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ABACOM TECHNOLOGIES - Etobicoke, ON, Canada - - RF DATA MODULES - - transmitters, receivers, transceivers, RS-232 transceivers, synthesized transceivers for OEM applications.
(416)236-3858, Fax: (416)236-8866, E-mail: abacom@abacom-tech.com Request a quote

ACCES I/O PRODUCTS, INC. - San Diego, CA - - Analog, digital, serial communication, and isolated I/O boards and solutions. Offering complete systems, integration services and enclosures with quick turn-around on custom projects, including software. Designed for use with PC/104, PCI, PCI Express, Low Profile PCI, Pico-ITXe, Pico-I/O, ETX, USB, USB/104, USB/PICO, Ethernet and ISA, and distributed and wireless I/O..
(858)550-9559, Fax: (858)550-7322, E-mail: contactus@accesio.com Request a quote

ADVANCED CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Indianapolis, IN - - Use POWERLINE CARRIER MODULES to allow your product to send & receive data signals via any building's existing AC wiring - Small X10 compatible transceivers for OEM applications utilizing our Powerline Carriers will expand your product's uses anywhere in a building.
(317)337-0100, Fax: (317)337-0200, E-mail: info@act-solutions.com Request a quote

ADVANTECH EMBEDDED COMPUTING - Irvine, CA - - Manufacturer of portable, ruggedized Windows CE-based, RISC-based WEB TABLET. MobiPanel 100, designed for data capture and communication technology. Provides a real-time wireless solution. Wireless, fully-integrated I/O, high brightness display, 3-feet droppable, spill/dust resistant. Ideal for manufacturing process monitoring, retail, medical/healthcare, hospitality, logistic Support.
(800)866-6008, (949)789-7178, Fax: (949)789-7179, E-mail: ECGInfo@Advantech.com Request a quote

ADAPTICOM, INC. - Raleigh, NC - - Providing OEM clients with engineering & design, focusing on new product development - Experts in programmable logic, including FPGAs, PALs, and Flash based microcontrollers. Engineering, design and manufacturing expertise in a veriety of applications, including aerospace, military, medical, automotive, computer, telecom & test industries, instrumentation, RF/microwave, analog, digital, high-speed designs, and more.
(919)870-0608, Fax: (800)290-8381, E-mail: Info3@Adapticom.us Request a quote

AeroComm, Inc. - Lenexa, KS - - AeroComm's complete, compact 2.4GHz & 900MHz data radios and extensive RF background, development tools, and support help OEMs get wireless capability – fast. All transceivers are agency-certified around the globe, ready to integrate via RS232/422/485. Proprietary FHSS technology provides reliable communication even in RF-dense areas. High output power supports long range.
(800)492-2320, Fax: (913)492-1243, E-mail: Sales@AeroComm.com Request a quote

ALTAN TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Vancouver, BC, Canada - - Electronic product development, consulting and implementation, prototyping through manufacturable product. Specializing in embedded systems, wireless communications, including software and mechanical design, Your one-stop shop for transforming your device requirements into reality. Our engineers will blend seamlessly with your product marketing team until full completion, helpling you create a winning product.
(866)992-5826, (604)948-9322, E-mail: sales@altantechnologies.com Request a quote

AXCESS, INC. - Carrollton, TX - - RFID (radio frequency identification) systems for access control, physical security and supply chain efficiencies. The battery-powered (active) tags locate, track, monitor, count and protect people, assets, inventory and vehicles. AXCESS' Active RFID solutions are supported by its integrated network-based, streaming digital video (or IPTV) technology.
(972)250-5961, Fax: (972)407-9085, E-mail: Sales@AxcessInc.com Request a quote

BlueRadios, Inc. - Englewood, CO - - Our tiny SMT internationally approved BLUETOOTH OEM WIRELESS data / voice modems provide +100m range – 2.4GHz - frequency hopping spread spectrum, serial interface, self-discovery, point-to-point networks / point-to-multipoint networks, includes integrated software stack and profiles, Standard AT commands. Call for our new OEM evaluation kit.
(303)957-1003, Fax: (303)845-7134, E-mail: Sales@BlueRadios.com Request a quote

