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Position Technology Holdings GE Turbine LVDT Valve Position Sensors
Replacement GE Turbine Valve Position sensors - LVDT and LVRT - Steam & Gas Power Gen Turbine Valve Position Sensors - Search Part Numbers Here - . . . Enter Here or Call 267-800-3312

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ACUITY / Schmitt Industries - Portland, OR - - Provider of precision, non-contact dimensional measurement sensors including: white-light confocal displacement sensors, laser displacement sensors, laser rangefinders, 2D laser profile sensors & 3D laser scanners. Acuity sensors and scanners are used for factory automation of thickness measurement, position monitoring, fill heights and other dimensional measuring in industrial and research applications.
(503)227-7908, Fax: (503)227-5040, E-mail: Sales@AcuityLaser.com Request a quote

BRUNSWICK INSTRUMENT, LLC - Kiel, WI - - Manufacturer of dimensional inspection products, systems & engineering. High resolution gage amplifiers & comparators. Linear gage probes & transducers. Data interfaces. Metrology processor display units performing mathematic & geometric calculation from multiple gage inputs. Displacement and position sensors.
(920)894-1176, Fax: (920)894-1162, E-mail: info@brunswickinstrument.com Request a quote

EVERIGHT POSITION TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION - Narberth, PA - - Major North American distributors of linear and rotary position sensors, displacement sensors and inclinometers from worldwide manufacturers which measure linear, angular and tilt positions. Everight has a range of solutions that can answer all your engineering requirements when sourcing a particular sensor capability, performance and physical size, at a given price.
(856)727-9500, Fax: (610)672-9663, E-mail: info@evrtp.com Request a quote

EVERIGHT SENSORS CORPORATION - Moorestown, NJ - - Linear and rotary position sensors, contactless sensing technologies including our own NyceWave? distributed impedance technology, capacitive "electric encoder" technology, inductive (LVIT/RVIT), Hall effect encoder, optical encoder, Wiegand (for multi-turn rotary), and LVDT inductive. Our extreme design flexibility offers OEM custom solutions in input/outputs, mechanical packaging, and physical & electrical interfaces.
(856)727-9555, Fax: (856)727-9585, E-mail: info@iPosition.us Request a quote

KAMAN MEASURING SYSTEMS - Colorado Springs, CO - - Designers & manufacturers of inductive non-contact linear displacement sensors, ideal for industrial, lab, and OEM applications. From standard products with full scale ranges from 0.020" to 2.00" to OEM custom designs based on application requirements, Kaman's 40 years of experience in inductive sensing technology is key to your application's success.
(719)635-6867, Fax: (719)634-8093, E-mail: kfz.msinfo@kaman.com Request a quote ..... .

MACRO SENSORS, Div. Howard A. Schaevitz Technologies, Inc. - Pennsauken, NJ - - Leading suppliers of LVDT-based position / displacement sensors - Stock LVDTs, RVDTS custom and OEM designs. Free core LVDTs, spring-loaded LVDT, harsh environment LVDTs, temperatures up to 200?C, pressure 10,000 PSI, signal conditioners, digital controllers. Measure movements from a few millionths of an inch, up to several inches, and positions up to 40 inches (1000mm).
(856)662-8000, Fax: (856)661-8000, E-mail: LVDTs@MacroSensors.com Request a quote

MICRO-EPSILON - Raleigh, NC - - State-of-the-art industrial DISPLACEMENT SENSOR SYSTEMS. Our sensors are used worldwide to measure displacement, distance, position, vibration, dimension, and thickness. Critical applications include industrial automation, quality inspection, process control, R&D and more. Contact and non-contact displacement sensors and sensor systems using inductive, potentiometric, capacitive, optical, and eddy-current principles.
(919)787-9707, Fax: (919)787-9706, E-mail: OEM@me-us.com
Request a quote

MicroStrain, INC. - Williston, VT - - MicroStrain develops and produces innovative, smart, wireless, microminiature displacement, orientation, and force sensors. Wireless data acquisition systems capable of simultaneous, high-speed data acquisition, for use with wireless strain gauges, accelerometers, temperature, and millivolt level inputs.
(800)449-3878, (802)862-6629, Fax: (802)863-4093, E-mail: Sales@MicroStrain.com
Request a quote

OPTI-CAL - Templeton, CA - - Manufactures of high accuracy linear encoders and linear motion systems. Sub-micron resolutions are achieved using patented technology. Linear motion control or measurement is made easy as our laser based linear encoders are compact, fast, and accurate with wide alignment latitude. Micro Path Encoder series covers resolutions from 1 micron to 5 nanometer.
(805)434-0614, Fax: (805)434-2845, E-mail: info@opti-cal.com
Request a quote

POSITION TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS, LLC - Croydon, PA - - Search part numbers for current and discontinued GE / General Electric position sensors used in gas and steam turbine electric power generators.. World's leading source of certified LVDT and LVRT valve position sensors for the global community of owners, operators, servicers, and rebuilders of GE gas & steam power generation turbines.
(267)800-3312, E-mail: L.SCHAEVITZ@PowerTurbineLVDT.com Request a quote

RSF ELECTRONICS, INC. - Rancho Cordova, CA - - Manufacturers and distributors of LINEAR & ROTARY ENCODERS, digital readouts, digital depth probes, and associated electronics for precision motion control closed loop feedback and measurements. Linear resolution range from 10 microns 0.0005 in. to 10 nanometers 0.0000005 in. Models available for high-speed vacuum environments and include integrated limit switches.
(916)852-6660, Fax: (916)852-6664, E-mail: Support@RSF.net
Request a quote

STELLAR TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Amherst, NY - - Stellar Technology designs, engineers, and manufactures industrial pressure transducers, load cells, force sensors, torque transducers, temperature transducers, and displacement sensors for use in industrial automation & control applications. Markets served include aerospace, oil & gas, automotive, medical, military, and a variety of test and measurement applications. an ISO 9001 Registerd company
(800)274-1846, (716)250-1900, (716)250-1909, E-mail: sales@stellartech.com Request a quote 11/MA

TRIG-TEK, INC. - ANAHEIM, CA - - Position & displacement measuring systems, signal conditioning, portable instrumentation, airborne instrumentation, analyzers and balancing, vibration control systems, vibration sensor / monitors, vibration protectors, tracking instrumentation, Ratio instrumentation, filtering instrumentation, miscellaneous SENSOR-BASED INSTUMENTS. Also, custom OEM instruments.
(714)956-3593, Fax: (714)956-0162, E-mail: sales@trig-tek.com Request a quote

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