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HASCO Components - Relays, Reed Switches & Reed Relays
Established 1976 - RELAYS: Milliamps to 80 Amps - 1 Pole to 4 Pole - SMD/Through Hole - Proximity Reed Switches/Sensors - Reed Relays - Electro-Mechanical Relays - 6 Amp DPDT Relays - DC & AC Coil Voltage - 1 to 4 Pole Switching - 200 Styles In NY Stock - Ask For Free Samples! . . . Click here to enter or Call (516)328-9292 . . .
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4 STAR ELECTRONICS, INC. - San Clemente, CA - - 4 Star Electronics is an ISO 2001:9000 certified stocking distributor of hard to find & obsolete switches and relays. We stock millions of MIL-spec, commercial and industrial switches and relays that are available for same day shipping from our San Clemente, Orange County, California warehouse. Use our Free Part Search Utility to check inventory and request a quote online.
(877)240-8595, (949)276-5225, Fax: (949)240-8503, E-mail: RFQ@4StarElectronics.com Request a quote Request a quote

AUTO PARTS COMPANY - Cartersville, GA - - Family owned auto parts professionals serving the automotive industry with 5 store locations in North West Georgia. Your #1 source for replacement parts, performance parts, and aftermarket accessories. Stocking parts from over 100 manufacturers with well over 100,000 SKUs in stock. Online store offering promotions and the convenience of in-store pickup options.
(770)382-1881, Fax: (770)387-1755, E-mail: onlinesales@auto-parts-company.com Request a quote
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BARANTEC INC. - Clifton, NJ - - Touch sensitive metal switches and keypads with no moving parts, sealed to IP 69K, explosion proof, exceed MIL STD specs, for hazardous locations such as oil, gas, fuel and water - Weather and vandal proof, requires no power supply, a perfect retrofit to pushbuttons. Tested for 50 million cycles, 5 year guarantee.
(973)779-8774, Fax: (973)779-8768, E-mail: hillel@barantec.com Request a quote

BERGQUIST COMPANY, The - CHANHASSEN, MN - - The Bergquist Company Membrane Switch Group is a leader in the engineering and manufacture of high quality, CUSTOM MEMBRANE SWITCHES. Bergquist's proprietary HeatSeal technology has a reputation for unmatched durability in harsh environments, with OEM applications in many industries that include automotive, applicance, medical and recreation products. (800)347-4572, (952)835-2322, Fax: (952)835-0430, E-mail: Webmaster@BergquistCompany.com Request a quote

COMPONENT DISTRIBUTORS, INC. - Denver, CO - - High tech electronics distributor, providing state-of-the-art products and world-class service. CDI is a franchised distributor for top vendors providing communications, power, optoelectronics, sensors, test and measurement, and interconnect products.
(800)777-7334, (720)962-5152, Fax: (720)962-4437, E-mail: Sales@CDIweb.com Request a quote

DAWAR TECHNOLOGIES - Pittsburgh, PA - - Manufacturers of MEMBRANE SWITCHES to meet our customers' specific and exact design requirements. From back-of-the-envelope design concepts to full production, Dawar can supply all the components to provide you with a complete turnkey product. We also provide Smart Cards, Touch Screens, labels, overlays, etc. (800)366-1904, (412)322-9900, Fax: (412)322-9958, E-mail: Sales@Dawar.com Request a quote

E-SWITCH - Brooklyn Park, MN - - Toggle switches, rocker switches, pushbutton switches, tactile switches, DIP switches, snap-action switches, slide switches, rotary switches, keylock switches, detector switches, more! E-Switch is a TÜV ISO 9001:2000 Certified manufacturer. Our 100,000 square foot building provides fantastic manufacturing, quality control, warehouse, and shipping capabilities. Global stocking distributors provide off-the-shelf product delivery. (763)504-3525, Fax: (763)531-8235, E-mail: Info@E-Switch.com Request a quote

EAO SWITCH CORPORATION - Milford, CT - - Broad line of high-quality, high-reliability switches and indicators for industrial machines, process control, transportation and OEM applications. Switching elements are available in snap action and low level. Many series offer matching indicators, buzzers, flashers and key-activated elements, all produced from the finest materials, carefully assembled and 100% tested. (203)877-4577, Fax: (203)877-3694, E-mail: Sales@EAOswitch.com Request a quote ..... ...

