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1-ELITE SEMICONDUCTOR PRODUCTS, INC. - Lindenhurst, NY - - Represent a quality line of competitively priced DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTORS - Thyristors/SCR's, TRIACS, DIACS, rectifiers, power rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, zener diodes, schottky diodes, small signal transistors, power transistors, DIACS, TVS/transient voltage suppressors, and ICs. Services: Testing, part marking, special assembly. Delivery from stock, worldwide exports. (631)884-8400, Fax: (631)884-8427, E-mail: Eddie@EliteSemi.com

1-PRINTED CIRCUIT CORP. - Norcsoss, GA - - Add quick-turn PCB design, fabrication, and SMT/THT assembly services to your line card - Low to medium production runs, one PO does it all. Servicing a diverse base of OEM companies in communications, high speed computing and networking, industrial, and in the medical and instrumentation sectors of the electronics industry. (770)638-8658, Fax: (770)638-8659, E-mail: Pravin@Mindspring.com

A SQUARED TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - San Marcos, CA - - Electronics and electro-mechanical product research, design, prototype and assembly services firm requires professional representation. Embedded controllers for smart systems - Developer of 1994 Fortune 500 "Product of the Year." From patent research to OEM production, we help large and small OEMs and independent inventors - Providing SMT and thru-hole electronic assembly services. .(760)432-8285, Fax: (760)432-8286, E-mail: Asquared@cts.com

A-TEK, LLC - Longmont, CO - - Professional electronic assembly capital equipment reps needed in key markets to represent our fully automated in-line and stand alone PCB depaneling systems, ink jet marking systems, connector insertion systems, PCB converyors & handlers and more. Offering our customers continued support, spare parts & training. (303)485-6007, Fax: (970)266-8003, E-mail: sales@atekllc.com

ACCUTEK MICROCIRCUIT CORP. - Newburyport, MA - - Looking for small to medium size Rep Firms to sell our CONTRACT MANUFACTURING services, custom ELECTRONIC DESIGN, and a quality line of standard MEMORY MODULES. Several US territories available. Contact via Website, or (978)465-6200, Fax: (978)462-3396, E-mail: sales@accutekmicro.com

ACE WIRE SPRING & FORM COMPANY, INC. - McKees Rocks, PA - - Leading manufacturer of compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, coil springs, drawbar springs, garter springs, assembly springs, titanium springs, hot wound springs and wire forms for a large variety of industries. Applications include aerospace, agriculture, firearms, gas & steam turbines, material handling equipment, medical devices, valves & actuators, security & bariers and more!
(800)828-3353, (412)331-3353, Fax: (412)331-1602, E-mail: aceinfo@acewirespring.com Request a quote

ADVANCE MICRO POWER CORP - Ronkonkoma, NY - - Represent our quality electronic design, assembly & production services in all U.S. markets - SMT & through-hole PCB assembly, R&D to finished product including full PCB design service, hardware/software, mechanical design & packaging. Custom cable & harness assembly, D-sub & ribbon cables, coaxial cables. Plastic injection molding - Add A.M.P. to your line card. (631)471-6157, Fax: (631)471-6158, E-mail: AMP@AMPinUSA.com

ADVANCED PCB PRODUCTS - Prosper, TX - - Expand your line card with SMT adhesives, soldering flux, carbon paste, solderable copper paste, silver paste, and various dielectric pastes used in the custom fabrication of printed circuit boards as well as advanced PCB material & chemical products for the ongoing requirements of SMT assembly. (972)347-3799, Fax: (972)347-2297, E-mail: Info@AdvancedPCB.com

ADVANTECH EMBEDDED COMPUTING - Irvine, CA - - Seeking reps to sell a full line of compact yet powerful, small footprint, ruggedized SINGLE BOARD COMPUTERS. We also manufacture 5.7" - 15" ruggedized, fanless, modularized, ultra slim, wireless and portable panel computers ideal for industrial automation, HMI, POS/POI, transportation, medical/healthcare and kiosks. (800)866-6008, (949)789-7178, Fax: (949)789-7179, E-mail: ECGInfo@Advantech.com

AmeriCAD PCB DESIGN, INC. - Ramona, CA - Represent our PCB DESIGN SERVICES - - Using advanced IPC-certified designers with many years of experience. Co-creator of the Footprint library from PCBLibraries.com ensures integrity all the way down to the component level. Offering quality designs, rapid response, reasonable rates. On-site or in our office in the San Diego County area. (760)787-1873, E-mail: sales@AmeriCADPCB.com

AMERICAN PROGRESSIVE CIRCUITS, INC. - APC - Addison, IL - - APC needs reps to service OEMs & Contract Mfrs for PRINTED CIRCUIT sales, up to 10 layers. Special introductory pricing - max. 350 sq-in: DS=$225 @ 7pcb/3-day turn; ML4=$575 @ 5pcb/5-day turn; ML4=$675 @ 10pcb/7-day turn (includes tooling & photoplot); First-time with repeat order placement receives discounts! (630)495-6900, Fax: (630)495-6901, E-mail: Online-APC@sbcglobal.net

AMERICA'S HEALTH LABS LLC - Cheyenne, WY - - Providers of the latest advances in weight loss & dieting supplements, health & beauty supplements, green coffee extracts and anti-aging supplements. Our special formulations promote cardiovascular health and combat disease. All products are manufactured in the US with the industry's finest and most respected certified ingredient manufacturerers, ensuring purity and potency.
(844)342-5245, E-mail: info@americashealthlabs.com Request a quote

AMISTAR CORPORATION - San Marcos, CA - - Developers, manufacturers, and installers of DataPlace labeling machines, network integration and barcode scanning for product identification, tracking and advertising within SMT, golf club, medical product, kiosk, and life science industries. Amistar also provides contract engineering and customized equipment. Our current expansion requires professional representation in key markets. (760)471-3957, Fax: (760)471-9065, E-mail: Munn@Amistar.com

ANALYTIC SYSTEMS - Surrey, BC, Canada - - Manufacturer of POWER SUPPLIES / POWER CONVERSION products for the military, marine, alternative energy and industrial markets requires additional representation. DC/DC converters, AC/DC power supplies, DC/AC inverters, battery chargers, and AC/AC frequency converters. Our ongoing R&D programs create innovative, state-of-the-art electronic designs that provide clean outputs in efficient and compact packages.

