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COASTEL TOOLS INTERNATIONAL CORP. - Syracuse, NY - - Major manufacturer of tools and equipment to the Wire & Cable processing industry desires collaboration or partering with an experienced person in the electronics, communication or connector field. A background in the coaxial cable and connector industry would also be helpful. Knowledgeable in requirements for tooling to the professional engineer or techniian in a production environment, have industry contacts, and be experienced in seeking out clients and offering demonstations of wire and cable stripping equipment. Also creative to assist in new product development and be sensitive to the needs of customers.
(800)451-7615, Fax: (315)472-1765, E-mail: John@CoastelTools.com
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PEAK PERFORMANCE TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT - Philadelphia, PA - - Offering various consulting services to company CEOs including sales management training, CEO coaching, CEO training, sales management training, and sales recruiting. Visit us today to request your CEO growth info package, register for the CEO sales strategy seminar, request a complimentary sales recruiting package, or to request specific information online.
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RepCentric SOLUTIONS - Zimmerman, MN - - Join our massive contingent of sales and field application professionals who provide cost effective access to North America's electronics industry. We will immedeately take over our clients' field sales engineering in the area of printed circuit fabrication, PCB assembly, and other projects involving operations, manufacturing, components, design, assembly and more. (763)856-3278, Fax: (00)000-0000, E-mail: Mike@RepCentric.net

RJL RESUME WRITERS & CAREER CONSULTANTS, LLC - St. Louis, MO - - Top rated Academy Certified Resume Writers (ACRW) and full-service career development business, dedicated to getting you hired. Our services include resume writing, cover letteres, LinkedIn profiles, job search assistance, interview preparation, career counseling, career coaching, job board posts, professional reference checks and recruiter referral. Offering free consultations and resume reviews.
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SANDLER TRAINING / Carol Rosdobutko - Calgary, AB, Canada - - Sandler's non-traditional selling system plus innovative reinforcement training has made us the global leader in sales training. Our Management Solutions provide comprehensive training to sales managers, executives and business owners. Attend our seminars to hear Carol Rosdobutko share techniques in developing and executing successful sales processes that outperform revenue goals.
(403)265-5670, E-Mail: carolrosdobutko@sandler.com

SANDLER TRAINING / MadDog Sales & Marketing Inc. - Sherwood Park, AB, Canada - - Internationally recognized sales training organization. It's very unlikely that we'll ever come across a problem we have not already encountered and solved. It is our job to fit your requirements - not to shoehorn you into fitting ours. We have been Edmonton & Area's leading sales force development experts since 1998.
(780)449-4906, Fax: (780)449-4048, E-Mail: cbanman@sandler.com

WireStrippers.com - San Clemente, CA - - Looking for qualified sales people in areas throughout the world to sell and support our WIRE PROCESSING EQUIPMENT line.
(800)490-8520, (909)301-8560, Fax: (909)679-4849, E-mail: WireStrippers@WebTV.net Request a quote

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