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AIMTRON Corporation Electronic Contract Manufacturers
Printed Circuit Assembly - CERTIFIED: ISO 13485:2003 / ISO 9001:2008 / ESDA S.20:20:2007 - SMT - Through Hole - Box Build - Custom Cable Assembly - Turnkey & Consignment - Prototype thru Production Volume - Offshore Savings - Click Here to Enter or Call 630-372-7500 . . .

Australia - Signal conditioning modules
APCS - Analogue Process Control Services - Sydney, Australia - - Leading designers and suppliers of SIGNAL CONDITIONING modules. Offering isolators, transmitters, alarms and controllers for pH, strain-gauge, resistance, AC or DC voltage and current, thermocouple, pulse, and RTD inputs. Output options include control signals such as 4-20mA, contacts for motor control, and field bus signals such as Modbus RTU. 61-2-95551044, Fax: 61-2-95551055, E-mail: Sales@APCS.net.au

Canada & China - Printed circuits & PCB assembly
OverflyPacific Corporation - Ottawa, Ont., Canada - - UL-approved PCBs from our ISO-9002 registered offshore facility, delivered 100% E-tested. Prototype to production volumes at most competitive prices, with 24-hour prototype, 10-day production lead times. Send us your Gerber file for quick quote. Let us quote your next PCB bare boards, flexible circuits, PCB assembly, enclosures, design & engineering. (613)875-0889, Fax: (613)482-4902, E-mail: Sales@UltimatePCB.com

China - Circuit protection devices, sensors
SELFUSE ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. - Shanghai, China - - Specializing in the development and marketing of PPTC (polymeric positive temperature coefficient) overcurrent proteciton devices, NTC TEMPERATURE SENSORS and NTC thermistors. Components available in through-hole axial leaded and SMD types. 86-21-5555888, Fax: 86-21-5555888 E-mail: Sales@Selfuse.com

China & USA - PCB Assembly & Contract Manufacturing
ProtoRun, Div. SURYA ELECTRONICS, INC. - Glendale Heights, IL - - SMT, PTH, BGA, fine pitch & mixed technology PROTOTYPE & SHORT RUN PCB assembly specialists with domestic and Asian plants. ISO 9001:2000 certified facility, equipped with state-of-the-art assembly & testing equipment. Protos, pre-production and low volume runs - Quick turn, tested assemblies at competitive pricing. (630)446-4200, Fax: (630)446-4201, E-mail: Sales@ProtoRun.com

China - Switches & relays, plastic injection molding
SHENZHEN ORIENTAL WANGHE IND. CO., LTD. - Shenzhen, China - - Manufacturers of all types of SWITCHES & RELAYS. Also specializing in plastic injection molded products, plastic extruded packing tubes and metal sintering. 86-755-27224615, Fax: 86-755-27224173 E-mail: htoong@szowh.net

China - Transformers, coils & inductors
VS-TOP ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. - xiamen, Fujian, China - - Manufacturers of MAGNETIC COMPONENTS - Transformers, coils, inductors, chokes. Recently expanded into the manufacturing of LCDs, LEDs, and cores. 0086 592 5365230, Fax: 0086 592 5365239, E-mail: DavidL@VS-Top.com

China & USA - Transformers, coils & inductors, switching power supplies, PCB assembly, plastic injecting moldings, sheet metal fabrication
TRICEL TECH, INC. - Boca Raton, FL - - Custom transformers, coils & inductors manufactured to your specifications in our ISO 9001 Dongguan, China facility. We offer low minimum order quantities, efficient logistics and competitively priced products. With a wide range of capabilities we have expertise in high frequency switching tranformsers. U.S. sales offices provide easy and effective communication.
(561)487-7362, Fax: (561)807-5964, E-mail: Info@TricelTech.com Request a quote

China - Wire & cable, power cords, cordsets
NINGBO YUNHUAN ELECTRONICS GROUP CORP. - Zhejiang, China - - China's largest manufacturer of standard WIRES & POWER CORDS, sockets and lights - Our main products, AC and DC connector series, can be widely used in PC computers, electronic products, electric appliances, power tools, etc. International Approvals: UL, (CUL), VDE, CCEE, GS,CE,EMC, Quality strictly conforms to standards set under IS09002. 86 574 62164272, Fax: 86 574 62160100, E-mail: yunhuanelectron@163.com

Dominican Republic - Wire & cable harness assembly
OFFSHORE ELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING, INC. - Dominican Republic - - Using computer-controlled stations to assemble your labor-intensive, custom OEM cables, cords, harnesses, wire and air coils, Mil-Spec cables, computer cables, acoustic cables, communication cables, wire lead sets - Offering complete coil winding services - English speaking, American owned - Quick quotes. (809)570-3335, Fax: (809)570-3338, E-mail: Info@OEMdr.com