(800)668-3884, (604)946-9981, Fax: (604)946-9983, E-mail: AnalyticInfo@AnalyticSystems.com Request a quote
TDE Vendor candidate: 5/12/11/GP <<< Activate Google Search

AOS THERMAL COMPOUNDS - Eatontown, NJ - - Dry-to-Touch THERMAL GREASE - Line offered for immediate representation. Widest selection of non-silicone and silicone thermal greases available on the market. Since developing AOS Heat Sink Compound, the first Non-Silicone thermal grease, AOS has continued to expand its product line with newer, more advanced formulas. Ask for free samples. (732)389-5514, Fax: (732)389-6380, E-mail: Sales@aosco.com

APS AMERICA - Carson, CA - - Represent a Wordwide designer & manufacturer of custom thermal printer mechanisms and controller boards for OEM applictions. Our products are design into hand held terminals, test & measure instruments, POS, kiosks, fuel pumps, vending machines, ATMs, etc. Also, a large veriety of printers available off the shelf for most any application. (310)834-6900, Fax: (310)834-6996, E-mail: SalesAmerica@APS-Printers.com

APEX EMBEDDED SYSTEMS - Monona, WI - - . Currently setting up a network of professional reps in the U.S. and international markets for board level ruggedized COTS PC/104 analog and digital I/O products which will operate at temperature extremes from -40°C to +85°C, providing opportunities for hi rel OEM embedded applications. (608)256-0767 , Fax: (608)256-0765, E-mail: Sales@ApexEmbedded.com

ASTROTECH GROUP - Arlington Heights, IL - - $100M/usd Hong Kong based contract manufacturer with 2 manufacturing facilities located in mainland China. Providing SMT and through hole assembly, plastic injection molding, metal fabrication and design services to USA-based OEMs for over 15 years - Supporting automotive, consumer, gaming and telecom accounts. ISO registered, QS pending this year. (847)398-8833, Fax: (847)398-9933, E-mail: Brian@Astrotech.com.hk

BACHUR & ASSOCIATES - Santa Clara, CA - - Manufacturer of standard and custom-engineered UV lightsources, UV EXPOSURE SYSTEMS, replacement components and subsystems seeking professional representation in the microelectronics, aerospace and chemical industries. Systems from 75mm diameter (or square) to greater than 300mm diameter. Configured to produce radiation Near UV through the Deep UV spectral regions. Call Jerry Bachur:
(408)988-5861, Fax: (408)988-2754, E-mail: sales@bachur-n-associates.com

BRIGHT COM, INC. - Tarzana, CA - - Seeking professional representation for our custom national and international OUTSOURCED COMMUNICATION & MESSAGING tools. Communication drives revenues and we have the most advanced tools. Sell your customers point-to-point and broadcast internet-based fax transmissions, desktop text messaging, data encryption, internet-based invoicing, voice to E-mail, and VoIP / voice over IP. (818)708-8096, Fax: (888)490-1016, E-mail: mWolpe@BrightComGroup.com

CANCINO TECHNOLOGIES CORP., LTD. - Dorval, QC, Canada - - Contract manufacturer needs professional representation for through hole, SMT, press-fit, design services, layout and board fabrication, testing, and final assembly. Will quote on single prototype to medium volume production - turnkey and consignment contracts. QA systems second to none. 48-hr, 1-week and 3-week turns. (514)631-7667, Fax: (514)631-6786, E-mail: Info@CancinoTechnologies.com

CIRCUIT AID - BALTIMORE, MD - - Key U.S. territories open for bare board PCB (printed circuit boards) supplier with domestic and offshore production facilities. PCB prototypes to production runs, including PCB assembly services. Please visit our website now or return later for a complete description of our PCB services. (410)961-0020, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: johanshaik@circuitaid.com

CLEARSTONE TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Hopkins, MN - - Designers & manufacturers of turnkey UV light sources for end users and systems integrators. With expertise in optics, thermal design and electronics, we build robust, reliable, and user-friendly UV light sources - Solid state light sources for ultra-violet applications, such as curing adhesives, coatings, inks, and other light-sensitive materials.
(612)824-4846, (866)387-6558, E-Mail: Info@ClearstoneTech.com Request a quote

COMPUTER EXPRESS, LLC, - New Britain, CT - - Represent a leading line of INDUSTRIAL COMPUTERS, including rackmount enclosures and systems - 1U 2U 3U 4U 5U 6U 7U chassis for housing backplanes for a Full or Half-Size single board computers. We design panel PCs, embedded applications such as Windows CE and embedded XP and a variety of PC/104 cards and modules to fit OEM requirements. (860)826-1310, Fax: (860)826-1320, E-mail: MikeP@cttel.net

CONITEC DATASYSTEMS - San Diego, CA - - EU leader with 65% market share. PALMSIZE PROGRAMMERS with 7600+ device output. 30% reseller commissions. 90% worldwide sales via resellers! Handles 8/16-bit EPROMs, EEPROMs, 0-Power RAM, FLASH, Serial EEPROMS, GAL, PALCE, EPLDs, MCU's e.g. 87/89xxx, PIC, AVR, ST62, etc. (619)702-4420, Fax:(619)702-4419, E-mail: Contact@Conitec.net

COREL USA COMPONENTS, INC. - Pinellas, FL - - U.S. sales representatives for COREL IBERICA of Madrid and other principals, we welcome additional representation for our vast component inventory - Specializing in allocated, hard-to-find, obsolete, and military components. We speak Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English. Responding promptly to your component requirements. . (727)579-9201, Fax: (727)217-0190, E-mail: Milly@corelusa.com

CREATIVE HI-TECH, LTD - Elk Grove, IL - - Now operating 2 static free, air conditioned facilities - Elk Grove, Il and Riverside, CA - First time seeking representation for our PCB prototypes to full scale contract manufacturing and assembly services. Key territories open in U.S. and abroad. Elk Grove, IL: (847)718-0655, Fax: (847)718-0656, E-mail: Sales@CreativeHiTech.com - - - Click for our Riverside, CA facility: (909)734-9231, Fax: (909)739-0307, E-mail: Sales@SierraAssembly.com

