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APC - American Power Conversion - Power Distribution Units
Remote Power Distribution for Data Centers, Medical, Military, Communications, Broadcast, Aerospace . . . More! - Enter Here or call (800)788-2208 . . .

ADVANCED ELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING / AEM - Dania Beach, FL - - U.S.-based company with offshore partners, providing standard and OEM custom power supplies & AC/DC adapters. Work directly with U.S.-based staff members who are available and accessible to you in your local time zone. We’re doing business when you’re doing business, which helps to streamline and speed your new product to market.
(866)590-2880, (954)893-6955, Fax: (954)337-3191, E-mail: info@aem-llc.com Request a quote

ADVANCED POWER SOLUTIONS (APS) - Pleasanton, CA, - - APS is a leading-edge global company that specializes in POWER SUPPLY DESIGN and Manufacturing. Our extensive product line makes APS a one stop shop for your power supply needs. Most of our products can be customized to meet specific requirements for OEMs.
(925)734-3060, Fax: (925)460-5498, E-mail: sales@advpower.com Request a quote 10/TP

AEGIS POWER SYSTEMS, INC. - Murphy, NC - - Designers & developmers of rapid response custom switching power supplies and power systems, serving the telecommunications, industrial, military, COTS, automotive and other OEM markets. Our military mil-cots products are built to high reliability and rugged Mil standards for portable powered, vehicle powered, and station powered equipment, including rack mounted electronics.
(828)837-4029, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: sales@aegispower.com Request a quote 10/GP

AGILE MAGNETICS, Concord, NH - - Experts in the manufacture, design, and sourcing of custom magnetics. We are unique to the industry in our responsiveness to your requests, reliability of delivery, and repeatability of product. Custom transformers, inductors, linear stator motors, and coils designed and manufactured to UL / CUL / VDE and CE, with UL and CUL markings if required.
(800)805-8991, Fax: (603)410-6434, E-mail: rmakee@agilemagco.com Request a quote

ANALYTIC SYSTEMS - Delta, BC, Canada - - Manufacturers of power supplies and power conversion products for the military, marine, alternative energy and industrial markets. DC/DC converters, AC/DC power supplies, DC/AC inverters, battery chargers, and AC/AC frequency converters. Our ongoing R&D programs create innovative, state-of-the-art electronic designs that provide clean outputs in efficient and compact packages.
(800)668-3884, (604)946-9981, Fax: (604)946-9983, E-mail: AnalyticInfo@AnalyticSystems.com Request a quote 11/GP

APC - AMERICAN POWER CONVERSIONS CORP. - W. Kingston, RI - - Leading manufacturers of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and surge protection products for end-to-end legendary reliability. A resilient, adaptable network-critical physical infrastructure (NCPI) is essential to maintaining highly available and manageable networks. By identifying emerging IT trends APC provides the tangible solutions you need to respond effectively with your NCPI.
(877)272-2722, Fax: (401)789-3710, E-mail: apcinfo@apcc.com Request a quote

ASTRODYNE POWER SUPPLIES - Mansfield, MA - - Your one-stop source for more than 4,000 different stock and custom modified AC/DC switchers, medical grade, LED lighting and other power sources. Manufacturers of AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC power converters, AC-DC adapters, including open frame, DIN rail mount, external, enclosed, and encapsulated. Most products Shipped same or next business day.
(800)823-8082, (508)964-6300, Fax: (508)339-0375, E-mail: sales@astrodyne.com Request a quote 11/GP

AVANSYS, Div. of Huawei - San Jose, CA - - DC to DC CONVERTERS, In stock, ready to ship - 30 Watts dual or triple outputs starting at $38 Qty. 1,000. Designed for telecom applications, the AV30 Series meets CISPR 22 Class A requirements and includes control and trim functions, overcurrent protection, and input under- and overvoltage protection.
(800)871-8626, (408)943-8100, Fax: (408)943-8106, E-mail: sales@avansys.com Request a quote

BEHLMAN ELECTRONICS CORP. - Hauppauge, NY - - Get WORLDWIDE POWER in your product, on your bench, or in your test rack - Power supplies with AC and/or DC input and AC and/or DC output. Linear, switching, modular, rackmount, computer controlled and OEM. Applications include avionics, inspection, laboratories, production, railroad, shipboard, telecommunications, test & measure, utility and more. Custom & COTS designs for the military.
(800)874-6727, (631)435-0410, Fax: (631)951-4341, E-mail: rstorm@behlman.com Request a quote

AUTOMATED POWER TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Lake Forest, CA - - Sales, service, installation of a wide range of power protection, power control, and power conservation products for industrial, computer and telecommunication markets. APT specializes in computer power backup, data center power and emergency power. Products include APC, Powerware, Liebert, MGE and Generac.
(800)908-7655, (949)768-5965, Fax: (949)768-5959, E-mail: Info@AutomatedPower.com Request a quote .....

