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PNC Inc. Medical Grade Printed Circuits, Membrane Switches
Medical Grade PCBs - Flexible Circuits - Membrane Switches - Custom Metal & Plastic Parts - . . . Click Here to Enter or Call 973-284-1600 . . .

AAEON ELECTRONICS, INC. - Hazlet, NJ - - ISO-9001 certified manufacturer of EMBEDDED SINGLE BOARDS meeting high reliability standards in medical applications. AAEON’s technical support during the design process and sophisticated experience in medical applications assure our customers’ needs are fully satisfied. We design/manufacture Half-size, Full-size, Compact, SubCompact, Media PC, EmbeddedATX and PC/104 single board computers.
(732)203-9300, Fax: (732)203-9311, E-mail: Request a quote

ADCO CIRCUITS INC. - Rochester Hills, MI - - 43,000 square foot SMT/TH, PCB & flexible CIRCUIT ASSEMBLY facility, providing engineering, manufacturing and logistic support to those companies whose products require advanced systems and processes. Our roster of customers includes companies from the industrial, military/aerospace, medical, automotive and telecommunications industries .
(248)829-4675, Fax: (248)853-6698, E-mail: Request a quote

ADVANTECH EMBEDDED COMPUTING - Irvine, CA - - Manufacturer of UL2601/EN60602 certified MEDICAL PANEL PCs, equipped with PCMCIA or 802.11b, and are designed with protected LCD, sealed ports and card slots. Ideal for PACS & DICOM applications for patient monitoring, diagnostic equipment, anesthesia workstation, image processing, central station and operating room.
800-866-6008, (949)789-7178, Fax: (949)789-7179, E-mail: Request a quote

ALL FLEX, INC. - NORTHFIELD, MN - - ISO-Certified, customer driven manufacturers of quick turn prototype and production quantities of FLEXIBLE PRINTED CIRCUIT boards used in bio-medical electronics applications. Products include single, double, three and four layer flexible circuits made using polyimide and polyester materials. We offer design assistance, electrical testing, and assembly.
(800)959-0865, (507)663-7162 Fax: (507)663-1070 E-mail: Request a quote

ALTRONICS MANUFACTURING INC. - Hudson, NH - - Quick-turn prototypes to volume production electronic contract manufacturing services - Serving Massachusetts, New England and the US from our Hudson, NH ISO-9001:2000, lead-free/RoHS compliant facility. PCB and flex circuit assembly for commercial, military, medical and telecom applications. Integrated services include cables, backplanes, electro-mechanical assemblies, and full box-build chassis integration.
(603)577-8855, Fax: (603)577-8981, E-mail: Request a quote

AXIOMTEK - City Of Industry, CA - - Manufacturers and designers of rackmount computers, panel PCs, PC/104 (3.8"x3.6") embedded SBCs, human-machine interfaces, data storage, data acquisition and network appliances. We have the experience and R&D resources to make any bio-medical application a glowing success. Worldwide inventory in our 4 offices located in Taiwan, USA, China and Germany.
(888)462-9466, Fax: (626)581-3552, E-mail: Request a quote

CE SECURE, a CMS Products, Inc. global brand - Irvine, CA - - Providing leading edge encryption solutions designed to make data security easy and effortless. With hardware based full-disk-encryption solutions, everything that is saved to the flash drive, hard disk or backup system is encrypted using powerful encryption security. implementing your Data-At-Rest security needs and your USB attached storage management solutions.
(800)327-5773, (714)424-5520, Fax: (714)435-9489, E-mail: Request a quote

COASTLINE, INTERNATIONAL - Chula Vista, CA - - Sub-contract manufacturers of electronics and medical assemblies, as well as sewing operations of outdoor apparel and military products. We are ISO-9002-2000 certified, located in Tijuana, Mexico and employ 185 people in 2 buildings, totaling 32,000 sq. ft. OEMs pay 50% or less than at U.S. sub-contractors.
(619)575-3500, Fax: (619)575-3534, E-mail: Request a quote

DATA CABLE COMPANY, INC. - Orangeville, ON, Canada - - Contract manufacturers of custom cable assemblies, MEDICAL GRADE CABLES, wire harnessing and electro-mecahnical devices. Data Cable serves a diverse OEM group that includes packaging and robotics automation, medical and communications equipment, power supplies and the automotive industry.
(519)941-7020, Fax: (519)941-7130, E-mail: Request a quote

DCI, INCORPORATED. - Lenexa, KS - - Specialists in the design and integration of custom and standard LCDs with a variety of interface electronics - Our medical and instrument customers count on us to deliver quality assemblies, on time. DCI’s sixteen years of display development and ISO-9001 certified electronic manufacturing experience will meet your medical application’s requirements.
(913)982-5672, Fax: (913)982-5766, E-mail: Request a quote

