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TECHNOSOFT U.S. - DSP-based Motion Control Technology
OEM Intelligent Servo Drives - DSP Development Tools - Digital Motor Control - Single, Multi-axis Operation - DC, brushless, step motor Control - Realtime Control Algorithms - Motion Control Design & Engineering Services . . . Click Here to Enter or Call . . . 734-667-5275

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A1 SERVO MOTOR REPAIR - Irving, TX - - Dedicated servo motor repair facility with expertise to repair all types and makes of complex servo motors including DC and AC servo motors and stepper motors. Fast turnaround, since are not a broker - Our 12,000 square foot servo motor repair facility is designed expressly for high-tech electromechanical repair and remanufacturing.
(888)336-8430, (972)313-1133, Fax: (972)313-1341, E-mail: Request a quote

ADVANCED MICRO SYSTEMS, INC. - Nashua, NH - - AMS' designs are internationally recognized for their flexible, high performance and cost effective solutions to motion control. Product configurations range from single chip controllers (ICs) for OEMs, to complete stand-alone stepper motor sub-systems.
(603)882-1447, Fax: (603)881-7600, E-mail: Request a quote

CONTROL TECHNOLOGY CORP. - Hopkinton, MA - - Products that enable electronic automation devices to be monitored, controlled, configured or reprogrammed over the Internet and/or intranets. Founded in 1975, CTC manufactures servo and stepper control modules for web enabled motion control applications.
(800)282-5008, (508)435-9595, Fax: (508)435-2373, E-mail: Request a quote

CyberPak Company - Downers Grove, IL - - Founded in 1984, specializing in motion control solutions for OEMs. Our STEPPER MOTOR DRIVERS are low cost, but with features typically not found in other low priced products. We engineer our products to be more efficient, with an eye on the bottom line.
(800)328-3938, (630)493-0954, Fax: (630)493-0956, E-mail: Request a quote

K2 DEVICES, INC. - - MOTOR CONTROLLERS - Please call us today and return later to visit out website.
(714)241-8588, Fax: (714)241-8588, E-mail: Request a quote

KWAN MOTORSYSTEMS - San Jose, CA - - DC MOTOR CONTROLLERS - 12V-48V, 50A & 100A versions. PWM controllers in either unidirectional or H-bridge designs. Microcontroller-based inputs accept pot, R/C servo, or computer signals for 0-100% speed control of DC motors.
(408)929-2777, Fax: (408) 929-3777, E-mail: Request a quote

NEE CONTROLS, INC. - Maumee, OH - - Developers and suppliers of multi-axis, fully integrated and stand-alone motion controllers plus related PC based software. OEMs and retrofitters gain improved quality and throughput from the AMC family of controllers and PC based WinAMC control software. Our competitive solutions include AXOR motors and drives.
(419)893-4158, Fax: (419)893-4171, E-mail: Request a quote

PICARD INDUSTRIES - Albion, NY - - A small, highly focused company dedicated to the design, development, prototyping and low volume manufacturing of microcontroller-based OEM products using miniaturized motor and sensor control systems. Specializing in MINIATURE MOTORS (less than 40mm diameter), controls with sensor feedback, using single chip microconrollers for cost effective OEM solutions.
(585)589-0358, Fax: (585)589-0358, E-mail: Request a quote

RMV ELECTRONICS, INC. - Vancouver, BC, Canada - - Control up to 16 stepper motors simultaneously using a single serial port. Linear accel/decel, shaft encoder for each axis, chopper driver until 2 Amp set up via software, DLL interface for Windows XX, Linux, free source code. Custom firmware design, drivers development for our existing products. Less than $100/U.S. per axis.
(604)299-5173, Fax: (604)299-5174, E-mail: Request a quote

SIGG INDUSTRIES, INC - Yorba Linda, CA - - Use our SST2000 for small to medium stepper motor applications where MICROSTEPPING precision is required. - Microprocessor driven with the latest technologies. Unlike competitor designs, ours is a self-contained all-in-one CONTROLLER/DRIVER capable of operating as a single unit. Microstep phase sequencer, up to 10,000 steps, two switching amplifiers, and optoisolation circuits.
(714)282-9444, Fax: (714)282-9144, E-mail: Request a quote, Div. Mill-Shaf Technologies, Inc. - Yadkinvile, NC - - Specializing in the PC control of stepper motors, offering low-cost, high-quality products suited for a wide range of OEM stepper motor control applications. Whatever your need, we either have an existing product or we can develop a custom solution for you!
(336)998-9330, Fax: (630)566-8332, E-mail: Request a quote

SymCom, Inc. - Rapid City, SD -- Industrial electronic control manufacturer that specializes in the development of motor protection devices under the brand names of MotorSaver and PumpSaver. Our products monitor the voltage and/or current supplied to an electric motor. During a fault condition, power is removed from the motor before damage occurs to its windings.
(800)843-8848, (605)348-5580), Fax: (605)348-5685, E-mail: Request a quote

TECHNOSOFT U.S. - Canton, MI - - Technosoft is a leading DSP MOTION CONTROLl technology company, specializing in the design and manufacturing of motion control products and custom motion systems. We are committed to offering compact, flexible and cost effective motion solutions for a large variety of applications ranging from medical, industrial, textile, robotics to factory automation.
(734)667-5275, Fax: (734)667-5276, E-mail: Request a quote ..... .

TOL-O-MATIC - Hamel, MN - - SERVO DRIVES: Return later for product description, or click on the line below to read our latest news release.
(800)328-2174, (763)478-8000, E-mail: Request a quote

WEEDER TECHNOLOGIES - Ft. Walton Beach, FL - - Our STEPPER MOTOR DRIVERS Connect to the RS-232 serial port of a PC, laptop, or other host. Directly drives a unipolar stepper motor using precise positioning and tracking algorithms. Simple coordinates sent from the host will advance stepper motor to an exact position in the range of 0 to 16,777,215.
(850)863-5723, Fax: (850)863-5723, E-mail: Request a quote


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