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PC/104 open design board level solutions for embedded PC OEM applications - PC/104 is basically the ISA bus packaged in a stackable pin and socket configuration. This form-factor is ideal for embedding into OEM equipment designs since It does not rely on a backplane or motherboard architecture to interconnect the system bus. In a stack of one or two boards, the system designer can satisfy all requirements. The final product can be considerably smaller than a standard PC and with more reliable mounting and connectors it is able to work in more demanding environments.


WinSystems - PC/104 & STD Bus Single Board Computers

27 Years Embedded PC Developers - SBCs - PC/104 - PC/104-Plus - STD Bus - EBX - EPIC - New Development Kits: DOS - Linus - Windows CE - Windows XP - Enter Here or Call 817-274-7553 . . .

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WinSystems. - Arlington, TX - - Designers and manufacturers of single board computers and expansion cards that function as embedded PCs in OEM and industrial applications. Our product lines include PC/104, PC/104-Plus, EPIC, EBX, STD Bus and stand alone computer technologies. Begin your design with evelopment kits for DOS, Linux, Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded.
(817)274-7553, Fax: (817)548-1358, E-mail: Info@WinSystems.com Request a quote

AAEON ELECTRONICS, INC. - Hazlet, NJ - - ISO-9001 certified manufacturer of innovative X86- architecture SINGLE BOARD COMPUTERS. We design/manufacture half-size, full-size, compact, subcompact, media PC, embeddedATX and PC/104 SBCs and I/O modules. We feature industrial PC Chassis; and offer multiple OS support. ODM/OEM projects and system integration opportunities are also welcome.
(732)203-9300, Fax: (732)203-9311, E-mail: Sales@AAEON.com Request a quote

ABIA TECHECHNOLOGY - Cypress, CA - - Reliable industrial computer SBCs - All-in-one 386 SBC with VGA & LAN - PC/104 386 CPU modules with LAN. Visit our website for complete line and product comparison chart. Committed to offering OEMs & system integrators high quality solutions at competitive cost.
(714)821-8762, Fax: (714)952-3306, E-mail: Info@ABIAtech.com Request a quote

ACCES I/O PRODUCTS, INC. - San Diego, CA - - Analog, digital, serial communication, and isolated I/O boards and solutions. Offering complete systems, integration services and enclosures with quick turn-around on custom projects, including software. Designed for use with PC/104, PCI, PCI Express, Low Profile PCI, Pico-ITXe, Pico-I/O, ETX, USB, USB/104, USB/PICO, Ethernet and ISA, and distributed and wireless I/O.
(858)550-9559, Fax: (858)550-7322, E-mail: contactus@accesio.com Request a quote

ACROSSER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. - Cypress, CA - - $104 PC/104 computer board. Embedded computer systems, industrial single board computer PCI/ISA slot chassis and backplane. Fanless embedded OEM computer system for firewall, kiosk, gaming and medical applications.
(714)827-9938, Fax: (714)827-9908, E-mail: Marketing@Acrosser.com Request a quote

ADL EMBEDDED SOLUTIONS INC. - San Diego, CA - - Serving the PC/104 Industry for over 15 years, ADL is recognized as a leading provider of embedded industrial single board computers, systems, peripherals and accessories for embedded and stand alone applications. Our products are designed and manufactured under ISO 9001, with state-of-the-art equipment and individually tested at ADL before shipping..
(858)490-0597, Fax: (858)490-0599, E-mail: sales@adl-usa.com Request a quote

ADVANTECH EMBEDDED COMPUTING - Irvine, CA - - Manufacturer of all-in-one, compact-sized, highly-integrated SINGLE BOARD COMPUTERS - Fit in the spaces of 3.5" HDD to 5.25" FDD. Biscuit PCs, half-sized CPU cards, full-sized CPU cards, PC/104 modules, WebCon, POS, SSDs, embedded OSs. Ideal for medical/healthcare, industrial automation, military/security, communication, POS/POI, transportation, kiosk applications.
(800)866-6008, (949)789-7178, Fax: (949)789-7179, E-mail: ECGInfo@Advantech.com Request a quote

