division of Yokogawa supplies a wide range of field instruments, including DMMs, insulation testers, power monitors and DC precision measuring instruments.
(800)888-6400, Fax: (770)251-2088, E-mail: Chris.Costlow@US.Yokogawa.com Request a quote

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