CABCO WEST, LTD. - North Saanich, B.C., Canada - - RF CABLES for your wireless electronic equipment. Since 1980, providing both standard and custom cables to carry RF signals from transmitter to antenna. Every item we make is fully guaranteed. Visit website for samples of customers and products.
(250)655-3831, Fax: (250)655-1610, E-mail: Info@CabcoWest.com Request a quote 10/TP

COMMSHARK - Baltimore, MD - - Local providers of voice & data systems, premises based phone systems, VoIP and cloud based phone systems to businesses within the Baltimore & Washington, DC area - New phone system sales, installation, repair service, upgrades and office relocation, voice & data cable infrastructure, music on hold, paging & intercom systems, together with remote tech support.
(443)873-3633, E-mail: info@commshark.com Request a quote
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COPELAND COMMUNICATIONS, INC. - Gahanna, OH - - The leader in EMBEDDED CONNECTIVITY. Our World family of modules offer common package communications products for embedded OEM applications. In the fast paced world, time to market is critical. Our module solutions provide fast and simple ways to expand new product offerings quickly by minimizing development time and cost.
(614)475-1690, Fax: (614)882-6062, E-mail: Sales@CopelandCommunications.com Request a quote

CORES ELECTRONIC LLC / TAG4M - Austin, TX - - Manufacturers of Wi-Fi tags for measurement - Read sensors and push data to your web based instruments. Tag4M is a Wi-Fi RFID active tag with the functionality of a multifunctional I/O measurement device. The tag offers wireless measurement capabilities for sensors and actuators that generate output as voltage, current, or digital signal.
(512)905-0181, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: info@tag4m.com Request a quote 10/TP

DATA-LINC GROUP - Belleview, WA - - License-free, wireless ETHERNET RADIO MODEMS which are ideal for large SCADA and high RFI environments. Rated range is 25 miles (40km) with omni directional antennas - seamless connectivity and unparalleled reliability between PLC, PC and RTU applications - even in extreme environments as water/wastewater and oil/gas to industrial automation.
(425)882-2206, Fax: (425)867-0865, E-mail: Info@Data-Linc.com Request a quote ..... .

DIGITAL MICROWAVE COMMUNICATIONS - Chula Vista, CA - - Providing RF design, wireless design, RF microwave product development and consulting, from prototype to manufacturing for defense and commercial applications. Custom software radio design, transmitter, receiver, amplifiers and other RF component designs. We also assist in wireless COTS solutions for businesses.
(619)892-7341, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: info@dmicrowave.com Request a quote

DMCRF - Chula Vista, CA - - Offering quality, low cost RF component modules used in system verification, test, design engineering and manufacturing. Power limiters, amplifiers, power detectors, mixers, RF switches, filters, splitters, attenuator and other modules. Coaxial and mountable housings from DC to 6 GHz in various frequency ranges. Click to visit our online store now.
(619)892-7341, Fax: (619)671-0125, E-mail: info@dmcstore.com Request a quote

EVENTTONE WIRELESS, INC. - East Hanover, NJ - - Two way radio rentals - Offering direct connect phones and wifi communications equipment for short & long term rental or sale. Providing repair service and consulting for two way radios and telecommunications equipment for industries as diverse as event production, TV, film, and music touring to petrochemical, education and healthcare and more!
(855)396-5450, E-mail: eventtonerentals@gmail.com Request a quote

FASTECH SOLUTIONS - Vancouver, WA - - Providing full managed IT services for businesses of all sizes nationwide. Services include managed IT and network solutions, including system audit & asset management, antivirus management, network policy enforcement, server & desktop support and business solutions, as well as data & voice telecommunications products, video solutions, technical support, web design and internet marketing.
(971)801-6712, E-mail: support@myfastech.com Request a quote
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FIRST DIGITAL SURVEILLANCE - Los Angeles, CA - - Offering CCTV installation, video surveillance, and remote monitoring for residential, commercial & industrial applications. Installing new video surveillance systems and servicing existing CCTV equipment. Specializing in CCTV digital surveillance cameras installation and providing other low voltage services like home automation, access control (card reader access), intercom system, surround sound, & home theater.
(310)294-9033, Cell: (310)901-4954, Fax: (310)626-9679, E-mail: info@cctvinstallation-losangeles.com Request a quote