ELECTRON TUBES, INC. - Rockaway, NJ - - Manufacturers and distributors of high voltage power supplies to the OEM and research markets. Product line includes DC to DC converters, photomultiplier power bases, high voltage supplies for mass spectroscopy and analytical instrumentation, X-ray power sources and high voltage digital meters.
(800)521-8382, Fax: (973)586-9771, E-mail: Request a quote

EPOXYSET, INC. - Lincoln, RI - - A leading manufacturer of custom formulated adhesives, encapsulants & potting compounds and thermal grease used in advanced technology applications. We supply superior quality products used in the electronics and microelectronics, medical devices, semiconductor, fiber optics, and aerospace industries. Our product line constantly expands to meet innovative material requirements for the technologies.
(401)726-4500, Fax: (401)726-4502, E-mail: Request a quote

GOLDEN VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. - Minneapolis, MN - - Since 1973, GVP has been providing close tolerance screen-printing of MEMBRANE SWITCHES, sensors, and graphic overlays. Through our own R&D efforts, we have been able to offer innovative ideas and products to our medical, commercial and industrial OEM customers, surpassing their expectations and surpassing standards set by our competitors.
(800)959-0947, (612)827-8216, Fax: (612)824-8708, E-mail: Request a quote

INSTRUMENT & EQUIPMENT CO. - Sparta, NJ - - Fixed-mount linear imagers and laser scan engines suitable for high-speed barcode reading in applications such as blood analyzing equipment. We also provide a line of TFT LCD displays both with and without touchscreen overlays suitable for OEM integration or panel-mounted stand-alone use.
(800)432-1255, (973)579-0009, Fax: (973)579-6665, E-mail: Request a quote

MEDICAL DESIGN SOLUTIONS, INC. - Milpitas, CA - - Contract medical device design and development services, with a broad base of expertise and experience in medical electronic and electromechanical systems. Senior staff include PhD level systems, electronic, and materials engineers with over 90 years accumulated medical design and manufacturing experience. Specialists in sensors, signal processing, remote monitoirng, and ergonomic interfacing.
(408)684-5110, Fax: (408)520-4992, E-mail: Request a quote
TDE vendor candidate: 7/20/13/GP

NEMKO North America - San Diego, CA - - - MEDICAL DEVICE DIRECTIVE notified body through head office in Nemko AS, Oslo Norway. Medical Device Directive (MDD), ISO 9000 and CE marking for the European Union, Notified Body #470 - 20 Nemko facilities/partners worldwide, 4 facilities in North Amnerica, US/Canada.
(800)337-4362, (858)755-5525, Fax: (858)452-1810, E-mail: Request a quote

ONYX HEALTHCARE USA, INC. - Orange, CA - - Designers and manufacturers of a full line of paperless and filmless medical IT products such as medical computing stations, medical panel PCs, bedside infotainment systems, nursing carts, and MTA (Mobile Telecare Assistant) systems. Guaranteed reliable (EN-60601-1 and UL-60601-1). Notable awards: Taiwan Excellence Award; Taiwan Superior Brand 2009; and Best Choice product design.
(714)792-0774, Fax: (714)792-0481, E-mail: Request a quote
TDE vendor candidate: 7/20/13/GP

OPTI-CAL - Templeton, CA - - Manufactures of high accuracy linear encoders and linear motion systems. Sub-micron resolutions are achieved using patented technology. LINIEAR MOTION CONTROL or measurement is made easy as our laser based linear encoders are compact, fast, and accurate with wide alignment latitude. Micro Path Encoder series covers resolutions from 1 micron to 5 nanometer.
(805)434-0614, Fax: (805)434-2845, E-mail: Request a quote

PNC, INC. - Nutley, NJ - - PNC designs and manufactures customized Membrane Switches and Graphic Overlays to your specifications and drawings. If you do not have drawings, our engineering staff will help you to design a membrane switch. We manufacture here at our Totowa, NJ plant and also at our approved Chinese partners.
(973)284-1600, Fax: (973)284-1925, E-mail: Request a quote

POLYTEC PI - Auburn, MA - - PI ultra-low inertia NanoPositioning solutions have helped leading companies in in bio-medical, military-aerospace, semicon, microscopy, telecom, photonics, data storage, machining and many other markets to achieve Nanometer Precision Faster. Visit our website and return later for a complete product description.
(508)832-3456, Fax: (508)832-0506, E-mail: Request a quote

PowerGate LLC - Santa Clara, CA - - Providing leading edge, cost effective AC/DC POWER SUPPLIES & DC/DC converters to our medical OEM customers, with global safety certifications. Offering medical approved products, 10 to 900 Watts, with a total line covering 1 to 1,500 watts in over 2,500 standard models and 500,000 possible output configurations in modular products.
(866)588-1750, Fax: (408)588-1751, E-mail: Request a quote