APEX EMBEDDED SYSTEMS - Monona, WI - - PC/104 analog and digital I/O for temperature extremes from -40C to +85C. Low noise analog inputs with deep sample memories. Software compatibility offers a drop-in solution with existing software. OEM product customization available. Our board level ruggedized COTS PC/104 products are the result of over three years of testing and customer feedback.
(608)256-0767 , Fax: (608)256-0765, E-mail: Sales@ApexEmbedded.com Request a quote

AXIOMTEK - City Of Industry, CA - - Manufacturers and designers of industrial computers, panel PCs, PC/104 (3.8"x3.6") embedded SBCs, human-machine interfaces, data storage, data acquisition and network appliances. We have the experience, capability and R&D resources to make any OEM integration a glowing success. Worldwide inventory in our 4 offices located in Taiwan, USA, China and Germany.
(888)462-9466 , Fax: (626)581-3552, E-mail: Info@Axiomtek.com Request a quote

COMPUTER EXPRESS, LLC, - New Britain, CT - - Leading suppliers of industrial computers, including rackmount enclosures and systems - 1U 2U 3U 4U 5U 6U 7U chassis for housing backplanes for a Full or Half-Size single board computers. We design panel PCs, embedded applications such as Windows CE and embedded XP and a variety of PC/104 cards and modules to fit OEM requirements.
(860)826-1310, Fax: (860)826-1320, E-mail: MikeP@cttel.net Request a quote

DOUGLAS ELECTRONICS, INC. - San Leandro, CA - - Interface cards - Between PC/104, PC/104-Plus, ISA, PCI, PMC and Compact PCI. Broad line of PC/104 bus converters, extenders, brackets - Breadboards and other prototyping products including backplanes, card cages, adapter boards, and connector systems, for off-the-shelf solutions to your packaging requirements. If we don't have it we will make it to OEM specs.
(510)483-8770, Fax: (510)483-6453, E-mail: Info@Douglas.com Request a quote

DuroPC INDUSTRIAL COMPUTERS - Blairsville, PA - - Designers and integrators of custom industrial rackmount computers, PC/104 embedded systems, panel PCs, shoebox computers and rugged mobile systems for a variety of industrial applications. Specializing in ISA and PCI expansion technologies. Please visit our website, organized with product photos, including buy now click buttons, configured as an online store format.
888-760-3876, Fax: (215)261-6051, E-mail: info@duropc.com Request a quote
TDE Vendor candidate: 2/5/11/GP

ICOP TECHNOLOGY, INC. - El Monte, CA - - Designers and manufacturers of a full range of embedded processor boards based on x86 architecture that include fan-free PC/104 SBCs, 3.5 SBCs, Embedded-ATX SBCs open france Panel PCs, and I/O peripherals. In addition to our standard product, ICOP also provides OEM/ODM design and manufacturing services.
(626)444-6666, Fax: (626)444-9966, E-mail: Info@ICOPtech.com Request a quote

OAS - OPTIMUM APPLIED SYSTEMS, INC. - Dobbs Ferry, NY - - Designers of standard and custom INTERFACE boards. High resolution multichannel optically isolated A/D & D/A converters for STD, STD32, PC/104, iSBX, ISA, and VME/VXI. Software drivers included. Low cost modems and SPEECH SYNTHESIS boards. OEM Customization available for all products. System support. Contact via Website or call
(914)693-9001, Fax: (914)693-8733, E-mail: sales@oas-inc.com Request a quote

RTD EMBEDDED TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - State College, PA - - Designers and manufacturers of PC/104, PCI-104, PC/104-Plus, desktop, and 19" rack compliant modules and systems. cpuModules, dataModules, utilityModules along with IDAN, HiDAN, and HiDANplus systems to exacting industrial and military specifications. Data acquisition and control products for OEM, industrial, military & aerospace, and transportation applications.
(814)234-8087, Fax: (814)234-5218, E-mail: Sales@RTD.com Request a quote 5/GP

VersaLogic Corp. - Eugene, OR - - Suppliers of INDUSTRIAL COMPUTERS since 1976 - High quality board level products for embedded applications. '586 to Pentium III PC/104 & PC/104-Plus CPU boards. EBX Single Board Computers, and more. The 5-year availability guarantee and outstanding warranties demonstrate a commmitment to service. Voted platinum embedded board vendor (2002 VDC study).
(800)824-3163, (541)485-8575, Fax: (541)485-5712, E-mail: Info@VersaLogic.com Request a quote

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