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EVERIGHT SENSORS CORPORATION - Moorestown, NJ - - Linear and rotary position sensors, contactless sensing technologies including our own NyceWave? distributed impedance technology, capacitive "electric encoder" technology, inductive (LVIT/RVIT), Hall effect encoder, optical encoder, Wiegand (for multi-turn rotary), and LVDT inductive. Our design flexibility offers OEM custom solutions in signal conditioning, input/outputs, mechanical packaging, and physical & electrical interfaces.
(856)727-9555, Fax: (856)727-9585, E-mail: Request a quote

MICRONOR, INC. - Newbury Park, CA - - Manufacturers of ZapFREE fiber optic rotary encoders for harsh and hazardous environments. ZapFREE replacement encoder cables use a novel embedded fiber optic solution to solve encoder problems due to EMI, RFI and/or ground loops. Also custom geared feedback units, optical encoders, resolvers, rotary limit switches, manual pulse generators and pendants.
(805)499-0114, Fax: (805)499-6585, E-mail: Request a quote ..... .

OPTI-CAL - Templeton, CA - - Manufactures of high accuracy linear encoders and linear motion systems. Sub-micron resolutions are achieved using patented technology. Linear motion control or measurement is made easy as our laser based linear encoders are compact, fast, and accurate with wide alignment latitude. Micro Path Encoder series covers resolutions from 1 micron to 5 nanometer.
(805)434-0614, Fax: (805)434-2845, E-mail:
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RMV ELECTRONICS, INC. - Vancouver, BC, Canada - - Control up to 16 stepper motors simultaneously using a single serial port. Linear accel/decel, shaft encoder for each axis, chopper driver until 2 Amp set up via software, DLL interface for Windows XX, Linux, free source code. Custom firmware design, drivers development for our existing products. Less than $100/U.S. per axis.
(604)299-5173, Fax: (604)299-5174, E-mail:
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RSF ELECTRONICS, INC. - Rancho Cordova, CA - - Manufacturers and distributors of LINEAR & ROTARY ENCODERS, digital readouts, digital depth probes, and associated electronics for precision motion control closed loop feedback and measurements. Linear resolution range from 10 microns 0.0005 in. to 10 nanometers 0.0000005 in. Models available for high-speed vacuum environments and include integrated limit switches.
(916)852-6660, Fax: (916)852-6664, E-mail:
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TR ELECTRONIC, INC. - Troy, MI - - World leading manufacturer of position measurement technology including absolute and incremental rotary programmable multi turn encoders, linear position sensors, laser distance measurement, glass scales and optical data transmission. OEM Position sensing applications in the automotive, stamping, packaging, machine tool, robotics and automated warehousing industries.
(800)265-9483, (519)452-1999, Fax: (519)452-1177, E-mail: Request a quote ..... ...


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