England / UK - Frequency control, crystals & oscillators, ceramic resonators
AEL CRYSTALS, LTD. - Crawley, West Sussex, UK - - UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of frequency control devices. Range of products cover all from CERAMIC RESONATORS to OCXO devices. Extremely competitive pricing and high quality ensure low cost of ownership for customers. AEL is now seeking representation in the USA. 44 (01293) 421668, Fax: 44 (01293) 524888, E-mail: Shaun@AELcrystals.co.uk

England / UK - Software programmable processors
ASPEX TECHNOLOGY, LTD. - High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK - - Leading edge fabless semiconductor company delivering ultra high performance SOFTWARE PROGRAMMABLE PROCESSORS based on a unique parallel architecture that gives customers unrivalled performance per dollar compared to existing solutions. 44 (0)1494 558 121, Fax: 44 (0)1494 558 016, E-mail: Sales@AspexTechnology.com

France - Electronic component distributors
STOCK'N SOURCE S.A. - Paris, France - - Established in 1972, based in France and in Hong Kong - Independent STOCKING DISTRIBUTORS of active, passive and electro mechanicals. We buy excess stock of integrated circuits, semiconductors, SRAMS, DRAMS, SDRAMS - Online sourcing of all kinds of components, request for quotations, etc. 33 (0)1 5531 9480, Fax: 33 (0)1 5531 9484, E-mail: Sales@StocknSource.com

France - Electronic product development
TELEMAQ - Mouans Sartoux, France - - Electronics and mechanical ENGINEERING & PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - From concept, R&D, to working prototype. Our multi-disciplinary team will work on projects which include piezoelectric, ultrasonics, RF, motion control, software development and more. 04 92 28 05 16, Fax: 04 93 75 53 08, E-mail: contact@telemaq.fr

Hong Kong - Electronic component distributors
GROWTRON BUSINESS COMPANY - Hong Kong - - Authorized HUBBELL and BRYANTdistributors in Hong Kong and China. Power plugs, receptacles, connectors, sockets, switches, occupancy sensors. Series includes straight blade devices, locking devices, pin & sleeve products, hospital grade products, ground fault products, marine products, etc. Serving OEMs and the wire & cable harness industry. (852)2760-7875, Fax: (852)2645-0800, E-mail: Info@Growtron.com

Hong Kong - Electronic contract manufacturers
ATR MANUFACTURING CORP. - - $100M/usd Hong Kong based contract manufacturer with 2 manufacturing facilities located in mainland China. Providing SMT and through hole assembly, plastic injection molding, metal fabrication and design services to USA-based OEMs for over 15 years - Supporting automotive, consumer, gaming and telecom accounts. ISO registered, QS pending this year. (852)2342-6123, Fax: (852)2343-6544, E-mail: Brian@astrotech.com.hk

Hong Kong - Electronic contract manufacturers
IN-TECH - Hong Kong - - Full EMS, combining low-cost manufacturing from mainland China facilities and responsive engineering, procurement and program management support from Hong Kong office - QS9000, ISO9001, ISO14001 and BABT certified. Integrated design and engineering services: mechanical, software & hardware design. Manufacturing cababilities: SMT, COB, BGA, PTH, box build. Testing & validation: ICT, Hi-pot, FVT, ESS & burn-in. (852)2191-8899, Fax: (852)2191-7788, E-mail: Info@In-Tech.com.hk

Hong Kong - Electronic contract manufacturers, power supplies, automotive sub-assemblies
STADIUM ASIA, LTD. - Hong Kong - - QS9000 and ISO9001 certified contract manufacturing services provider in Southern China, with 1,300 employees and more than 50 years experience. Specializing in automotive sub-assemblies and very flexible in meeting customer requirements. Also experienced in OEM switching and linear power supplies. (852)2389-1271, Fax: (852)2341-9464, E-mail: Sales@Stadium.com.hk

Hong Kong - Printed Circuits
NAM HING CIRCUIT BOARD CO., LTD. - Hong Kong - - Buy PCBs at competitive prices. Single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer, customized PCBs. The company in Hong Kong with the capability of producing the complete PCB - From copper foil raw laminate material to the final, high quality PCB. Over 30 years experience, we're one of the largest PCB suppliers in Hong Kong. (852)2471-6438, Fax: (852)2482-2692, E-mail: pcylau@nh-laminate.com.hk