ELECTRO-MECH COMPONENTS, INC. - South El Monte, CA - - Designers and manufacturers of pushbutton illuminated switches, lenses, displays, and interlocking switch assemblies. Target OEM industries are aircraft, avionics, broadcasting, communications, gaming, medical, and transportation. Special lens engraving, consideration to difficult mounting requirements, modified operating pressure, and other OEM custom configurations available for modified switching mechanics. (626)442-7180, Fax: (626)350-8070 , E-mail: info@electromechcomp.com Request a quote ..... .

GOLDEN VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. - Minneapolis, MN - - Since 1973, GVP has been providing close tolerance screen-printing of MEMBRANE SWITCHES, sensors, and graphic overlays. Through our own R&D efforts, we have been able to offer innovative ideas and products to our medical, commercial and industrial OEM customers, surpassing their expectations and surpassing standards set by our competitors. (800)959-0947, (612)827-8216, Fax: (612)824-8708, E-mail: Teresa@gvp-inc.net Request a quote

HASCO COMPONENTS INTERNATIONAL CORP. - New Hyde Park, NY - - Relays, reed switches and reed relays since 1976... 500 different types of relays and electromechanical relays - 24 types of reed relays, from milliamps to 80 amps - DC and AC coil voltages, one pole to 4 pole switching. ISO registered factory, drop shipments to OEMs and contract manufacturers worldwide. Free samples available.
(516)328-9292, Fax: (516)326-9125, E-mail: Info@HascoRelays.com Request a quote
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6 Amp DPDT Relays ~ New Miniature Power Relay from Hasco

INDUSTRIAL CONTROL SOLUTIONS, INC. - Louisville, KY - - Most advanced SOLID STATE RELAYS on the market. Longer lasting, dependable and easy to implement in any design. Available with Universal (AC/DC) or DC current output. No heatsink with maximum current on the load. Standard, flat and vertical models. Your perfect replacement for less reliable mechanical relays. (502)459-5665, Fax: (502)454-5949, E-mail: Sales@ICS-Repair.com Request a quote ..... .

ITW SWITCHES - Buffalo Grove, IL - - A division of Illinois Tool Works, we've been manufacturing electronic switch components for over 50 years, providing switching solutions worldwide from facilities in the US, UK and Taiwan - Limit switches, push buttons, lighted switches, sealed switches, interlock switches, rotary switches, indicator swithces, slide switches, rocker switches, snap-action switches and leaf switches. (847)876-9400, Fax: (847)876-9440, E-mail: Info@ITWswitches.com Request a quote

MARQUARDT SWITCHES, INC. - Cazenovia, NY - - Manufacturers of electronic switches and sensors for the automotive, power tool, and appliance markets. The demand for electronically controlled switching systems is increasing worldwide. Marquardt has the expertise to develop systems that exceed the industry requirements of electronic switching, regulating, and measuring. (315)655-8050, Fax: (315)655-8042, E-mail: Murray@MarqSwitch.com Request a quote ..... .

MICROFARADS - Torrance, CA - - Independent distributors of surface mount ceramic & tantalum capacitors, resistors, military switches & relays, coils & inductors, and other passive components. Providing component solutions and offerring equivalents and upgrades when exact part numbers are not available or out of your budget. Serving electronics OEMs, contract manufacturers, product developers, hobbyists, and more.
(310)370-3106, E-mail: sales@microfarads.com Request a quote

NKK SWITCHES, INC. - Scottsdale, AZ - - Over 3,000,000 different conventional and surface mount/SMD switch options, with ratings from logic level to 50 amps. DIP switches, illuminated pushbuttons, illuminated Rocker switches, illuminated slide switches, illuminated tactile switches, illuminated toggle switches, keylock switches, LCD programmable switches, rotary switches, tilt switches, toggle switches, More! (480)991-0942, Fax: (480)998-1435, E-mail: Sales@NKKswitches.com Request a quote

