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3M TOUCH SYSTEMS - Methuen, MA - - Offering engineers the industry's most comprehensive range of TOUCHSCREEN options. Capacitive touch sensors, featuring durability exceeding 150 million touches, and antibacterial protection. 4-wire and 5-wire resistive touch sensors provide hand-held, wireless, point-of-sale, and display devices unmatched touch sensitivity, optics, surface durability, and the convenience of flexible stylus input. (866)407-6666, Fax: (978)659-9243, E-mail: Touch@MMM.com
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ADVANTECH EMBEDDED COMPUTING. - Irvine, CA - - Manufacturer of portable, ruggedized Windows CE-based, RISC-based WEB TABLET. MobiPanel100, mobil panel designed for data capture and communication technology. Provides a real-time wireless solution. Wireless, fully-integrated I/O, high brightness display, 3-feet droppable, spill/dust resistant. Ideal for manufacturing process monitoring, retail, medical/healthcare, hospitality, logistic support. (800)866-6008, (949)789-7178, Fax: (949)789-7179, E-mail: ECGInfo@Advantech.com

AeroComm, Inc. - Lenexa, KS - - AeroComm's complete, compact 2.4GHz & 900MHz data radios and extensive RF background, development tools and support help handheld-product OEMs go wireless fast. All transceivers are agency-certified worldwide, and are ready to integrate via RS232/422/485. Proprietary FHSS technology provides reliable long range, high output communication even in RF-dense areas. (800)492-2320, Fax: (913)492-1243, E-mail: Sales@AeroComm.com

ALL FLEX, INC. - NORTHFIELD, MN - - ISO-Certified, customer driven manufacturers of quick turn prototype and production quantities of FLEXIBLE PRINTED CIRCUIT boards used in hand-held electronics applications. Products include single, double, three and four layer flexible circuits made using polyimide and polyester materials. We offer design assistance, electrical testing, and assembly. (800)959-0865, (507)663-7162 Fax: (507)663-1070 E-mail: Information@AllFlexInc.com

CONNECT-TECH PRODUCTS, INC. - Carson City, NV - - A huge selection of ENCLOSURES for design-in, hand-held applications. Die cast, sheet metal, injection molded, watertight, dust tight - For cable TV and other hand-held electronics applications. Also, custom OEM enclosures. (800)809-2751, Fax: (775)883-2384 E-mail: Info@Connect-Tech-Products.com

INSTRUMENT & EQUIPMENT CO. - Sparta, NJ - - Click above to visit our website and return soon to read about our line of Hand-held OEM products. (800)432-1255, (973)579-0009, Fax: (973)579-6665, E-mail: Sales@IEpos.com

iSkin, inc. - Toronto, Ont., Canada - - We design and manufacture colorful silicone molded cases for electronic instruments and small hand-held devices. Also available are standard and OEM custom keyboard protection products. (416)924-9607, Fax: (416)924-7731, E-mail: rgp@iskin.com

WAVE SHIELD - Boca Raton, FL - - The Wave Shield was developed in response to the growing concern about CELL PHONE RADIATION safety and was tested on phones in a U.S. laboratory listed with the FCC and recognized globally. Available in leading department stores and through distributors worldwide. Dealer opportunities available to qualified individuals and companies. (561)989-9147, Fax: (561)982-8834, E-mail: Shelly@WaveShield.com

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