India - Biometrics, fingerprint recognition terminal (FRT)
BIOENABLE TECHNOLOGIES PVT., LTD. - Pune, Maharashtra, India - - Standalone biometrics fingerprint recognition TIME ATTENDANCE SYSTEMS with TCP/IP networking capabilities. Fingerprint terminal with LCD, Keypad, fingerprint scanner, 800MHz processor, memory, communication and storage capabilities. Compact, standalone, low cost, fingerprint-based access control terminals which register users with one or more fingerprints and will activate relay(s) on successful verification. 91-20-6127374, Fax: 91-20-6127181, E-mail: KG@BioEnableTech.com

India - Electronic components - custom switches - contract manufacturing
GOLDWYN LIMITED - Noida, India - - Located in a Special Economic Zone near New delhi, we cater to the engineering outsourcing needs of European manufacturers & OEMs. ISO 9001/2000 certified. Automotive parts (switches, connectors), alternator parts(recifiers, regulators, power diodes), plastic injection molded Parts, electronic assemblies, electro-mechanical assemblies, wiring harnesses, etc. 91 120 2568537, Fax: 91 120 2568105, E-mail: Agoel@GoldwynIndia.com

India - Electronic contract manufacturers - Printed Circuit Assembly - Cable Harness Assembly
AIMTRON CORPORATION - Waghodia (Gujarat) India - - Printed circuit design, assembly and support, prototype through high volume, quality management, domestic & international options with box build. Serving electronics based OEMs in the medical, green energy, military/Aerospace, commercial, consumer and ndustrial markets. Our customers reduce their unit cost, while improving their time to market for new products.
Waghodia (Gujarat) India: 91 2668 262653, E-mail: info@aimtron.in Request a quote
USA: (630)372-7500, Fax: (630)372-7505, E-mail: info@aimtron.com Request a quote

India - Electronic contract manufacturers
SIERRA CIRCUITS PVT., LTD. - Karnatka, India - - Total ELECTRONIC CONTRACT MANUFACTURING services, from schematic to design, components sourcing, assembly and testing. Quick turn-around commercial and military grade PCBs. SCPL has supplied more than 100 million dollars worth of PCBs to defense establishments in India in the last two years. 9180 6546131, Fax: 9180 6659803, E-mail: Sales@SierraCirqtech.com

India - Parts feeders, vibratory
ELSCINT AUTOMATION - Pune, India - - ISO 9001 Certified manufacturers of VIBRATORY BOWL FEEDERS, linear vibrators, rotary feeders, small parts (conveyor) feeders, elevator feeders, vibratory weld nut feeders, Worm reduction gear boxes and geared motors. 91 20 7122059, Fax: 91 20 7122994, E-mail: Sales@ElscintAutomation.com

Israel - Biometrics, access control & security
RECOGNITY, LTD. - Kiryat Arba, Israel - - Recognity Ltd. is a complete biometric solutions provider. The matching algorithm provided by TeKey Research Group operates well with poor and small images. Being ported to the specific matching board it becomes an outstanding OEM device for security applications like access control, time and attendance, vehicle anti-theft systems etc. (972)2-9963880 ext.414, Fax: (972)2-9961571, E-mail: Info@Recognity.com

Israel - Motion control
MEGA_F MOTION SYSTEMS, Ltd. - Yokneam, Israel - - Developers & marketers of software intensive programmable DSP-based MOTION CONTROL products, DSP motion control modules, multi-axis motion controllers, motion systems, drives, motion analyzers and motion development tools. 972-4-9891050, Fax: 972-4-9891080, E-mail: Mega-F@Mega-F.co.il

Israel - Motion control
SUPERIOR SOLUTIONS - Netanya, Israel - - Specializing in MOTION CONTROL modular solutions, FCC & CE compliant - managing all machine control tasks at a most reasonable price. Seeking distributors worldwide for advanced motion control components including stepper/servo controllers, machine controllers, stepper drivers, stepper motors and periphery. Products are supported by free powerful motion control software. 972 (9) 8333 022, Fax: 972 (9) 8332 965, E-mail: Sales@Superior-Solution.com

Israel - Power supplies
GAMATRONIC ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES, LTD. - Jerusalem, Israel - - Manufacturers of power electronic equipment, providing a complete solution for power conditioning. From protection products such as voltage stabilizers, through inverters and rectifiers - Power supplies dedicated for the telecommunications market. Model IP110 Telecom DC/AC inverter series employs a high frequency PWM technology and a microprocessor that controls all diagonstics and operations. 972-2-5888210, Fax: 972-2-5828875, E-mail: Info@Gamatronic.co.il