C-T WIRE PREP, INC. - Cambridge, Ont., Canada - Industry reps needed in key markets for producers of high quality wire harnesses, cable assemblies, all manufactured to CSA UL specifications. High, medium, or low volume manufacturing. Check out our extensive tooling on the website. 14 years in business, with engineering services available to help with custom OEM designs. (519)622-3310, Fax: (519)622-9241, E-mail: WirePrep@ctWirePrep.com

DIGITAL MICROWAVE COMMUNICATIONS - Chula Vista, CA - - Providing RF design, wireless design, RF microwave product development and consulting, from prototype to manufacturing for defense and commercial applications. Custom software radio design, transmitter, receiver, amplifiers and other RF component designs. We also assist in wireless COTS solutions for businesses.

(619)892-7341, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: info@dmicrowave.com Request a quote

DMAC INTERNATIONAL, INC. - Sebring, FL - - Represent a stocking distributor of capacitors, connectors, ICs and hard to find parts. Utilizing a computerized worldwide tracking system - Kitting & scheduled orders. (941)655-6221, Fax: (941)655-5191, E-mail: Dmac@WebDmac.com

ELECTRIC DEVICE CORPORATION - Canfield, OH - - We are currently looking for established industry reps for our automated TESTING and PRODUCTION SYSTEMS for the following applications: Circuit breakers, contactors, GFI/AFCI, AC & DC motors, transformers, electronic assemblies, thermostats, mechanical assemblies, automatic screw driving equipment, truck transmission testers, more. (800)533-5399, (330)533-1111, Fax: (330)533-2639, E-mail: Tim.Abbey@ElectricDevice.com

ELECTRONIC INTERCONNECT - Elk Grove Village, IL - - PCBs manufactured in the USA since 1985. Single-sided to complex multi-layered boards, from prototypes through production runs. Expanded offerings include FR-4 heavy copper (5 oz), Teflon, Polyamide, metal clad substrate technology. Professional representation needed for our state-of-the-art services where customers have come to expect precise craftsmanship and dependable deliveries. (800)364-4844, (847)364-4848, Fax: (847)364-4892, E-mail: Sales@EIconnect.com

ELITE CIRCUIT EQUIPMENT - Garden Grove, CA - - Several reps needed for a leading manufacturer of Precision Manual and Semiautomatic STENCIL PRINTERS for contract, prototype, and low-to-medium volume production of standard and fine pitch boards. Since 1979, Elite printers have featured rugged durability, precise repeatability and outstanding value. (800)Elite43, (714)895-1911, Fax; (714)898-4584, E-mail: kelleyk2@aol.com

EMERGING TECHNOLOGY, LLC - Carrollton, TX - - Represent the U.S. office for Asian sourcing of high quality, low cost components, assembly, and production. Helping OEMs with PCB ASSEMBLY, cables, custom tooling for METAL & PLASTICS - Our engineers will work directly designers to jointly develop a cost effective design via e-mail, conference calls, or on-site visits. (972)233-9559, Fax: (239)239-0068, Cell: (214)212-8956, E-mail: Tomchesson@aol.com

EMI SOLUTIONS, INC. - Irvine, CA - - Solid test proven solutions for eliminating RF noise and induced transients right at the source, the connector pins. We produce high quality FILTERED CONNECTORS designed to fit completely and unobtrusively inside mated connector pairs at the base of the male connector. Applications include military, aerospace, commercial and industrial electronics. (949)206-9960, Fax: (949)206-9983 , E-mail: Sales@4EMI.com

ENVIROSAFE TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Jacksonville, FL - - Represent our Dustshield line of standard NEMA COMPUTER ENCLOSURES, PC enclosures, computer cabinets and computer security enclosures which are designed so the user always has easy access to the protected equipment while preventing damage from dust, oil, and other abrasive airborne contaminants found in a harsh environment workplace. (800)587-9557, (904)646-3456, Fax: (904)646-3575, E-mail:Sales@DustShield.com

EPOXYSET, INC. - Lincoln, RI - - Represent our line of custom formulated adhesives, encapsulants & potting compounds and thermal grease used in advanced technology applications. We supply superior quality products used in the electronics and microelectronics, medical devices, semiconductor, fiber optics, and aerospace industries. Our product line constantly expands to meet innovative material requirements for the technologies.

(401)726-4500, Fax: (401)726-4502, E-mail: kp@epoxyset.com Request a quote

FORMAWELL HAIR RESURRECTION / JH COSMETICS, INC. - Corona, CA - - Hair resurrection shampoo & conditioner products, containing potent ingredients from the Amazonian Orchid that resurrect and repair hair from the cortex to the cuticle. All four steps of the Formawell treatment process miraculously create natural, silky, shiny and healthy hair. Active ingredients are extracted from natural resources with no chemicals added.
(800)437-9522, E-mail: info@formawell.com Request a quote

FRIENDLY BANDS, LLC - Riviera Beach, FL - - Manufacturer and seller of the internationally popular Sunshine Loom - A circular loom craft kit for creating rubber band bracelets, necklaces, rings and more! Easy numbered pegs for easy instructions. The circular Sunshine Loom is the only loom that makes a full-size, all-around rubber band bracelet for a child or adult.
(800)334-6319, E-mail: info@friendlybands.com Request a quote

G&F PRODUCTS / WORK GLOVES DEPOT - Philadelphia, PA - - Reps needed for our full line of high quality work gloves - Standard & custom imprinted hand protection glove products - Leather work gloves, high performance gloves, cut resistant gloves, heat resistant gloves, etc. Aside from our own G&F brand, we're an alternate source for CutSHIELD, HeatRESIST, HyperGRIP, ToughMAX and other major manufacturers.
(888)225-9661, (215)781-6222, Fax: (215)781-6565, E-mail: info@workglovesdepot.com Request a quote