BTC POWER ELECTRONICS - Costa Mesa, CA - - DC/DC CONVERTERS: Industry's very first converter to use the revolutionary, award winning Flat Transformer Technology to cut component costs by 36%, simplify circuit topology, and eliminate hot spots. Overall production cost is slashed by 58%. Available now 200W & 400W. Coming soon 600W & 960W in same package.
(714)850-7320, Fax: (714)850-7321, E-mail: Sales@BTCpower.com Request a quote

CALIFORNIA INSTRUMENTS - San Diego, CA - - programmable AC and DC POWER SOURCES. AC sources from 800 VA to 135 kVA using state-of-the-art PWM switching technology. California Instrument's AC and DC power supplies are used worldwide in demanding production test and ATE applications. High power density and proven quality for all your AC and DC test requirements.
(858)677-9040, Fax: (858)677-0940, E-mail: Sales@CalInst.com Request a quote

CET TECHNOLOGY - Windham, NH - - Manufacturers of UL, CuL, and TUV approved Transformers such as Telecom, ISDN, T1 E1, Coils, Chokes, Toroidal Inductors, and Power Transformers from 1.0Va to 150Va. CET's extensive line of LINEAR & SWITCHING POWER SUPPLIES in wallmount and desktop styles are UL, Cul, or TUV approved.
(603)894-6100, Fax: (603)894-6161, E-mail: CET@CETxmfr.com Request a quote

COMDEL INC. - Gloucester, MA - - Manufacturers of RF and DC power supplies and process instruments used in semiconductor, thin film, flat panel, photovoltaics, industrial heating and other applications. Products include RF generators, auto-match impedance monitors, multi channel synthesizers and ESC power supplies. Broad frequency ranges, product and safety certification, product solutions and support worldwide. ISO 9001:2000.
(978)282-0620, (978)282-4980, Fax: (604)946-9983, E-mail: info@comdel.com.com Request a quote 11/MA

COSEL USA, INC. - San Jose, CA - - Quality AC/DC and DC/DC power supply solutions for OEM applications in office and factory automation, telecommunications, data and image processing, medical and aerospace, etc. COSEL, an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 registered manufacturer, has been providing switching power supplies to worldwide OEMs since 1969, wherever the performance and reliability is critical.
(800)888-3526, (408)980-5144, Fax: (408)980-9754, E-mail: Sales@CoselUSA.com Request a quote ..... ..

CURRENT SOLUTIONS. INC. - LAND O' LAKES, FL - - For 11 years CSI has brought the largest worldwide selection of OEM power supplies to the OEMs of the Southeastern USA. CSI offers factory direct pricing possible only through exclusive representation. CSI's trained sales engineering staff will source your power supply requirements correctly the first time.
(800)933-7725, (813)996-1922, Fax: (813)996-5037, E-mail: Sales@CurrentSolutions.com Request a quote 10/TP

CUSTOM ELECTRONICS, INC. - Oneonta, NY - - Manufacturer of high voltage power supplies, high voltage mica paper capacitors and electronic modules. Providing high reliability, specialty capacitors and "black boxes" for commercial and military applications since 1964.
(607)432-3880, Fax: (607)432-3913, E-mail: Sales@CustomElec.com Request a quote

ELECTRIC DEVICE CORPORATION - Canfield, OH - - We design and manufacture a variety of regulated CURRENT SOURCES ranging from 10-100,000A with fixed or variable frequency outputs. They are applied in testing systems for circuit breakers, transformers, rotating machinery, cable and wire harnesses, ground bond, heat rise and more.
(800)533-5399, (330)533-1111, Fax: (330)533-2639, E-mail: Tim.Abbey@ElectricDevice.com Request a quote

ELGAR ELECTRONICS CORP. - San Diego, CA - - The world's largest manufacturer of PROGRAMMABLE AC and DC power sources. AC sources range from 120 VA to 21 kVA using both linear and switching topologies. Sources have remote control, front panel control or windows based GUI controls. High power density and high quality for your OEM requirements.
(800)733-5427, (858)450-0085, Fax: (858)458-0267, E-mail: Sales@Elgar.com Request a quote

ISOLATION SYSTEMS, INC. - Mound, MN - - Providing AC power protection, with or without battery backup to assure increased system reliability with far fewer interruptions or outages. Oneac worldwide power conditioning distributor, UPS systems, fully isolated power protection products, full output isolation transformer-based UPS systems. Industrial laser cut systems protection.
(952)472-4321, Fax: (952)472-0931, E-mail: Greg@Isolation-Systems.com Request a quote

ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (ETI) - Mansfield, OH - - Rugged, high-reliability global UPS, battery backup, power conditioning, frequency conversion, power distribution and computer peripherals that are the standard used by defense, industrial and telecommunications experts worldwide.
(419)522-4444, Fax: (419)522-4466, E-mail: Sales@RuggedSystems.com Request a quote

GAMATRONIC ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES, LTD. - Jerusalem, Israel - - Manufacturers of power electronic equipment, providing a complete solution for power conditioning. From protection products such as voltage stabilizers, through inverters and rectifiers - Power supplies dedicated for the telecommunications market. Model IP110 Telecom DC/AC inverter series employs a high frequency PWM technology and a microprocessor that controls all diagonstics and operations.
972-2-5888210, Fax: 972-2-5828875, E-mail: Info@Gamatronic.co.il Request a quote

GLASSMAN HIGH VOLTAGE - High Bridge, NJ - - Working together with a host of diverse OEM customers since 1977, the Glassman name is synonymous with high reliability performance in the DC POWER SUPPLY field. Benefit from our dedication and investment in technology development, lean manufacturing principles and after-sale customer support, second to none in the power supply industry.
(908)638-3800, Fax: (908)638-3700, E-mail: Sales@GlassmanHV.com Request a quote

GOLDEN PACIFIC ELECTRONICS, INC. - Placentia, CA - - Serving OEMs & ODMs since 1979. Desktop & wall plug switching power supplies, medical power supplies, Open frame, U-Channel and enclosures (metal or plastic). Custom power supplies, small runs from 200 units & up at offshore competitive prices - a few watts up to 1000 watts. Agency Certification: UL, CUL, CSA, TUV, CE, CB, PSE.
(714)993-6970, Fax: (714)993-6023, E-mail: Component_Sales@GPElectronics.com Request a quote 1/19/10/TP

HiTek POWER CORPORATION - Santee, CA - - HiTek Power is a world leader in power supplies, ranging from low voltage to high voltage. In addition to many standard products offerings HiTek Power has the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to modify their standard products and to design and develop new power supplies to meet OEM requirements.
(619)258-7700, Fax: (619)258-7733, E-mail: Barnes@HiTekPower.com Request a quote

MEGA ELECTRONICS, INC. - New Brunswick, NJ - - DC to DC CONVERTERS from 0.25W to 100W with isolation up to 6KVDC and standard dimensions and pin outs. Extended ambient temperature range and ultra high specifications with wide range of input and output voltages up to 270VDC. High power density, one to six outputs, and advanced designs.
(888)463-4235, (732)249-2656, Fax: (732)249-7442, E-mail: OEMinfo@MegaElectronics.com Request a quote

PowerGate LLC - Santa Clara, CA - - PowerGate LLC is a power solutions company designed to bring leading edge, cost effective AC/DC power supplies & DC/DC converters to our OEM customers with Global safety certifications. The offering covers 1 to 1,500 watts with over 2,500 standard models and 500,000 possible output configurations in modular products.
(866)588-1750, Fax: (408)588-1751, E-mail: sales@PowerGatellc.com Request a quote

PowerStream Technology - Orem, UT - - We design, manufacture, import and distribute power supplies, battery chargers, battery packs, batteries, DC/DC converters, laptop adapters, transformers, etc. Our engineering skills and quality manufacturers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan gives us an edge in custom, off-the-shelf, and semi-custom designs. Our friendliness keeps our customers coming back.
(801)764-9060, Fax: (801)764-9061, E-mail: Friends@PowerStream.com Request a quote Request a quote

POWERVOLT, INC. - Addison, IL - - Manufacturing & stocking a wide range of linear and switching DC power supplies. More than 500 models, Ratings from 8-650 Watts. Switchers with universal auto-selecting 80-264VAC. Linears with field-selectable international input voltages 100/117/220/230-240VAC and 240/480VAC - Regulated and unregulated output models - Three phase input models available. UL, CSA, CE marked.
(630)628-9999, Fax: (630)628-9992, E-mail: brijs@powervolt.com Request a quote

POWER SOURCES UNLIMITED, INC - Wrentham, MA - - Authorized North American ISO 9001:2008 Registered distributor of AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters from the world's leading manufacturers. Our strategic alliances allow us to support you, providing over 5,000 power conversion products from over 15 industry leading manufacturers, together with applications engineering assistance for your OEM custom design requirements.
(800)966-7784, (508)384-1419, Fax: (508)384-1896, E-mail: sales@psui.com Request a quote

