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COMPONENT Distributors, Inc. Sensors & Transducers
Sensors & Transducers - Measurement & Control - Data Loggers - Signal Conditioners - Sensors for: Gas Detection - Liquid Level - Motion - Position & Displacement - Proximity - Temperature - More! Enter Here or Call 800-777-7334 . . .

3M TOUCH SYSTEMS - Methuen, MA - - Offering engineers the industry's most comprehensive range of TOUCHSCREEN options. Capacitive TOUCH SENSORS, featuring durability exceeding 150 million touches, and antibacterial protection. 4-wire and 5-wire resistive touch sensors provide handheld, wireless, point-of-sale, and display devices unmatched touch sensitivity, optics, surface durability, and the convenience of flexible stylus input.
(800)642-7686, Fax: (978)659-9051, E-mail:
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ADVANCED SENSING PRODUCTS - The Woodlands, TX - - - Manufacturers of secondary standard PRT and precision RTD probes. We assemble RTD probes as well as make our own RTD elements so that we can completely control our product quality. ASP provides NIST traceable calibration services with temperature ranging from -189°C to +850°C. We also make different types of thermocouples.
(281)681-9342, Fax: (281)681-9358, E-mail: Request a quote ....

ACUITY / Schmitt Industries - Portland, OR - - Provider of precision, non-contact dimensional measurement sensors including: white-light confocal displacement sensors, laser displacement sensors, laser rangefinders, 2D laser profile sensors & 3D laser scanners. Acuity sensors and scanners are used for factory automation of thickness measurement, position monitoring, fill heights and other dimensional measuring in industrial and research applications.
(503)227-7908, Fax: (503)227-5040, E-mail: Request a quote

AMERICAN SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES / AST - Mount Olive, NJ - - American Sensor Technologies, Inc. (AST) manufactures pressure sensors, transducers, transmitters and switches that offer the best price-performance ratio in the industry. With pressure ranges from 1PSI to 60,000 PSI and various material and output signal options, AST can design reliable, cost effective, standard or OEM custom pressure sensor solutions.
(973)448-1901, Fax: (973)448-1905, E-mail: Request a quote

BARNANT COMPANY - Barrington, IL - - - Private label and OEM source for thousands of products. If you pump it, SENSE it, monitor it, control it, or mix it - - Liquid and gas pumps, temperature/air velocity/humidity instrumentation, flow meters, SENSORS, mixing equipment.
(800)WE-DO-OEM, Fax: (847)381-7053, E-mail: Request a quote

COMPONENT DISTRIBUTORS, INC. - Denver, CO - - High tech electronics distributor, providing state-of-the-art products and world-class service. CDI is a franchised distributor for top vendors providing communications, power, optoelectronics, sensors, test and measurement, and interconnect products.
(800)777-7334, (720)962-5152, Fax: (720)962-4437, E-mail: Request a quote

CORES ELECTRONIC LLC / TAG4M - Austin, TX - - Manufacturers of Wi-Fi tags for measurement - Read sensors and push data to your web based instruments. Tag4M is a Wi-Fi RFID active tag with the functionality of a multifunctional I/O measurement device. The tag offers wireless measurement capabilities for sensors and actuators that generate output as voltage, current, or digital signal.
(512)905-0181, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: Request a quote . . . 9

DAVIS INSTRUMENTS - Baltimore, MD - - Catalog distributor for hard to find SENSOR INSTRUMENTS.
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DATAFORTH CORPORATION - Tucson, AZ - - Dataforth Corporation is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, “Instrument Class” signal conditioning and data communications products for industrial markets. It offers the largest selection of 5B, 7B and 8B isolated analog I/O modules as well as DIN packaged modules, data acquisition hardware and software.
(800)444-7644, (520)741-1404, Fax: (520)917-2254, E-mail: Request a quote

DETECTION INNOVATIONS, INC. - Dayton, OH - - Committed to providing secure and responsive wireless sensor data fusion solutions. Leading edge Machine-to-Machine (M2M) wireless sensors and electrical enabling modules, self-organizing networks, realtime monitoring and enabling, non-compliance detection, web browser management functionality and immediate alert notification and electrical enabling solutions. Offices in Dayton, OH and Toronto, Canada.
(937)531-6642, Fax: (93)753-16643, E-mail: Request a quote 12/GP