GALAXY TRANSFORMER & MAGNETICS - Atco, NJ - - Custom transformer manufacturer with facilities in the US as well as China seeks dependable reps for the Carolina's, Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, Western PA, Upstate NY, and the Mid-West. Please contact Jim Curry. (856)753-4546, Fax:(856)753-4818, E-mail: kburns@GalaxyTransformers.com

GENERAL ASSEMBLY CORPORATION - West Jefferson, NC - - Add CONTRACT MANUFACTURING to your line card - Surface mount and through hole PCB assembly, including electro-mechanicals - High mix/low volume and high volume/low mix - Complete box build and fulfillment services in our North Carolina and offshore partner plants in Thailand and China. (336)246-5143, Fax: (336)246-6030, E-mail: Info@GACnc.com

HarnessIT - Westford, MA - - Representation required for revolutionary WIRE & CABLE AUTOMATION solution - A $5K software product called HarnessShop™, which will process critical wire harness data to help streamline all stages of production such as cost and quote creation, engineering drawings and shop floor fabrication documents. (978)392-9284, E-mail: Info@HarnessIT.com

HASCO COMPONENTS INTERNATIONAL CORP. - New Hyde Park, NY - - Represent our REED SWITCHES & REED RELAYS. Since 1976... 500 different types of relays and electromechanical relays - 24 types of reed relays, from milliamps to 80 amps - DC and AC coil voltages, one pole to 4 pole switching. ISO registered factory, drop shipments to OEMs and contract manufacturers worldwide. Free samples available.
(516)328-9292, Fax: (516)326-9125, E-mail: Info@HascoRelays.com

HULL SPEED PRODUCTS, INC. - Melbourne, FL - - Represent our line of high-reliability, state-of-the-art DATA COMMUNICATIONS accessory products designed to facilitate the connectivity and enhance the performance of a broad range of computer and data processing equipment, including mainframes, minis, and PCs. (800)771-4855, (321)768-0063, Fax: (321)768-6730, E-mail: Sales@HullSpeed.com

IIS - INDUSTRIAL INDEXING SYSTEMS - Victor, NY - - Independent control systems integrator, specializing in factory-floor systems for demanding industrial applications. Represent IIS within an assigned geographic territory and have a good working knowledge of our products and services. Promote, sell, and support new accounts in addition to maintaining lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with existing customers. (585)924-9181, Fax: (585)924-2169, E-mail: Info@IIS-Servo.com

INTEGRATED SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES (IST) - Goleta, CA - - Represent the products & services of a growing electronics design and product development firm - Specializing in sensor-based products as gas detection equipment, high speed miniature digital current probes, as well as general printed circuit board project management, reverse engineering, layout, and prototyping. (805)968-6600, Fax: (805)968-6600, E-mail: Peter@iSensorTech.com

INTEGRATECH SOLUTIONS - Reading, MA - - Single source for CONTRACT MANUFACTURING and complete integrated systems. For over 30 years we have supplied innovative products and services to OEMs. From precision sheet metal manufacturing and mechanical assembly, to custom plastic injection molding, printed circuit board assemblies and fasteners and electronic components. A true supply chain facilitator seeking professional representation. (781)670-2000, Fax: (781)944-8528, E-mail: sales@integra-tec.com

INTELLIGENT VISION SOLUTIONS - Sonora, CA - - Represent a line of high magnification, ergonomic VIDEO IMAGING systems for fine electronics and bio-medical assembly, quality inspection, and other critical imaging applications. Replacing microscope workstations with our modern video monitors for viewing reduces forward head tilt. Employees will no longer need to look through the microscope eye tubes. (209)533-4783, Fax: (413)638-5799, E-mail: Sales@VisionNeeds.com

iSkin, inc. - Toronto, Ont., Canada - - We design and manufacture colorful silicone molded cases for electronic instruments and small hand-held devices. Reps needed immediately for this exciting product as well as for our general plastic parts job shop services. (416)924-9607, Fax: (416)924-7731, E-mail: rgp@iskin.com

ISOA, INC: - Richardson, TX - - Represent ISOA's NetraVision component and paste PCB INSPECTION SYSTEM. - Specifically designed with the goal of providing an inline system that is easily programmed, highly repeatable, very fast and economical. A big ticket capital equipment item with great potential for ongoing OEM possibilities and repeat orders. (972)907-2138, Fax: (972)907-2210, E-mail: Netra@ISOA-Vision.com

JADAK TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Liverpool, NY - - Jadak is a multi-faceted company that provides engineering and manufacturing services as well as a wide range of BARCODE and other DATA COLLECTION devices. We are currently looking for industry reps to represent our diverse product line and contract services. (315)701-0678, Fax: (315)701-0679, E-mail: Info@JadakTech.com

JEWELL INSTRUMENTS - Manchester, NH - - Seeking experienced rep firms to sell our partnership MANUFACTURING SERVICES - Electro-mechanical and electronic assembly using both thru-hole and surface mount technology. Certified emulsion cleaning to MIL Standards. Jewell Instruments' offshore facility in Barbados is extremely cost competitive, providing total turnkey manufacturing to help reduce OEM production costs. (800)638-3771, (603)669-6400, Fax: (603)669-5962, E-mail: Sales@JewellInstruments.com

JRE / CONCEPT 2 MARKET, INC. - Pompano Beach, FL - - Many of today's projects require a combination of technologies. JRE routinely develops processes to efficiently produce boards with two-sided SMT, attached cable harnesses, mixed through-hole, SMT, and electro-mechanicals. IPC 610A class 2, and class 3/military. CONTRACT MANUFACTURER looking for active reps. (954)974-0022, Fax: (954)974-0828, E-mail: Info@JREsouth.com

K & F ELECTRONICS, INC. - FRASER, MI - - At K & F we strive to gain a partnering relationship with our customers and reps. Special procedures or needs are very adaptable as a result of our 30 years experience in the printed circuits business. Premium delivery is available on a 24-, 48-, 72-Hr , or 5-Day basis. 3-4 Week standard. (888)722-5310, Fax: (586)294-5999, E-mail: Sales@Circuitboards.com