ORBIT MICRO - Richardon, TX - - Orbit Micro not only provides Rackmount INDUSTRIAL COMPUTERS, but we also provide TELECOMMUNICATION equipment on our Qubit Micro site. We are combining the industry of industrial computers and telecommunications to provide our customers as a one-stop solution provider for all their needs.
(469)916-8318, Fax: (469)916-8322, E-mail: RoderickSh@OrbitMicro.com Request a quote

RELIABLE PROCUREMENT - E. Lansdowne, PA - - Stocking distributors of a wide range of power supplies used for various testing applications. Please visit our website now or return here later for a complete product listing.
(877)ReliPro(735-4776), (610)284-9605, Fax: (610)284-9607, E-mail: Info@ReliableProcurement.com Request a quote

SCHAEFER, INC. - Ashland, MA - - Schaefer's complete line of state-of-the-art, high efficiency, wide temperature range, power conversion products include: DC(AC)/DC converters (4W-12kW+), DC(AC)/AC inverters (150VA-12kVA), battery chargers (30W-12kW+), & step-up converters (50W-10kW). Designed for high-end applications, these units are regulated, rugged, and reliable.
(508)881-7330, Fax: (508)231-0861, E-mail: Sales@SchaeferPower.com Request a quote

SL POWER ELECTRONICS CORP. - Northland Terrace Minneapolis, MN - - Please return later to read a complete description of our Ault and Condor product lines.
(800)888-3526, (763)592-1900, Fax: (763)592-1911, E-mail: info@slpower.com Request a quote ..... ..

SORENSEN, a Div. of Elgar - San Diego, CA - - Sorensen offers the world's largest selection of PROGRAMMABLE DC power supply products from 60W to 30 kW in a single chassis. Even with this extensive product range, Sorensen continues to design hundreds of modifications to these standard products for OEM customers.
(800)525-2024, (858)450-0085 Fax: (858)458-0267, E-mail: Sales@sorensen.com Request a quote

STANDEX ELECTRONICS, INC. - Cincinnati, OH - - Standex Electronics designs and manufactures a variety of high frequency custom and standard transformers, inductors and chokes to fit most any need in the 20KHz to RF range. Contact Standex Electronics for a your custom requirement, any of our standard transformers, or custom variation of any of our standard transformers.
(866)782-6339, (513)871-3777 Fax: (513)871-3779, E-mail: Standex@StandexElectronics.com Request a quote

TRC ELECTRONICS, INC. - Lodi, NJ - - TRC has been providing AC/DC power supply and DC/DC converter solutions since 1980. Complete power supply offering up to 3200 watts - Open frame, switching power supplies, linear power supplies, medical garde power supplies, industrial power supplies, external wall plug-in adapters, desk-top adapters, AC power cords, cordsets, and more.
(973)779-8282, Fax: (973)779-1490, E-mail: Sales@TRCelectronics.com Request a quote ..... ..

TRICEL TECH, INC. - Boca Raton, FL - - Manufacturers of high quality / reliability power supplies - We can build your custom product. Our ISO 9001 China facility offers complete ICT, burn-in & ATE testing, lot traceability, agency approvals and value engineering services. Our strategic location assures efficient logistics and cost competitive pricing. U.S. sales offices assure open communication.
(561)487-7362, Fax: (561)807-5964, E-mail: Info@TricelTech.com Request a quote

VITREK CORPORATION - San Diego, CA - - Leading manufacturer of power supplies for automated ELECTRICAL SAFETY TEST equipment for regulatory compliance verification. Testers include AC & DC hipot (dielectric withstand), insulation resistance measurement, ground bond testers, precision high voltage meters and high voltage scanning systems. Allso, test automation software and turnkey automated test solutions, complete with barcode capability.
(858)689-2755, Fax: (858)689-2760, E-mail: Info@Vitrek.com Request a quote

XEPEX INTERNATIONAL - Diamond Bar, CA - - AC to DC ADAPTERS for cell phones, laptops, toys, and electronic products that requires a current conversion. In 2000 Xepex was accredited with ISO-9001certification. Factories are located in China (Shenzhen, Kuan San, and Tianjin).
(909)456-0235, Fax: (909)860-5992, E-mail: Info@Xepex-International.com Request a quote

XPiQ, INC. - Holliston, MA - - Over 1,000 standard models of switching power supplies and DC/DC converters, as well as 300,000 possible combinations of modular power supplies. The offering includes medical power supplies, compact PCI, distributed power front ends/rectifiers, high density DC/DC converters to 70 Amps, desktop power supplies and hot plug/redundant power solutions.
(508)429-9883, Fax: (508)429-4449, E-mail: Sales@XP-iQ.com Request a quote 10/TP

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