DVT - Norcross, GA - - IMAGE SENSORS for OEM machine vision and factory automation. Call for a workshop schedule or to request a product Selection Guide.
(770)449-4960, Fax: (770)449-3073.
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ENCORE ELECTRONICS, INC. - Saratoga Springs, NY - - Designs and manufacturers of signal conditioners for strain gages, accelerometers, temperature and most types of transducers. These instruments are available in rack mount, benchtop, modular and DIN rail configurations. Encore engineers will assist you in the selection of multiplexers and computer software for data acquisition and storage.
(866)936-2673, (518) 584-5354, Fax: (518) 584-5963, E-mail: Request a quote

EVERIGHT SENSORS CORPORATION - Moorestown, NJ - - Linear and rotary position sensors, contactless sensing technologies including our own NyceWave™ distributed impedance technology, capacitive "electric encoder" technology, inductive (LVIT/RVIT), Hall effect encoder, optical encoder, Wiegand (for multi-turn rotary), and LVDT inductive. Our extreme design flexibility offers OEM custom solutions in input/outputs, mechanical packaging, and physical & electrical interfaces.
(856)727-9555, Fax: (856)727-9585, E-mail: Request a quote

GRI / GEORGE RISK INDUSTRIES, INC. - Kimball, NE- - Full line manufacturer of encapsulated reed switch PROXIMITY SENSORS. These sensors are excellent when used on interlocks. G.R.I. applications engineers are available to answer questions on custom OEM design requirements.
(308)235-4645, Fax: (308)235-3561.
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HBM, INC. - Marlborough, MA - - LOAD CELLS, strain gages, simulators & calibrators. Specialists in OEM weighing technology.
(508)624-4500, Fax: (508)485-5812.
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HYGROMETRIX, INC. - Alpine, CA - - Hygrometrix designs and manufacturers high performance humidity sensors and transmitters based on proprietary MEMS technology. We feature sensors in a variety of packages, 4-20mA transmitters and DC voltage output modules. The company has been in business since 1970 and currently serves more than 200 customers around the world.
(619)659-9292, Fax: (619)445-7471, E-mail: Request a quote ..... .

INTEGRATED SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES (IST) - Goleta, CA - - OEM electronics design and product development of SENSOR-BASED PRODUCTS as gas detection equipment, high speed miniature digital current probes, as well as general printed circuit board project management, reverse engineering, layout, and prototyping. Lower rates for manufacturing rights.
(805)968-6600, Fax: (805)968-6600, E-mail: Request a quote

ILLUMRA Self-powered Wireless Controls - Orem, UT - - ILLUMRA Self-powered Wireless Controls specializes in lighting control and energy management systems for buildings and industrial facilities. ILLUMRA products operate using the EnOcean radio standard. The technology used in ILLUMRA products has been successful in Europe since 2002, with a customized version now available for optimal performance in North American markets..
(801)349-1200, Fax: (801)653-4257, E-mail: Request a quote . . . 10
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JEWELL INSTRUMENTS - Manchester, NH - - Manufacturers of ACCELEROMETERS & INCLINOMETERS with over 35 years of experience in acceleration and tilt sensing applications for industrial, aircraft, marine, missile flight, rail and military tilt sensing. Jewell also manufactures digital and analog panel meters and solenoids, offers total turnkey partnership manufacturing for electro-mechanical and electronic assemblies and products.
(800)638-3771, (603)669-6400, Fax: (603)669-6400, E-mail: Request a quote

JIM D. GRAY & ASSOCIATES, INC. - Richardson, TX - - AC/DC current and voltage transducers, Ave or True RMS, 0 to 5VDc or 4-20mA, power or frequency, single or three phase. Since 1977 we have evolved into a hybrid factory representative, and stocking distributor, including exclusive relationships with global manufacturers. Call us for all your transducer requirements and other components and electro-mechanicals.
(972)699-9976, Fax: (972)699-9977, E-mail: Request a quote< 11/MA

KAMAN MEASURING SYSTEMS - Colorado Springs, CO - - Designers & manufacturers of inductive non-contact linear displacement sensors, ideal for industrial, lab, and OEM applications. From standard products with full scale ranges from 0.020" to 2.00" to OEM custom designs based on application requirements, Kaman's 40 years of experience in inductive sensing technology is key to your application's success.
(719)635-6867, Fax: (719)634-8093, E-mail: Request a quote ..... .

LION PRECISION - St. Paul, MN - - World leader in the design, application, and manufacturing of capacitive and inductive non-contact sensors.
(651)484-6544, Fax: (651)484-6824, E-mail: Request a quote ....