FIRST DIGITAL SURVEILLANCE - E-Commerce - - Direct sales of HD CCTV security cameras, wireless CCTV cameras, video surveillance CCTV & remote monitoring systems for residential, commercial, institutional & industrial applications. Also offering best prices on a wide range of DVR & NVR systems. Browse our complete online CCTV camera inventory to place your order directly from our E-Commerce site.
(877)901-4954, E-mail: info@cctvsecuritycamerasonline.com Request a quote

ICP DAS USA, INC. - Rolling Hills Estates, CA - - 2.4 Ghz and 900 Mhz wireless RADIO MODEMS with diistance up to 3 miles. Good replacement for wire data transmitters. Our GSM modems will allow you to communicate to our controllers anywhere in the world. Easy to set up, wireless without distance limitation. Also suppliers of wireless Ethernet data acquisition solutions.
(310)265-9352, Fax: (310)265-9899 , E-mail: Sales@icpdas-usa.com Request a quote

ILLUMRA Self-powered Wireless Controls - Orem, UT - - ILLUMRA Self-powered Wireless Controls specializes in lighting control and energy management systems for buildings and industrial facilities. ILLUMRA products operate using the EnOcean radio standard. The technology used in ILLUMRA products has been successful in Europe since 2002, with a customized version now available for optimal performance in North American markets..
(801)349-1200, Fax: (801)653-4257, E-mail: sales@Illurma.com Request a quote 10/GP
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INSTRUMENT & EQUIPMENT CO. - Sparta, NJ - - Click above to visit our website and return soon to read about our line of Wireless OEM products.
(800)432-1255, (973)579-0009, Fax: (973)579-6665, E-mail: Sales@IEpos.com Request a quote

KLEARFLEX KIOSKS - Farmington Hills, MI - - Manufacturers of kiosks, active WIRELESS DIGITAL SIGNAGE and interactive digital signs which are able to show mpeg files such as mpeg1, 2, 3, 4. These systems are cost effective, have no moving parts and are re-flash memory driven. They are excellent for exhibits, retail stores, museums, hospitals, universities and visitor centers.
(248-427-0698, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: ChrisD@KlearFlex.com Request a quote

LAIPAC TECH - Toronto, Canada - - RLP434 & TLP434 ASK RF DATA MODULES @ US$4.80, with high OEM Qty discounts. RF900CLP 900Mhz 40 channels transceiver @US$12. LP-Link Pager POCSAG and Flex receivers for embedded applications. GPS TF30 stamp size receiver, TF50 GPS - GLONASS dual system receiver. GPS antenna available.
(905)762-1228, Fax: (905)770-6143, E-mail: info@laipac.com Request a quote

(508)798-5004, Fax: (508)798-4782, E-mail: sales@lemosint.com Request a quote

LINX TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Medford OR - - VOICE & DATA RF Modules for OEM applications.
(800)736-6677, (541)471-6256, (541)471-6251, E-mail: info@linxtechnologies.com Request a quote 10/GP

LLT BAR CODE & LABEL - Stow, OH - - Wireless LAN equipment for your BAR CODING system. Wireless printers, scanners, terminals and access points from various manufacturers are available for your 2.4Ghz frequency hopping, 802.11b direct sequencing or 802.11b high rate system radios.
(800)882-4050, (330)689-3930, Fax: (800)395-4721, E-mail: Sales@LLTproducts.com Request a quote

LOGIC INNOVATIONS, INC. - San Diego, CA - - Logic Innovations' IP Encapsulator links LAN-based IP networks to broadband networks, supporting high-speed datacasting to PC-based or standalone broadband receivers. The IPE plays an integral role in an IP data broadcast headend by encapsulating IP packets into an MPEG-2 transport stream per DVB and ATSC specifications for transmission over broadband networks.
(888)345-6442, (858)805-6300, Fax: (858)805-6340, E-mail: sales@logici.com Request a quote

MAX STREAM - Orem, UT - - Our tiny FCC-approved OEM WIRELESS MODEMS provide 10+ miles range - 900MHz-110dBm / 2.4GHz-105dBm - Frequency hopping spread spectrum, Serial interface, Low power modes, Addressability point-to-point networks / point-to-multipoint networks, Standard AT commands. Call for our new OEM development kit.
(866)765-9885, Fax: (801)765-9895, E-mail: Sales@MaxStream.net Request a quote 10/TP