LAZER-TECH, LTD - Toronto, Ont., Canada - - Leading Canadian manufacturer of high quality printed circuit boards. Our customers include Original Equipment Manufacturers and contract manufacturers. Our capabilities include quick turn and production quantity volumes, in single through to 16 layer laminates. ISO 9002 Registered, UL-94V-0 approved and MIL-55110 certified. Manufacturing PCBs for over 35 years.. (416)291-7727, Fax: (416)291-0325, E-mail: Sales@Lazer-Tech.com

LCR ELECTRONICS, INC. - Norristown, PA - - Major supplier of custom & off-the-shelf RFI/EMI filters for both military and commercial products, providing cost-effective EMC solutions. Full range of approved X and Y suppression capacitors. DC film capacitors, coils and chokes. Professional sales representatives needed with synergistic line card for several key open market areas. (888)895-6496, (610)278-0840, Fax: (610)278-0935, E-mail: sales@lcr-inc.com

LEDTRONICS, INC. - Torrance, CA - - Represent our LED (Light Emitting Diodes) line - An array of direct incandescent lamp replacement Based LED lamps for decorative and task lighting applications. Wide range of Snap-in and relampable panel mount LED lamps, sunlight visibile discrete LEDs and PCB LEDs. Full spectrum Surface Mount rainbow RGB LEDs and IR LEDs. (800)579-4875, (310)534-1505, Fax: (310)534-1424, E-mail: Webmaster@LEDtronics.com

LICONIX INDUSTRIES, INC. - Flushing, NY - - If you are an aggressive rep, we want you! Add to your line card: Single-sided punched to 40-layer multilayer boards, low cost, high quality UL/ISO-9002/QS-9000 approved printed circuit boards, manufactured at our off-shore facilities. Please visit our website or call (718)961-6008, E-mail: Info@Liconix-USA.com

LIVE LOVE GRANOLA - Kinnelon, NJ - - Dedicated to providing healthy and wholesome snacks with granola made from only 100% natural ingredients and preservative-free. We start with the basics, consisting of organic rolled oats, almonds, organic honey and organic unsweetened coconut, creating a crunchy treat with a hint of sweetness. Our products never contain any gluten/wheat ingredients.
(973)239-6960, E-mail: mjmauro@aol.com Request a quote

MAGNETRAN, INC. - Voorhees, NJ - - New offering for representation in most markets: RF and power supply TRANSFORMER LINES - Standard and OEM/custom. Single and three phase power transformers from 100VA to 250KVA. Step-up/down, rectifier transformers, auto transformers, double wound phase changers, reactors. Transformers & chokes for switching power supplies. UL recognized manufacturer, Certified for Canada. (856)768-7787, Fax: (856)768-1329, E-mail: George@Magnetran.com

MARCO MANUFACTURING CO., INC. - Philadelphia, PA - - Manufacturers of TERMINAL BLOCKS for military, commercial aircraft, and most commercial and industrial applications, including Eurostyles requires professional representation in key markets. Offering many variations of terminal block materials, terminal lugs, quick connect tabs, marker strips, hardware and fasteners. (215)463-2332, Fax: (215)334-4990, E-mail: MarcoManuf@aol.com

MEGA ELECTRONICS, INC. - New Brunswick, NJ - - Reps needed for our quality line of electric powercords, cordsets and DC/DC power supplies. Please click to visit our website and return later to read a complete description of our product line. Call us to expand your line card with our quality products & services. Toll-Free: (888)463-4235, (732)249-2656, Fax: (732)249-7442, E-mail: OEMinfo@MegaElectronics.com

MEIER TOOL & ENGINEERING, INC. - Anoka, MN - - Professional representation required for a major producer of precision METAL STAMPINGS, offering complete design services and quick prototyping. (763)427-6275, Fax: (763)427-9242, E-mail: Sales@MeierTool.com

MERAX WHOLESALE BUSINESS UNIT - City Of Industry, CA - - Manufacturer and distributor of computer, office, gaming and active lifestyle accessories, based in Southern CA, looking for rep firms who can suggest new channels and aggressively penetrate current retail opportunities in America. Our products currently can be found at Wal-Mart, Sears, Micro Center, Sky Mall, PC Mall, and Fry's Electronics.
(626)912-8886 x147, Fax: (626)912-0086, E-mail: marshall.crawford@merax.comt
TDE vendor candidate: 5/11/12

MICROPAQ CORPORATION - Houston, TX - - Small/Medium CONTRACT MANUFACTURER located in Houston, looking for Regional representation. What do we bring to the tale: Quality . . . Named "Vendor of the Year" by two of our largest customers in 1999. Flexibility . . . Cables, overmolding, boards (SMT/TH), turnkey or consigned, low/med production quantities. (888)231-0263, (713)856-9565, Fax: (713)856-9448, E-mail: info@micropaqcorp.com

MICRO-VAC, INC. - Tucson, AZ - - Antistatic vacuum tubing helps control ESD problems naturally inherent in vacuum lines. Our cleanroom components, which accompany our ANTISTATIC VACUUM TUBING offer inventive ways to microclean at every workstation. Controlling ESD is a high priority and a major challenge in electronics manufacturing & assembly. Our products offer excellent rep opportunities. (800)729-1020, (520)750-1200, Fax: (520)750-0001, E-mail: microvac1@aol.com

MIRACLE BUSINESS, INC. - Upland, CA - - Represent our unique line of COMPUTER MONITORS, monitorTVs and featured products for POS, security, and industrial applications. Opportunities for independent rep organizations as well as direct employment. (909)946-9688, Fax: (909)946-9680, E-mail: SalesManager@MiracleBusiness.com

MOHAKA, LLC - Columbia, MD - - Looking for aggressive reps with COIL WINDING or related experience to represent our complete line of coil winding, finishing and fully automated systems along with specialty braiding and coiling equipment for the cable and hose industries. Key regions are Mexico, midwestern U.S., southern U.S. and Canada. . (410)740-0123, Fax: (865)342-8966, E-mail: Info@Mohaka.com