MACRO SENSORS, Div. Howard A. Schaevitz Technologies, Inc. - Pennsauken, NJ - - Leading suppliers of LVDT-based position / displacement sensors - Stock LVDTs, RVDTS custom and OEM designs. Free core LVDTs, spring-loaded LVDT, harsh environment LVDTs, temperatures up to 200°C, pressure 10,000 PSI, signal conditioners, digital controllers. Measure movements from a few millionths of an inch, up to several inches, and positions up to 40 inches (1000mm).
(856)662-8000, Fax: (856)661-8000, E-mail: Request a quote

MEASUREMENT SPECIALTIES, INC. - MSI - - Micromachined sensor products (3D silicon sculpting, or MEMS) - Force balance, strain gage, capacitive, inductive, piezoresistive micromachined, and piezopolymer film. Micromechanical transducers and Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICS) are used where appropriate throughout MSI's line of sensing products, offering the most current core technologies at the lowest possible price.
(757)766-1500, Fax: (757)766-4976, E-mail:
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MERIT SENSOR SYSTEMS - Santa Clara, CA - - Designers and manufacturers of mission-critical, cost-effective PRESSURE SENSOR solutions for automotive, medical, consumer and industrial OEM applications. Full design capabilities, in-house wafer fabrication, flexible packaging and assembly, piezoresistive technology, expansive pressure ranges, complete pressure measurement and unmatched operating temperature ranges.
(408)987-0567, Fax: (408)748-1559, E-mail:
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MICRO-EPSILON - Raleigh, NC - - State-of-the-art industrial DISPLACEMENT SENSOR SYSTEMS. Our sensors are used worldwide to measure displacement, distance, position, vibration, dimension, and thickness. Critical applications include industrial automation, quality inspection, process control, R&D and more. Contact and non-contact displacement sensors and sensor systems using inductive, potentiometric, capacitive, optical, and eddy-current principles.
(919)787-9707, Fax: (919)787-9706, E-mail:
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MicroStrain, INC. - Williston, VT - - MicroStrain develops and produces innovative, smart, wireless, microminiature displacement, orientation, and force sensors. Wireless data acquisition systems capable of simultaneous, high-speed data acquisition, for use with wireless strain gauges, accelerometers, temperature, and millivolt level inputs.
(800)449-3878, (802)862-6629, Fax: (802)863-4093, E-mail: Request a quote

NEODYM TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Port Moody, BC, Canada - - Designers and manufacturers of GAS DETECTION DEVICES for OEMs, as well as generic detection equipment for industrial, commercial and domestic applications. Offering simple, stand-alone gas detectors as well as advanced multi-sensor monitoring systems. Equipment is DC-powered making it suitable for use in all countries of the world.
(877)723-5400, (604)939-5544, Fax: (604)939-4153, E-mail: Request a quote .....

netCOMPONENTS - Boca Raton, FL - - netCOMPONENTS' electronic component SOURCING DATABASE contains billions of parts from hundreds of suppliers worldwide! Multilingual site has LIVE DEMO for buyers of integrated circuits, semiconductors and other active, passive and electromechanical components. Part Search
(561)274-6780, Fax: (561)274-6796, E-mail: Member Registration Supplier Registration

OHMIC INSTRUMENTS CO - Easton, MD - - RELATIVE HUMIDITY and TEMPERATURE specialists for Biomedical & Environmental OEM applications - - Sensors, instruments & control since 1969.
(800)626-7713, Fax: (410)822-9633, (410)820-5111, E-mail:
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OPSENS, INC. - Quebec, QC, Canada - - Accurate - precise - high repeatibility - miniature FIEBER OPTIC SENSORS - Opsens provides one of the most innovative yet flexible fiber optic sensing solutions for industries. Click to visit our website to see our WLPI, GaAs or MEMS-based fiber optic temperature, pressure, strain, displacement and force & load sensors for more information.
(418)682-9996, Fax: (418)682-9939, E-mail:
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OPTEK TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Carrollton, TX - - POSITION DETECTOR PHOTODIODES - Please return later for product description, or click on the line below to read our latest News Release. Request a quote

OTEK CORP. - Tucson, AZ - - Tiny controllers, transmitters & displays in any combination, with built-in sensors. Now you can MEASURE/CONTROL flow, temperature, shock, position, frequency, weight, speed, humidity, pH, ORP, V.mA AC, V.mA DC, vibration, level, gas.
(877)227-6835, (520)748-7900, Fax: (520)790-2808, E-mail: Request a quote