MICRODIA - New York, NY - - Leading manufacturer of computer products dedicated to high-speed data storage media, wireless communications & networking products, and innovative multimedia peripherals. Please visit our website and return later for contact information. E-mail: Steffaine2002@Hotmail.com Request a quote

MicroTouch Systems - Methuen, MA - - Offering engineers the industry's most comprehensive range of TOUCHSCREEN options. Capacitive touch sensors, featuring durability exceeding 150 million touches, and antibacterial protection. 4-wire and 5-wire resistive touch sensors provide HANDHELD, WIRELESS, point-of-sale, and display devices unmatched touch sensitivity, optics, surface durability, and the convenience of flexible stylus input.
(800)642-7686, Fax: (978)659-9051, E-mail: WebTouch@MicroTouch.com Request a quote

ONYX WIRELESS LABORATORIES, INC. - Irvine, CA - - MINIATURE MODULES for Wireless Data acquisition, control & switching, data telemetry, tracking. OEM GPS modules, OEM paging modules.
(949)752-2475, Fax: (949)752-2485

OTEK CORP. - Tucson, AZ - - Wireless RF ALARMS-CONTROLLERS. Fail-Safe feature consists of periodic "check-in" signals sent by the transmitter every minute to the receiver to assure proper communication. Two transmitter packages are available: AC powered with battery back up and optional counter, and the miniature (1 X 1.5 X 2") case for panel, chassis, pipe or Din Rail mounting.
(877)227-6835, (520)748-7900, Fax: (520)790-2808, E-mail: Sales@OtekCorp.com Request a quote 10/TP

OUTLOCKS, INC. - - Robust remote locking units with an advanced management system, designed to secure outdoor and "in-transit" assets, from cellular towers to ATMs, containers and delivery vans, water utilities and governmental facilities. Companies and governmental agencies can deter and prevent break-ins, control user access, and manage keys under the most demanding conditions.
(973)444-4741, E-mail: sales@outlocks.com Request a quote

RADIOTRONIX, INC. - OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - - Embedded Wireless Modules for data and voice communications. The EWIM-900-FDTC is a 900 MHz, 40-channel, full duplex TRANSCEIVER MODULE capable of voice and data communication.
(405)604-3093, Fax: (405)604-3095, E-mail: Sales@Radiotronix.com Request a quote

REBOOT - Greenville, SC - - Buyers & sellers of iPhones and other smart phones from Apple, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, BlackBerry, and LG. Offering the highest cash price for your unused iPads & similar tablets, MacBooks, and other computers. Browse our current inventory of new and used electronics for an average of 40%-75% off retail.
(864)552-1010, E-mail: Jfield@RebootSmart.com Request a quote

RF INDUSTRIES - San Diego, CA - - RFI's Neulink Division designs and manufactures WIRELESS DIGITAL transmission products including industrial monitoring SCADA systems, wireless linking of private WANs, and GPS tracking and location systems.
(800)233-1728, (858)549-6340, Fax: (858)549-6349, E-mail: RFI@RFindustries.com Request a quote

REMTRON, INC. - Escondido, CA - - Manufacturers and suppliers of INDUSTRIAL GRADE WIRELESS remote controls used on a wide variety of industrial and commercial equipment. In business over 20 years, Remtron supplies controls used on truck mounted cranes, trench compactors, concrete placement trucks, agricultural equipment, lifts, overhead bridge cranes and many other types of custom OEM equipment.
(800)328-5570, (760)737-7810, Fax: (760)737-7810, E-mail: Info@Remtron.com Request a quote ..... .