MOSAIC INDUSTRIES, INC. - Newark, CA - - Represent our line of Versatile SINGLE BOARD COMPUTERS, used for data acquisition, measurement & instrumentation, industrial control, process control, signal processing, and communicatons. Providing off-the-shelf and customized computer hardware solutions. Developer kits availalbe with detailed documentation - everything your customers need to rapidly prototype and develop computer-based instruments.
(510)790-1255, Fax: (510)790-0925, E-mail: Info@Mosaic-Industries.com

NAM HING CIRCUIT BOARD CO., LTD. - Hong Kong - - Represent PCBs at competitive prices. Single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer, customized PCBs. The company in Hong Kong with the capability of producing the complete PCB - From copper foil raw laminate material to the final, high quality PCB. Over 30 years experience, we're one of the largest PCB suppliers in Hong Kong. (852)2471-6438, Fax: (852)2482-2692, E-mail: pcylau@nh-laminate.com.hk

NORTHPOINT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - El Paso, TX - - Electronic contract manufacturers, specializing in flexible circuits, flexible heaters, silicon switches, wire & cable harness assembly, custom touch screens, silicone rubber keypads & conductive rubber keypads and more! From expert product design and reverse engineering to full scale production, assembly and test. Serving industrial, military and medical electronic OEMs since 1989.
(800)553-5087, (915)591-6300, E-mail: sales@northpointech.com Request a quote

OTEK CORPORATION - Tucson, AZ - - Ambitious INSTRUMENT & CONTROL Reps wanted for some open territories to profit from OTEK's new and not so new products. Click above to link to our Website and see our product line, then Click to Reps section for more information and application form. (520)748-7900, Fax: (520)790-2808, E-mail: Sales@OtekCorp.com

PARKER GROUP, INC., The. - Clinton Township, MI - - OEM REPAIR DEPOT and field service organization requires immediate representation in key markets. Component level PC board repairs, AC/DC drives, power supplies, AC/DC servo motors, PLC, NC/CNC controls, encoders, robotics, CRT/monitor, instrumentation & measuring devices. Printed circuit board assembly manufacturing. Free estimates, quick turn, outstanding warranty, competitive pricing.. (586)469-0606, , Fax: (586)469-2826, E-mail: Sales@ParkerGroupInc.com

PICARD INDUSTRIES - Albion, NY - - A small, highly focused company dedicated to the design, development, prototyping and low volume manufacturing of microcontroller-based OEM products using miniaturized motor and sensor control systems. Specializing in MINIATURE MOTORS (less than 40mm diameter), controls with sensor feedback, using single chip microconrollers for cost effective OEM solutions. (585)589-0358, Fax: (585)589-0358, E-mail: Info@Picard-Industries.com

PNC, INC. - Nutley, NJ - - The PNC family of companies, incorporated in 1968, offers fully integrated products & services, prototype through production. Reps needed immediately for printed circuit assembly and quick turn bare board PCB/PWB design and fabrication - through hole, mixed and surface mount, .0015" pitch technologies. Also cable harness assembly and custom membrane switches. (973)284-1600, Fax: (973)284-1925, E-mail: Sales@PNConline.com

POWERSONIC INDUSTRIES, INC. - Brampton, Ont., Canada - - Represent wire, cable, and harness assembly services - No minimum, low and high volume. CSA, UL and ISO-9001 certified. Our product lines and custom manufacturing allows us to be a top notch supplier to our customers in the manufacturing, computers, building trades, appliances, and telecommunications industries. .(877)956-6399, Fax: (905)456-6450, E-mail: Info@Powersonic.net

PRINCETON TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Irvine, CA - - Electronic contract manufacturing of high quality electronic assemblies, from prototypes to small and medium production volumes of SMT, through hole and mixed technology needs reps. Put our experience to work for your clients - Highly skilled engineering and manufacturing staff to assist in every aspect of new product delvelopment, manufacturing and assembly.
(949)851-7776, Fax: (949) 851-7999, E-mail: sales@princetonusa.com Request a quote

ProtoRun, Div. SURYA ELECTRONICS, INC. - Glendale Heights, IL - - Add to your line card - SMT, PTH, BGA, fine pitch & mixed technology prototype & short run PCB ASSEMBLY SPECIALISTS with domestic and Asian plants. ISO 9001:2000 certified facility, equipped with state-of-the-art assembly & testing equipment. Protos, and low volume runs - Quick turn, competitive pricing. (630)446-4200, Fax: (630)446-4201, E-mail: Sales@ProtoRun.com

QCM, INC. - Tewksbury, MA - - Represent an experienced contract manufacturer with services from material procurement to complete PCB assembly of both surface mount and through hole boards, to inspection to IPC-610 . . . QCM management and employees are experts in the assembly of RF/microwave, power supplies, temperature sensors, measurement controllers, optical-based products, electro-mechanicals and more. (978)858-3550, Fax: (978)858-3579, E-mail: QCMsmt@aol.com

RAPID CIRCUITS, INC. - Levittown, PA - - Represent our Commercial & military - Multi-layer (up to 22 layers) double sided & single sided PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD production. FR-4, Polyimide, Duroid, and Rogers materials - EXPRESS SERVICE - 5 days or less, 1 to 25 pcs on time or free! - 12hr and 24hr turns available - Prototype, preproduction & production quantities - UL and MIL-PRF-55110F approved - ISO-9001 compliant - PCB design & layout available. (800)347-7710, (215)547-7710 Fax: (215)547-1388, E-mail: rapid@voicenet.com

RAPID CONN, INC. - Lake Forest, CA - - Manufacturers of cables, connectors and plastic injected parts at our U.S. based design and development center requires professional representation. Fully automated production, design/support, and multi location warehousing, JIT, EDI and various custom services. The Company's offshore manufacturing is conducted in cost efficient global locations such as Malaysia and China. (949)951-1020, Fax: (949)951-8265, E-mail: Info@RapidConn.com

RC SYSTEMS CO., INC. - Santa Fe, TX - - Please return to read our product description. (409)925-7808, (409)925-1078, E-mail: rcsci@aol.com

RCD COMPONENTS, INC. - Manchester, NH - - Please return to read our product description. (603)669-0054, Fax: (603)669-5455, E-mail: rcdcompinc@aol.com
Click to read our latest News Release: World's Smallest Resistor: RCD's 0201 Thin Film SMD
Click to read our latest News Release: RCD 'Surge' Resistors Are Pulse Tolerant SMDs