PBI DANSENSOR AMERICA - Glen Rock, NJ - - NITROGEN SOLDERING? Improve your quality and lower your cost with our latest SENSOR/CONTROLLER instruments.
(201)251-6490, Fax: (201)251-6491, E-mail:
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PHOENIX AMERICA, INC. - Fort Wayne, Indiana - - Leading the introduction of magnetic based encoder and sensor solutions through developing not only robust encoder packaging but custom magnetic materials, thus ensuring a complete magnetic OEM custom solution from a single engineering driven organization. We'll bring over a hundred years of magnetic sensor and encoder experience to your team.
(888)801-1422, (260)432-9664, Fax: (260)432-9667, E-mail: Request a quote 11/GP

PICARD INDUSTRIES - Albion, NY - - A small, highly focused company dedicated to the design, development, prototyping and low volume manufacturing of microcontroller-based OEM products using MINITURIZED MOTOR/SENSOR control systems. Specializing in miniture motors (less than 40mm diameter), controls with sensor feedback, using single chip microconrollers for cost effective OEM solutions.
(585)589-0358, Fax: (585)589-0358, E-mail:
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POLYTEC PI - Auburn, MA - - Please visit our website and return later for a complete description of our VIBRATION SENSING products.
(508)832-3456, Fax: (508)832-0506, E-mail:
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PYROMATION, INC. - Ft. Wayne, IN - -TEMPERATURE SENSOR products off the shelf and OEM custom design. RTDs, nstruments, thermocouples, sensor accessories. Private label connection heads, Digital process indicators.
(219)484-2580, Fax: (800)837-6805.
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RC SYSTEMS CO., INC. - Santa Fe, TX - - Our TRANSMITTERS and multichannel CONTROLLERS accept many sensor output signals directly. Functions include signal conversion, display, trending, alarms and computer interface. Most products include Modbus serial ports, allowing simple interface of monitored data to SCADA systems.
(409)925-7808, Fax: (409)925-1078, E-mail:
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RKC INSTRUMENT, INC. - South Bend, IN - - Manufacturer of single loop and multi-loop PID temperature and process controllers with DeviceNet and Profibus protocol or MAPMAN for programless interfacing with PLCs. Additional products include high limiters, ramp/soak control, heater break alarms, indicators, valve positioners, power controllers and TEMPERATURE SENSORS. Worldwide sales and service since 1937.
(574)273-6099, Fax: (574)247-9657, E-mail:
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SENSOR PRODUCTS, INC. / SPI - Madison. NJ - - Manufacturer and distributor of tactile pressure indicating sensor solutions. Pressurex®, main product, is used in bolted joint interfaces, composite layup, heat sealing, lamination or press. It measures surface pressure distribution if used as an impact force sensor, seat pressure sensor, as a strain gauge or even as nip impression paper.
(800)755-2201, (973)884-1755, Fax: (973)884-1699 , E-mail: Request a quote
Read our latest new product release:
Pressure Sensitive Mapping Film from SPI Displays Accurate Surface Pressure Profile
10 M/A

SENTRAN, LLC - Ontario, CA - - Sensors, TRANSDUCERS, LOAD CELLS & Weighing Systems. Measurement of Force, Load, Torque & Pressure. FEA to CAD/CAM design optimization and Manufacturing. ISO 9002 manufacturing facilities. Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel. Environmental protection to Hermetic Sealing. Custom/OEM designs, low to high volume.
(888)545-8988, (909)605-1544, Fax: (909)605-6305, E-mail: Request a quote

SHIVA ELECTRONICS - Bangalore, India - - Leading manufacturer of proximity sensors - photoelectric, mark, magnetic, inductive, capacitive. Accessories for sensors, connectors, power supplies, on/off delay. Products for industrial automation - RS232 <--> RS422/RS484 converters. Custom design & development of sensor-based and motion control applications.
(91)-80-3386906, Fax: (91)-253-2511565, E-mail: Request a quote

SINGER INSTRUMENTS & CONTROL LTD. - Tirat Carmel, Israel - - Specializing in R&D, design and production of Layer Wound LVDT, miniature size LVDT, auto zero and radiation resistant inclinometers and other sensors and transducers, signal conditioner electronics, solenoids and integrated systems. We manufacture as sub contractors, under ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 for medical devices. Offices in Israel and Branford, CT.
972-4-8578880, Fax: 972-4-8578881, E-mail: Request a quote - 10