SIPquest, Inc. - Ottawa, ON, Canada - - SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) software technology experts - developers of SIP server modules and application components for telecom, datacom and wireless equipment OEMs, ISPs and Enterprise, SIPquest has the most complete line of SIP-based software products, leading the way in mobility and rich presence capability. Get to market quickly.
(613)254-8886, Fax: (613)254-8887, E-mail: steve@sipquest.com Request a quote

SNOOPWALL - Nashua, NH - - Providers of cost effective, proactive security solutions to enhance your cyber-risk mitigation strategies. Our portfolio of highly scalable & affordable breach prevention solutions include NetSHIELD appliances, delivering critical network access control to ensure only trusted assets access corporate networks, and MobileSHIELD endpoint agent, to deliver BYOD security & device privilege flexibility.
(877)731-1800, E-mail: securitysolutions@snoopwall.com Request a quote
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STOHRER'S APPLIANCE - Point Pleasant Beach, NJ - - Home appliances at discount prices - Air conditioners, dehumidifiers, heaters, ranges & cooktops, ovens, microwaves, grills, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, televisions, DVD & Blu-Ray players, home audio, tablets, accessories and a lot more. Authorized dealer for AGA, Bertazzoni, Frigidaire, General Electric, Marvel, Lynx, Asko, Bosch, Wolf, Subzero, Thermador and many more quality brands.
(732)892-0041, Fax: (732)892-0266, E-mail: sales@stohrersappliance.com Request a quote

STRENUMED, INC. - Ventura, CA - - Designers and manufacturing of wireless medical devices, with superior engineering design and developmental expertise in the science of cordless surgical handpieces. We were the first to offer competitively powered surgical battery packs, chargers and autoclavable electronics and motors. Offering design and prototyping expertise on a consulting, project management or partnership basis..
(805)477-1000, Fax: (805)477-1367, E-mail: sales@strenumed.com Request a quote 11/TP

TEMPEST SECURITY SYSTEMS, INC. - Troy, OH - - Use DATASTOP EMI/RF glass for attenuation of RF transmissions. A high level of attenuation is achieved across the entire frequency range with no loss of glass clarity. Easy to install DATASTOP can be used externally on buildings or on OEM products. Used successfuly within the government and private sectors.
(937)335-5600, Fax: (937)335-0018, E-mail: IanWaterman00@aol.com Request a quote

TOHO TECHNOLOGY, USA - Elgin, IL - - Industrial wireless transmission - 2.6Ghz remote I/O with data rates of 113.6Kbps with point and multipoint operation. A WIRELESS SENSOR SYSTEM capable of collecting and transmitting temperature, humidity, voltage, etc., suitable for compliance with ISO 14,000 power consumption standards. Designing and manufacturing for major Japanese OEMs since 1955. - U.S. office:
(847)464-5961, Fax: (847)464-5962, E-mail: Info@TohoTechnology.com Request a quote

TOOLLESS PLASTIC TECHNOLOGIES, LLC - Mukilteo, WA - - Custom PLASTIC ENCLOSURES and housings for your RF wireless products, made without molds or tooling. Manufactured with our proprietary CNC machining and fabrication process, eliminating the high cost and long lead time of injection molds. NEMA / IP65 enclosures & housings for wireless telecom, medical and lab instruments, 50-5000 units.
(425)493-1223, Fax: (425)493-1122, E-mail: Sales@Toolless.com Request a quote

Vitek Wireless Products Div. - Vista, CA - - Long distance remote control, monitoring, and data communications with our high speed narrowband UHF TRANSCEIVER and MODEM. Meets FCC's refarming requirements for migration to narrowband cannels. Combines a high performance transceiver with a high speed modem on one singleboard. Visit our website for our complete line or RF/wireless data products.
(760)536-1015, Fax: (760)536-1025, E-mail: Sales@VytekProducts.com Request a quote

WAVE SHIELD - Boca Raton, FL - - The Wave Shield was developed in response to the growing concern about CELL PHONE RADIATION safety and was tested on phones in a U.S. laboratory listed with the FCC and recognized globally. Available in leading department stores and through distributors worldwide. Dealer opportunities available to qualified individuals and companies.
(561)989-9147, Fax: (561)982-8834, E-mail: Shelly@WaveShield.com Request a quote

WIFI SIGNAL KING - Palm Harbor, FL - - WiFi Signal King manufactures and distributes long range wireless broadband equipment - Specializing in high powered wireless AP/bridges, USB client devices, amplifiers and coaxial cable. With 15 years experience in electronics / networking, our staff helps ISP's, WISP's, small businesses and end users to build and configure reliable, high powered, wireless networks.
(888)543-4036, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: sales@wifisignalking.com Request a quote ..... ....

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