Israel - Process control automation
MODCON SYSTEMS, LTD. - Haifa, Israel - - Process control automation, instrumentation and analyzer projects with turn-key delivery, support and training. Key player in process analysis, process control, measurement technologies, environmental control, and more. Serving the biotechnology, semiconductor, power generation, petrochemical and refinery industries since 1975. 972-4-8411344, Fax: 972-4-8411344, E-mail: Sales@Modcon.co.il

Israel - Thermostats & Thermal Controls
SCI USA - Doylestown, PA - - Our thermostat controls are presently in use in many upscale condo units in the Upper East Side of NYC, along with condo buildings in the Battery Park area. Telephone controlled thermostats, bac-net communicating thermostat controls, and 3-speed programmagle flush mounts. Made in Israel, North American distributor is looking for reps nationwide.
(215)766-1487, Fax: (215)766-1493, E-mail: Info@scillc.com Request a quote 10/GP

Lithuania - Optics, optoelectronics, laser components
R&G CO. (Rimkevicius and Gintautas) - Vilnius, Lithuania - - Custom precision optical, optoelectronic and electro-mechanical components for lasers, optical devices and custom scientific, medical and industrial OEM applications. Also, custom mechanical parts, optical mounts and units. 370-700-55024, Fax: 370-700-55026, E-mail: Open@Optoteka.lt

Malaysia - Security products, biometrics
NEURAL MANUFACTURING SDN. BHD - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - - Manufacturers of high level biometric security products. Using authentication finger print technology for security applications such as door access and other access control, time management and general security systems. 603-4143-4869, Fax: 603-4143-9185, E-mail: Amran@Neural.com.my

New Zealand - Motor control
L.M. PHOTONICS, LTD. - Christchurch, New Zealand - - Information and support for MOTOR CONTROL applications, consultancy and design services, and electrical calculations software. 64 274 363 067, Fax: 64 3 332 5220, E-mail: Info@LMphotonics.com

South Korea - Electronic connectors, wire terminals
KETCO INTERNATIONAL - Suwon-City, Kyungki-Do, South Korea - - Worldwide suppliers of electronic CONNECTORS & TERMINALS, solderless terminals for cables & wire harnesss sets. 82 31-255-8479, Fax: 82 31-257-8479, E-mail: Info@ketcO.co.kr

Switzerland - Printed circuits
CICOREL SA - Boudry, Switzerland - - Europe's market leader for extremely high density PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS. Our complete range of customized flexible, rigit or flex-rigid circuit boards fulfill the requirements of high technology applications - FC, COF, MCM, COB, CSP, BGA, µBGA and TAB. 41 32 843 05 00, Fax: 41 32 843 05 99, E-mail: Sales@Cicorel.ch

Taiwan - Capacitors
NEW CHIEN WEI ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. - Changhua, Taiwan - - Well established manufacturers of PLASTIC FILM CAPACITORS since 1995. Metallized polyester film capacitors and metallized polypropylene film capacitors. 886-4-7993199, Fax: 886-4-7992100, E-mail: jianntai@ms23.hinet.net

Taiwan - Electronic contract manufacturers
KAISER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. - Taipei, Taiwan - - PCB design, assembly and complete ELECTRONIC CONTRACT MANUFACTURING serivces, plastic molding, tooling, cables, power adapters. 886-2-32349809, Fax: 886-2-32349382, E-mail: Kenny@Kaiser-Tech.com.tw

Taiwan - Panel meters, analog
HER RONG ELECTRIC WORKS CO., LTD. - Taipei, Taiwan - - Specializing in ANALOG POINTER METERS, such as AC/DC ammeters, voltmeters, frequency meters. power factor meters, watt meters, shunt and current transformers. 8863726864, Fax: 88637221539, E-mail: Sales@HerRong.com

Taiwan - Wire & cable assemblies
MIS TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Taipei, Taiwan - - Manufacturers and exporters of WIRE & CABLE HARNESSassemblies, OEM/ODM electronic products, etc. 886-02-27397700, Fax: 886-02-23785110, E-mail: Chen@Taipai.mbatec.com.tw

Taiwan - Wire & cable assemblies
TAREDA ELECTRONICS, LTD. - YongHo City, Taiwan - - Design through prototype and production of standard and custom wire & cable harness assemblies in Shenzhen, China. ISO 9001:2000 producer of complete cable interconnect systems for computers, medical, telecommunications, military, automotive, industrial and other high performance OEM applications. 886-2-2231-4985, Fax: 886-2-2231-7170, E-mail: Sales@Tareda.Twn.com

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