RDR ASSEMBLY LLC - H. Caborca, Sonora, México - - Our low cost electronic and electro-mechanical assembly operation in Mexico can respond quickly and provide your customers with an excellent outsourcing option to increase profits in most any labor intensive project. Industry reps needed immediately. (011)52-637-372-1560, (011)52-637-372-1561, (011)52-637-372-5861, Cell: (011)52-637-377-0205, E-mail: Oricardo@RDRassembly.com

RECON.inc - Concord, NC - - Represent our extensive inventory of pre-owned SMT & PTH PCB ASSEMBLY EQUIPMENT. Flexible SMT mounters - chipshooters - parts feeders - screen printers - adhesive dispensers - PCB cleaners - reflow ovens - wave solder - PTH equipment - new AOI equipment - more... Providing installations, training, preventive maintenance contracts and emergency support. Recon, inc. sells and buys worldwide. (704)795-6610, Fax: (704)723-6540, E-mail: Info@ReconSales.com

RELIABLE PROCUREMENT - E. Lansdowne, PA - - Represent our wide range of electronic test equipment, used daily in the manufacturing, assembly, and repairs of electronic products. Also, large selection of safety, environmental, and compliance test instruments. Please visit our website now or return here later for a complete product listing. (877)ReliPro(735-4776), (610)284-9605, Fax: (610)284-9607, E-mail: Info@ReliableProcurement.com

RepCentric SOLUTIONS - Zimmerman, MN - - Join our massive contingent of sales and field application professionals who provide cost effective access to North America's electronics industry. We will immedeately take over our clients' field sales engineering in the area of printed circuit fabrication, PCB assembly, and other projects involving operations, manufacturing, components, design, assembly and more. (763)856-3278, Fax: (00)000-0000, E-mail: Mike@RepCentric.net

RF INDUSTRIES - San Diego, CA - - RFI's Connectors Division seeks professional representation for our wide variety of COAXIAL CONNECTORS, adapters, kits and cable assemblies. (800)233-1728, (858)549-6340, Fax: (858)549-6349, E-mail: RFI@RFindustries.com

RSF ELECTRONICS, INC. - Rancho Cordova, CA - - Reps needed for a line of LINEAR & ROTARY ENCODERS, digital readouts, digital depth probes, and associated electronics for precision motion control closed loop feedback and measurements. Linear resolution range from 10 microns 0.0005 in. to 10 nanometers 0.0000005 in. Models available for high-speed vacuum environments and include integrated limit switches. (916)852-6660, Fax: (916)852-6664, E-mail: Support@RSF.net

RUDE AMERICAN BAT COMPANY - Henderson, NV - - Makers of the MOAB (Mother Of All Bats) alloy baseball bat, engineered for both speed and power for peak performance. Our products include BBCOR.50 -3 bats, youth SL -10 bats, softball & little league bats and commercial grade inflatable batting cages. Fantastic opportunities for qualified individuals who can represent our product lines.
(855)228-7833, E-mail: staz@rudeamericanbatco.com Contact Us
CLICK HERE TO SEARCH OUR ENIRE SITE ~ Skip a space after our domain name and search any keyword !

SBT DESIGNS - San Antonio, TX - - Fiberoptic, LED and solar power lighting specialists need reps to introduce cost savings technology - Sales and installation of commercial and industrial automation and controls, accent lighting and renewable energy products and systems for convenience, safety and energy savings. (210)698-7109, Fax: (210)698-7147, E-mail: SBTdesigns@Earthlink.net

SCHAEFER, INC. - Ashland, MA - - Power conversion solution specialists. Please return later for our complete product description or click above to visit our Website. (508)881-7330, Fax: (508)231-0861, E-mail: Sales@SchaeferPower.com

SCI USA - Doylestown, PA - - Our thermostat controls are presently in use in many upscale condo units in the Upper East Side of NYC, along with condo buildings in the Battery Park area. Telephone controlled thermostats, bac-net communicating thermostat controls, and 3-speed programmagle flush mounts. Made in Israel, North American distributor is looking for reps nationwide.
(215)766-1487, Fax: (215)766-1493, E-mail: Info@scillc.com Request
TDE vendor review: 10/GP

SENTRY AIR SYSTEMS, INC. - Houston, TX - - Represent our quality line of AIR PURIFIERS to control the smoke, dust and fumes generated during hand or automated soldering operations. Exclusive patented source capture utilizing a variety of hoods and snorkel devices as well as hepa and carbon filters.
(800)799-4609, (713)690-2153, Fax: (713)690-7872, E-mail: bryan@sentryair.com Request a quote

SENTRY BATTERY CORPORATION - Manchester, NH - - PM Brand maintenance-free, sealed lead-acid BATTERY line is now available for representation in major US & Canadian markets. Our line includes Standard, High density, and Premium models for Medical electronics, Alarms, Emergency lighting, Telecommunications and other OEM applications. New construction allows for greater capacity without increasing physical size.
(800)747-0199, Fax: (800)475-9305.

SensorTec, Inc. - Ft. Wayne, IN - - Represent our full line of TEMPERATURE PROBES, transmitters, and thermowells. Off the shelf and custom OEM RTD probes with temperatures ranging from -200°C all the way up to 650°C. We utilize both thin film and wire wound technology in our RTD assemblies to maximize customer options. (800)213-3820, (260)497-8811, Fax: (260)497-8822, E-mail: Sales@SensorTecInc.com

SEMIPACK SERVICES, INC. - Jacksonville, FL - - Represent component preparation and packaging solutions. Tape & reel packaging - lead forming - lead straightening - component baking to remove moisture prior to assembly - BGA rework to reball defective BGA chips - device programming - More! Working for contract manufacturers, component distributors, and end-user OEMs. Our services are conducted in accordance with IS9001/QS9000 standards . (888)876-PACK, (904)733-3755, Fax: (904)733-9664, E-mail: Bwattson@SemiPack.com