STANDEX ELECTRONICS, INC. - Cincinnati, OH - - Standex Electronics designs and manufactures a variety of high frequency custom and standard transformers, inductors and chokes to fit most any need in the 20KHz to RF range. Contact Standex Electronics for a your custom requirement, any of our standard transformers, or custom variation of any of our standard transformers.
(866)782-6339, (513)871-3777 Fax: (513)871-3779, E-mail: Request a quote

STEGO, INC. - Marietta, GA - - MOTION SENSOR ACTIVATED LIGHTS for electrical/electronic enclosures used in telecom, automation, security, commercial, and industrial applications. Also: Resistance type and PTC-based enclosure heaters, fan heaters, CCTV camera heaters, heaters for valves and actuators, temperature & humidity controls, lights, filter fans, 19" fan trays and related products. 120/230VAC and common DC voltages.
(888)783-4611, (770)984-0858, Fax: (770)984-0615, E-mail: Request a quote

STELLAR TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Amherst, NY - - Stellar Technology designs, engineers, and manufactures industrial pressure transducers, load cells, force sensors, torque transducers, temperature transducers, and displacement sensors for use in industrial automation & control applications. Markets served include aerospace, oil & gas, automotive, medical, military, and a variety of test and measurement applications. an ISO 9001 Registerd company.
(800)274-1846, (716)250-1900, (716)250-1909, E-mail: Request a quote 11/MA

TACTEX CONTROLS, INC. - Victoria, BC, Canada - - Custom tactile force sensors, pressure mapping systems, single touch sensors, array sensors and multi-touch technology for medical and other OEM appliations. Originally developed by the Canadian Space Agency for use as a sensory skin on robots, Kinotex® sensors have several technical advantages over competing force sensitive resistor or capacitive sensors.
(877)909-1132, (250)480-1132, Fax: (250)480-1142, E-mail: Request a quote ..... ..

TDL TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Las Cruces, NM - - Our single and dual channel microphone preamps are used by companies building NOISE & VIBRATION analysis instruments. Custom audio designs and sensor-based product designs too at reduced cost for right to market. Visit our website for products, prices and user guides.
(505)382-3173, Fax: (505)382-8810, E-mail:
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TEMPROX, Div. Wilkerson Temperature Products, Inc. - Lakeland, FL - - Manufacturers of a full line of TEMPERATURE SENSOR Assemblies, including RTDs and Thermocouples. Suppliers of Digital Temperature Indicators and Controllers, Two-wire Temperature Transmitters, and Calibrators. Private labeled, custom designs for OEM applications. Catalog and Engineering Guide available on disk.
(941)619-5999, Fax: (941)619-5274.
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TEKSCAN, Flexiforce Div. - South Boston, MA - - Button FORCE SENSORS. These circuits are manufactured by a silk screen process, offering the OEM users complete design freedom for custom sensors. The sensing area is comprised of multiple layers of silver and semi-conductive material. The sensor changes its electrical resistance with applied force.
(800)248-3669, (617)464-4500, Fax: (617)464-4266, E-mail: Request a quote

THERMOMETRICS CORPORATION - Northridge, CA - - A family operated domestic manufacturer of RTD and Thermocouple TEMPERATURE SENSORS. We have been providing standard and OEM custom sensors from bare thermocouple junctions to industrial assemblies with thermowells at competitive prices since 1965. Our technical staff has over 50 years combined experience to help you fill your TEMPERATURE SENSING requirements.
(818)886-3755, Fax: (818)772-7690, E-mail: Request a quote

TRIG-TEK, INC. - ANAHEIM, CA - - Signal Conditioning, Portable Instrumentation, Airborne Instrumentation, Analyzers and Balancing, Vibration Control Systems, Vibration Sensor / Monitors, Vibration Protectors, Tracking Instrumentation, Ratio Instrumentation, Filtering Instrumentation, Miscellaneous SENSOR-BASED INSTUMENTS. Also, custom OEM instruments.
(714)956-3593, Fax: (714)956-0162, E-mail: Request a quote

TRILLIUM CONTROLS, INC. - Concord, Ont., Canada - - Stocking importing agents for many electrical control products. Our offerings include REED SENSORS, limit and micro switches, relays, contactors and starter, cooling fans, buzzers and pushbuttons.
(905)761-9588, Fax: (905)761-9587, E-mail:
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