PREMIER MAGNETICS, INC. - Lake Forest, CA - - World class designers and manufactures of both SMD and through hole transformers and magnetics for telecommunications, ( ISDN, T1-T3, Databus, voice/data, DSL ), networking, medical, military, industrial and power ( DC-DC conversion, current sense ) applications. Delivering quality products and short cycle times at competitive pricing, with sales and distribution locations throughout the world.
(949)452-0511, Fax: (949)452-0512, E-mail: Request a quote

PRODUCT DESIGN LABS LLC - Los Gatos, CA - - Tomorrow's engineering . . . today! We are a high-quality and high-tech ENGINEERING DESIGN consultancy consisting of experienced professionals in the field of mechanical, electrical and software engineering. Our primary focus is on engineering for biotech, medical device and products requiring high level fluid mechanics or complex surfacing.
(408)827-0063, (949)632-3958, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: Request a quote ..... .

PROTOTRON CIRCUITS, INC. - Redmond, WA - - Medical grade prototyping and low volume manufacurers of RIGID PCBs, specializing in high-tech quick turns from 2 to 30 layers, at 2 facilities - Tucson, AZ. Mil-spec certified - Redmond, WA., IPC 6012, Class 1-3, ISO certified. Blind & buried vias, high temp materials, hybrids. 5 working days standard.
(888)847-7686, (425)823-7000, Fax: (425)869-2515, E-mail:, Request a quote

PROVEN PROCESS MEDICAL DEVICES - East Walpole, MA - - State-of-the-art DESIGN & PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, validation and manufacturing of medical devices. Experts who know the medical device development process conduct all of our OEM projects - Working in the Class II and III area, we specialize in electromechanical devices including active implantables, mechanical, electrical & electronic, software, and quality engineering.
(508)850-3148, Fax: (508)660-6946, E-mail: Request a quote

RESONANT POWER TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Milpitas, CA - - Designers and manufacturers of medical grade, direct patient contact AC/DC CONVERTERS. Our facilities are ISO 9001 and 13485, FDA registered and perform to the more stringent IPC 610A Class III workmanship standards. All products are certified to UL & EN 60601.1 and CISPR 11 B. Standard, Modified Standard and Custom products.
(408)957-0600, Fax: (408)957-0660, E-mail: Request a quote .....

RF INDUSTRIES - San Diego, CA - - Our Bioconnect division specializes in custom insert molding of biomedical interconnect products. We are proud to offer American made products and provide unequaled quality, delivery, and competitive pricing. Complete product design, mold design, and mold fabrication are readily available.
(909)245-3656, Fax: (909)245-3656, E-mail: Request a quote

SMITHERS QUALITY ASSESSMENTS - Akron, OH - - - Quality and environmental management systems certification body - Serving large, medium and small clients in North America and Europe in several industrial, commercial, service and government business sectors. Accredited as an ISO certification body, providing auditing services for ISO 9001, AS 9100, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SN 9001 and more!
(866)688-0134, Fax: (330)762-7447, E-mail: Request a quote

STRENUMED, INC. - Ventura, CA - - Designers and manufacturing of medical devices, with superior engineering design and developmental expertise in the science of cordless surgical handpieces. We were the first to offer competitively powered surgical battery packs, chargers and autoclavable electronics and motors. Offering design and prototyping expertise on a consulting, project management or partnership basis..
(805)477-1000, Fax: (805)477-1367, E-mail: Request a quote
TDE Vendor candidate: 10/5/11/TP

TOUCH INTERNATIONAL INC. - Round Rock, TX - - Please click to visit our website and return to this page later for a review of our touch screen product offerings for bio-medial applications.
(512)388-0090, (512)388-0094, Fax: (949)789-7179, E-mail: Request a quote

VALE DISTRIBUTION CO., INC. - Vincentown, NJ - - Stocking distributors of power supplies and related power products from worldwide manufacturers. Standard and OEM custom power products with value added services - Internal power supplies, AC-DC modules, medical power supplies, wall mount power adapters, LED power supplies, DC-DC converters, battery chargers, battery packs, power cords, cable assemblies and more!
(800)606-8253, Fax : (609)859-8759, E-mail: Request a quote
TDE vendor candidate: 7/12/13/GP

VersaLogic Corp. - Eugene, OR - - For your next medical project . . . Include high quality EMBEDDED BOARD LEVEL COMPUTERS with long-term availability and outstanding warranties. Product lines include PC/104, PC/104-Plus, EBX, and STD 32 Bus. Customization services and development support for products requiring agency certification. Voted Platinum embedded board vendor (2002 VDC study).
(800)824-3163, (541)485-8575, Fax: (541)485-5712, E-mail: Request a quote

VESS ELECTRONICS - Glenn Ellyn, IL - - Please return later to read a complete description of our electronic product development applications, specializing in medical device development.

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