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MARKTEK, INC. - One-Stop EMI/RFI Shielding Materials
One-stop for EMI shielding & Suppression - Static Dissipation - Conductive - Resistive - Microwave Absorptive Materials - Fabric-Over-Foam Gaskets - Conductive Scrim - Woven, Knit & Non-Woven Fabrics - Yarns - Milled Fiberglass - for Microwave Absorption (Radar Stealth - Antenna Systems - Cavity Resonance Damping - More!) Enter Here or call (866)364-6285 . . .

AeroComm, Inc. - Lenexa, KS - - AeroComm's extensive RF background will help any OEM get wireless capability fast. Make us your RF department and get to market "cable-free" before the competition. Our robust line of compact FHSS TRANSCEIVERS are agency-certified around the globe, ready to integrate via RS232/422/485. High output power supports long range and reliability.
(800)492-2320, Fax: (913)492-1243, E-mail: Sales@AeroComm.com Request a quote

AmeriCAD PCB DESIGN, INC. - Ramona, CA - - High speed and RF PCB DESIGN services using Advanced IPC-certified designers with many years of experience. Co-creator of the Footprint library from PCBLibraries.com ensures integrity all the way down to the component level. Offering quality designs, rapid response, reasonable rates. On-site or in our office in the San Diego County area.
(760)787-1873, E-mail: sales@AmeriCADPCB.com Request a quote

BlueRadios, Inc. - Denver, CO - - Our tiny SMT internationally approved BLUETOOTH OEM WIRELESS data / voice modems provide +100m range 2.4GHz - frequency hopping spread spectrum, serial interface, self-discovery, point-to-point networks / point-to-multipoint networks, includes integrated software stack and profiles, Standard AT commands. Call for our new OEM Evaluation kit.
(303)814-6767, Fax: (702)548-4801, E-mail: Info@BlueRadios.com Request a quote

BROOKDALE ELECTRONICS, INC. - Deer Park, NY - - Your RF FREQUENCY CONTROL solutions distributor . . . Specializing in crystals and oscillators, Brookdale combines technical knowledge, a large inventory and over a decade of experience in the frequency controls industry. Whether you require VCXOs, TCXOs, VCOs, TVCXOs, SMD, CMOS, TTL, ECL, PECL, Brookdale Electronics, Inc. will meet your frequency control requirements.
(800)229-8033, (631)595-1845, E-mail: Caesar@Brookdale.com Request a quote

CABCO WEST, LTD. - North Saanich, B.C., Canada - - Custom and standard RF WIRE & CABLE products. OEM cable harness and wire harness assembly specialists since 1980. Every item we make is fully guaranteed. Visit website for samples of customers and products.
(250)655-3831, Fax: (250)655-1610, E-mail: Info@CabcoWest.com
Request a quote

CAMPONIL ELECTRONICS - Las Vegas, NV - - Exclusive distributor for a number of companies in the Microwave/RF space, offering world class service and support with all types of passive and active components. With over 20 years of experience in the Industry, we are able to source all types of components, while providing honest and reliable quotes.
(888)823-2295, Fax: (888)825-3306, E-mail: matt@camponilelectronics.com Request a quote

CONNECT-TECH PRODUCTS, INC. - Carson City, NV - - A gigantic source of plugs, jacks, CONNECTORS and ENCLOSURES for radio frequency electronics projects and other design-in OEM applications.
(800)809-2751, Fax: (775)883-2384 E-mail: Info@Connect-Tech-Products.com Request a quote

C-T WIRE PREP, INC. - Cambridge, Ont., Canada - - Standard and custom wire & wire harness assemblies, cable & cable harness assemblies - RF products manufactured to CSA UL specifications. High, medium, or low volume manufacturing. All connections are harness tested, and hipot tested if applicable. Engineering services available to help with your RF wire & cable designs.
(519)622-3310, Fax: (519)622-9241, E-mail: WirePrep@ctWirePrep.com Request a quote

DIGITAL MICROWAVE COMMUNICATIONS - Chula Vista, CA - - Providing RF design, wireless design, RF microwave product development and consulting, from prototype to manufacturing for defense and commercial applications. Custom software radio design, transmitter, receiver, amplifiers and other RF component designs. We also assist in wireless COTS solutions for businesses.

(619)892-7341, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: info@dmicrowave.com Request a quote
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DMCRF - Chula Vista, CA - - Offering quality, low cost RF component modules used in system verification, test, design engineering and manufacturing. Power limiters, amplifiers, power detectors, mixers, RF switches, filters, splitters, attenuator and other modules. Coaxial and mountable housings from DC to 6 GHz in various frequency ranges. Click to visit our online store now.