NORTHPOINT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. / Silicone Switches - El Paso, TX - - Leading manufacturer of laser etched silicone keypads, epoxy potted & surface coated (PU) keypads and conductive rubber switches & keypads, using silicone rubber and rubber impregnated with carbon to replace mechanical switches. Today, our conductive silicone switches and keypads are used worldwide, in an ever-increasing variety of products and industries.
(800)553-5087, (915)591-6300, E-mail: sales@siliconeswitches.com Request a quote

NUOVA HI-G RELAYS / DMAC INTERNATIONAL, INC. - Sebring, FL - - Hermetically sealed relays to meet military, aerospace, commercial and industrial specifications and applications. Custom OEM relays and a range of standard relays up to 10 amps switching and one of the widest selection of Mil and CECC qualified relay products in the world. Available now in the USA from DMAC International. (941)655-6221, Fax: (941)655-5191, E-mail: Dmccoomb@WebDmac.com Request a quote

PICKER COMPONENTS - Carrolton, TX - - Manufacturers of general purpose, power, signal, automotive, solid state and reed relays for HVAC, telecommunications, automotive and appliance OEM applications. We maintain a large inventory of the most popular relays in our Carrollton, Texas warehouse and our lead times for new items are the shortest in the industry. (888)997-3933, Fax: (972)735-0964, E-mail: PickerWest@sbcGlobal.net Request a quote ...

QUEST COMPONENTS, INC. - INDUSTRY, CA - - Stocking electronic component distributors of integrated circuits, semiconductors, resistors & capacitors, switches & relays. Large Inventory of long lead time components, hard-to-find components, obsolete components, replacement & alternative parts. OEM applications in commercial, hi-rel, military/aerospace, and industrial electronics. Value-added component prep services include taping & reeling, device programming, kitting, more! JIT scheduling.
(800)445-4720, (626)333-5858, Fax: (626)723-2860, E-mail: Sales@QuestComp.com Request a quote

STANDEX ELECTRONICS, INC. - Cincinnati, OH - - Broad range of magnetic reed switches which are RoHS complaint - and many are UL recognized. From dry circuit switching to 70VA, from switching microvolt levels to switching 1,000 VDC, these switches are capable of tens of millions of trouble-free switching cycles. Available in traditional, surface mount and overmolded versions.
(866)782-6339, (513)871-3777 Fax: (513)871-3779, E-mail: Standex@StandexElectronics.com Request a quote

SymCom, Inc. - Rapid City, SD -- Industrial electronic control manufacturer, specializing in the development of MOTOR PROTECTION switches, relays, and other devices, under the brand names MotorSaver and PumpSaver. Our products monitor the voltage and/or current supplied to an electric motor. During a fault condition, power is removed from the motor before damage occurs to its windings. (800)843-8848, (605)348-5580), Fax: (605)348-5685, E-mail: Sales@SymComInc.com Request a quote Request a quote

TRILLIUM CONTROLS, INC. - Concord, Ont., Canada - - Stocking importing agents for many electrical control products. Our offerings include LIMIT & MICRO SWITCHES, relays, contactors and starters, cooling fans, buzzers and pushbuttons. (905)761-9588, Fax: (905)761-9587, E-mail: Sales@TrilliumControls.com Request a quote

VS HOLDING, LLC / Electronic Design & Research, Inc. - Louisville, KY - - SOLID STATE RELAY modules - SPST, SPDT, DPST relays with MOSFET and IGBT on their output(s). Medium & high speed SSR devices, ready to switch various signals and drive different kinds of loads: AC/DC power, video, flashlamp for SS-laser, DC and stepper motors, solenoids, audio signal multiplexing, quartz, lamps, coils, plasma, etc.(502)933-8660, Fax: (502)933-3422, E-mail: info@vsholding.com Request a quote

WESTLAKE COMPONENTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. - Westlake Village, CA - - Leading manufacturers of METAL DOME custom switch arrays that use a single polyester layer with a one- or two-sided adhesive. Extremely competitive prices directly from the manufacturer. (818)707-1134, , Fax: (818)707-1754, E-mail: Albert@W-C-I.com Request a quote

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