SICONIX, INC. - Calgary, AB, Canada - - Contract electronics design firm with over 15 years in electronic DESIGN & PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT requires professional representation is US & Canada. Experienced in designing turnkey electronics, both hardware & software. Our specialty is ARM9 embedded platform development, utilizing Windows CE, Linux. Capabilities in RF, DSP, ARM, PXA255, PXA270, 8051, medical, industrial and consumer electronics. (403)567-0708, Fax: (805)725-4237, E-mail: Info@Siconix.com

SORENSEN LIGHTED CONTROLS, INC. - Hartford, CT - - Click above to visit our website and return soon to read all about our popular linee of indicator lights, push buttons, and switches which are available for representation in key markets. (800)275-7089, (860)527-3092, Fax: (860)527-3092, E-mail: Sales@SoLiCo.com

SPECTRA USA - Chino, CA - - Major manufacturer of premium quality blank T-shirts, tank tops, long sleeve tees and hoodies for men & women. Designed with our proprietary 'Spectra Spun' 100% combed and ring-spun cotton to maximize feel. The brand of choice for many marquee apparel brands, silk screen, direct to garment printing and merchandise companies.
(888)909-6516, (714)683-2820, Fax: (855)522-2008, E-mail: Sales@SpectraUSA.net Request a quote

STAND UP ABS BY MITCHCO ENTERPRISES - Downingtown, PA - - Vertical core training - Stand Up Abs™ is core training with resistance, while standing. Tighten the butt, tone the hips and firm up those thighs, all with a few simple but effective moves. Stand Up Abs™ comes with high quality fabric-covered resistance bands, ankle straps, instructional DVD and bag - Dealers welcome.
(484)645-4880, E-mail: sckmitchell22@gmail.com Contact Us

TEST RESEARCH USA, INC. / TRI - Santa Ana, CA - - Represent our competitively priced line of ATE - In-circuit testers - Boundary scan testers - AOI - MDA - IC testers - Board testers. Providing ELECTRONIC TEST SOLUTIONS to help you deliver high quality products by testing for solder opens, solder shorts, missed components, reverse placements, polarity errors and more. TRI products manufactured to ISO-9001 requirements. (408)567-9898, Fax: (408)567-9288, E-mail: triusa@tri.com.tw

THE HEDI COUNCIL - Denver, CO - - Designers of clothing, backpacks, hats and accessories for men & women that are rooted in cannabis culture. Every garment created is of the highest quality fabrics & textiles and feature a signature touch of the artist's hand. Characterizing today's premium strain names, THC Clothing delivers a collection of definitive designs and fresh dope gear.
(303)355-0038, CP: (303)524-0607, E-mail: sales@thehedicouncil.com Request a quote

TRICEL TECH - Boca Raton, FL - - Seeking professional representation of our domestic and offshore contract manufacturing services. We specialize in PCB assembly, to include complete box build, metal stampings, metal machining and plastic injection molding. Our CMs are certified to the ISO and QS standards. Visit us to find out more about our capabilities. (561)909-0249, Fax: (561)909-0249, E-mail: Info@TricelTech.com

TRONEX TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Napa, CA - - Represent a leading manufacturer of quality HAND TOOLS for PCB assembly - Over 40 different types of precision hand cutting tools in carbon and alloy steel. The exceptional performance of Tronex cutters results directly from our carefully planned and controlled manufacturing operations in our Napa, CA. (707)224-9880, Fax: (707)224-9886, E-mail: Arne@TronexTools.com

VITREK CORPORATION - San Diego, CA - - Leading manufacturer of automated ELECTRICAL SAFETY test equipment for regulatory compliance verification needs reps & distributors for new product series. Testers include AC & DC hipot (dielectric withstand), insulation resistance measurement, ground bond testers, precision high voltage meters and high voltage scanning systems. (858)689-2755, Fax: (858)689-2760, E-mail: Info@Vitrek.com

VOGT ELECTRONICS - Cupertino, CA - -Global supplier of electronics MANUFACTURING SERVICES and INDUCTIVE COMPONENTS needs representation for Our NAFTA operation, located in Guadalajara/MEX which provides low cost EMS as well as injection molding. We produce transformers, chokes, sensors, actuators, immobilizers, flyback transformers, DST, planar transformers, more... Our output capacity is approx 1-Million parts per day. (408)710-4506, E-mail: hloeffler@Vogt-Electronic.com

VS HOLDING, LLC / Electronic Design & Research, Inc. - Louisville, KY - - Seeking immediate representation in U.S. and worldwide markets - SOLID STATE RELAY modules - SPST, SPDT, DPST relays with MOSFET and IGBT on their output(s). Medium & high speed SSR devices, ready to switch various signals and drive different kinds of loads: AC/DC power, video, DC and stepper motors, solenoids and more! (502)933-8660, Fax: (502)933-3422, E-mail: info@vsholding.com

WABASH TRANSFORMER, INC. - Clarence, IA - - Reps needed for our standard and custom TRANSFORMER LINES - .5VA to 4KVA power transformers, PCB mounting or frame mounting. UL, CSA, VDE Class 2 and Class 3 transformers approved. Reps also needed for our METAL JOB SHOP in Mexico, specializing in aluminum and cold rolled steel cabinets, boxes, frames and brackets. Also offering electrostatic powder paint finishing. (563)452-3366, Fax: (563)452-3809, E-mail: Wabash@Netins.net

WAITE ENTERPRISES - Perkiomenville, PA - - Represent our JOB SHOP SERVICES in key U.S. markets - Prototype or production parts machining, models, progressive dies and stamping. We will supply parts, mechanical assemblies, and tooling for for most any application involving metal, plastic, and rubber parts. (800)476-3674, (610)754-1117, Fax: (610)754-1002 , E-mail: Info@WaiteEnterprises.com

XEPEX INTERNATIONAL - Diamond Bar, CA - - Transformers, coils & inductors available for representation, private label, and distribution. Low/high frequency power transformer/coils, chokes, telecom transformers, magnetics for power supplies, and ac-ac/ac-dc linear adapters. Custom OEM magnetics at competitive prices. In 2000 Xepex was accredited with ISO-9001certification. Xepex factories are located in China. (909)456-0235, Fax: (909)860-5992, E-mail: Info@Xepex-International.com

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