(619)892-7341, Fax: (619)671-0125, E-mail: info@dmcstore.com Request a quote

INSTEC FILTERS LLC / Div. Gowanda Electronics - Arcade, NY - - Designers and manufacturers of EMI/RFI Filters and filter assemblies used to suppress electromagnetic interference. Instec filters are used in a wide range of applications including military/aerospace, medical, high frequency/microwave, communications, and industrial. Offering competitive pricing for the highest quality filter products, with the shortest lead-times in the industry.
(716)307-8542, Fax: (716)532-2702, E-mail: Sales@Instec-Filters.com Request a quote

INTERCEPT TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Atlanta, GA - - Software solutions suite for PCB, hybrid, and RF design and layout - Pantheon PCB/Hybrid/RF layout design, Mozaix schematic design, Indx library management, Xtent high speed constraint manager, and 35+ translators and interfaces that facilitate full environment migration and the completion of RF, hybrid, high speed, SiP, analog, digital, and mixed-signal designs.

(404)352-0111, (404)352-3744, E-mail: Mark_Calloway@Intercept.com Request a quote

JVK SERVICES, LLC - Coos Bay, OR - - RF GENERATORS, matching networks, power ranges from 0-2kw, in frequencies 13.56Mhz, 27Mhz and 40Mhz. All models have both front panel and remote interfacing built-in. These units can be used on plasma chambers, sputtering tools, laser sources, inductive heating apps. and where industrial high quality RF source is required.
(541)269-4651, Fax: (541)269-7390, E-mail: Sales@JVKservices.com Request a quote

LAIPAC TECH - Toronto, Canada - - RLP434 & TLP434 ASK RF DATA MODULES @ US$4.80, with high OEM Qty discounts. RF900CLP 900Mhz 40 channels transceiver @US$12. LP-Link Pager POCSAG and Flex receivers for embedded applications. GPS TF30 stamp size receiver, TF50 GPS - GLONASS dual system receiver. GPS antenna available.
(905)762-1228, Fax: (905)770-6143, E-mail: info@laipac.com
Request a quote

(508)798-5004, Fax: (508)798-4782, E-mail: sales@lemosint.com
Request a quote

MAX STREAM - Orem, UT - - Our tiny FCC-approved OEM WIRELESS MODEMS provide 10+ miles range - 900MHz-110dBm / 2.4GHz-105dBm - Frequency hopping spread spectrum, Serial interface, Low power modes, Addressability point-to-point networks / point-to-multipoint networks, Standard AT commands. Call for our new OEM development kit. OEM Technology News discount code #OT1001 good thru 12/31/01.
(866)765-9885, Fax: (801)765-9895, E-mail: Lonny@MaxStream.net
Request a quote

ODYSSEY TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS - Round Rock, TX - - We specialize in RF microwaves, RF generators, and automatch networks. Our services include repair, refurbishment, core exchanges, process and equipment engineering, and equipment sales. Large inventory of RF Generators - ENI, Comdel, RFPP, Advanced Energy, and Seren. Automatches - Applied Materials, Advanced Energy, Trazar, Seren, PSK, ENI. Microwave Generators - Gerling Applied Engineering, Astex.
(512)989-7007, Fax: (512)989-8118, E-mail: james.wilhelm@odysseyrf.com Request a quote ..... .

RADIOTRONIX, INC. - OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - - Connecting the world through embedded wireless technology. We have WIRELESS MODULES for remote control, data and voice communications. Visit our website now!
(405)604-3093, Fax: (405)604-3095, E-mail: Sales@Radiotronix.com Request a quote

RF INDUSTRIES - San Diego, CA - - RFI's Connector Division is engaged in the design, manufacture, and distribution of coaxial connectors used in radio communication applications, computers, test instruments, PC LANs and antenna devices. Our coaxial products are distributed through approximately 70 major domestic and international distributors.
(800)233-1728, (858)549-6340, Fax: (858)549-6349, E-mail: RFI@RFindustries.com Request a quote

SIERRA CASES - Aurora, CO - - Leading distributor and integrator of top quality, rugged shipping and rack mount cases. We protect sensitive electronics and equipment for military, government, aerospace, telecommunications, and industrial applications. As a value added distributor for multiple manufacturers our engineers will design a case the way you want it, since customization is our specialty.
(888)880-7728, (720)870-4500, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: Sales@SierraCases.com Request a quote

SONIK TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Vista, CA - - Click left to visit our website now, and return later to read our complete description of RF WIRELESS products.
(760)536-1000, Fax: (760)536-1025, E-mail: Sales@Sonik.com
Request a quote

TEMPEST SECURITY SYSTEMS, INC. - Troy, OH - - Use DATASTOP EMI/RF glass for attenuation of RF transmissions. A high level of attenuation is achieved across the entire frequency range with no loss of glass clarity. Easy to install DATASTOP can be used externally on buildings or on OEM products. Used successfuly within the government and private sectors.
(937)335-5600, Fax: (937)335-0018, E-mail: IanWaterman00@aol.com Request a quote

VISTA RF, INC. - Roseville, CA - - Suppliers of RF components for the commercial, military and space telecommunications markets. Products include adapters - DC up to 18 GHz operation, attenuators, bias tees, cable assemblies, coaxial terminations, splitter/combiners and couplers. Expanding our capabilities and our partnerships, so we can continue to be a strategic partner for our client companies.
(916)529-4799, Fax: (408)435-5568 E-mail: sales@VistaRF.com Request a quote ..... .

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