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Mosaic Industries, Inc. - Low Cost Instrument Controllers
Touchscreen GUI - Backlit Graphic Display - Programmable C or Forth - Hundreds of Screens, Buttons, Menus - A/D & 2 RS232 / RS485 Ports - 8 Timer-Controlled Digital I/O Lines - Up to 1MB Flash, 512KB RAM - Wide Selection Plug-In IO - Click Here to Enter or Call (510)790-0925 . . .

MICRO/SYS, INC. - Montrose, CA - - Data acquisition boards, and OEM Single board computers for 25 years. PC/104, PC/104 Plus, EPIC, EBX, and custom formats. Extremely easy to use controllers and computers from 8051 to Pentium. Customized OEM SBCs or minor modifications, embedded enclosures designed to customer specs, and turnkey systems ready to bolt-in and use.
(818)244-4600, Fax: (818)244-4246, E-mail: TechSales@EmbeddedSys.com Request a quote

MOSAIC INDUSTRIES, INC. - Newark, CA - - Versatile single board computers for data acquisition, measurement & instrumentation, industrial control, process control, signal processing, and communicatons. Providing off-the-shelf and customized computer hardware solutions to OEMs, systems integrators, and industrial users. Developer kits availalbe with detailed documentation - everything you need to rapidly prototype and develop computer-based instruments.

(510)790-1255, Fax: (510)790-0925, E-mail: Info@Mosaic-Industries.com Request a quote

RE SMITH - West Chester, OH - - RS485, RS422, RS232, Ethernet, USB, and fiber optic serial communication products. Full line of serial converters, repeaters, multiplexers and line drivers, as well as micro-controlled I/O boards that can be networked over RS485 to distribute and capture data. 3.0KV Isolated units are now available. Custom OEM solutions.
(513)874-4796, Fax: (513)874-1236, E-mail: Info@RS485.com Request a quote

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