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AGILE MAGNETICS ~ Custom Transformers & Inductors
Formerly known as RMS / Regional Manufacturing Specialists - Custom Coils - Custom Inductors - Custom Transformers - Custom Toroidals - Your One Stop for Wound Magnetics - Click Here to Enter or Call . . 800-805-8991 . . . - AGILE MAGNETICS

AGILE MAGNETICS, Concord, NH - - Experts in the manufacture, design, and sourcing of custom magnetics. We are unique to the industry in our responsiveness to your requests, reliability of delivery, and repeatability of product. Custom transformers, inductors, linear stator motors, and coils designed and manufactured to UL / CUL / VDE and CE, with UL and CUL markings if required.
(800)805-8991, Fax: (603)410-6434, E-mail: rmakee@agilemagco.com Request a quote

ALFAMAG ELECTRONICS, LLC - Parkwood Rolla, MO - - Respected worldwide for providing a wide range of quality magnetic components, offering the economy of offshore manufacturing, with domestic technical and sales support. Wide range of quality magnetic components including 50/60Hz transformers, common mode chokes, power inductors, current transformers, energy storage inductors, impedance matching transformers, AC/DC switching power supplies.
(800)413-6693, (573)364-2422, Fax: (573)364-5390, E-mail: Support@AlfaMag.com Request a quote
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BH ELECTRONICS - Burnsville, MN - - BH Electronics designs and manufactures custom and standard transformers, inductors, filters, baluns, chokes, assemblies and other high frequency magnetic devices, for use in baseband, broadband, and power applications from 20 KHz to 1 GHz. ISO 9000 Certified, we are a medium size manufacturer, with facilities in the U.S, Mexico and China.
(952)894-9590, Fax: (952)894-9380 , E-mail: Info@BHelectronics.com Request a quote

BI TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION - Fullerton, CA - - High frequency through hole toroid output inductors for DC/DC or filtering. Telecom / LAN magnetics, surface mount and TH - Functions include Gigabit LAN, Power over Ethernet (PoE), 10/100Base Fast Ethernet, 10Base Ethernet and AUI. Applications include 10/100/1000Mbps in hubs, routers, network cards, motherboards, VoIP devices, security and access control devices, etc. .
(714)447-2300, Fax: (714)447-2400, E-mail: Sales@BItechnologies.com Request a quote
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BICRON ELECTRONICS COMPANY - Canaan, CT - - ISO 9001:2000 Lean Sigma DESIGNER & MANUFACTURER of standard and custom DC SOLENOIDS. Tubular, rotary, D Frame, C frame. Linear, OEM value added assemblies incorporating solenoids. Design, prototyping and supply chain management services.
(800)624-2766, (860)824-5125, Fax: (860)824-1137, E-mail: Info@BicronUSA.com Request a quote
TDE membership review: 1/16/10/TP

COILCRAFT, INC. - Cary, IL - - worldwide leader in surface mount and leaded wideband transformers, chip inductors, air core "spring" inductors, broadband conical inductors, broadband conical inductors (flying leads), tunable inductors (leaded), horizontal mount fixed inductors (leaded), horizontal mount tunable inductors (leaded), XDSL transformers and more. Design tools and samples available. Also offering OEM custom magnetics.
(800)322-2645, (847)639-6400, Fax: (847)639-1469, E-mail: Cust_Service@Coilcraft.com Request a quote
TDE membership candidate: 4/14/10/TP

CRAMER COIL & TRANSFORMER CO. - Saukville, WI - - Specializing in high frequency power magnetics - High quality, cost effective magnetic solutions. Our comprehensive coil & transformer design capabilities, superb customer service, and efficient global manufacturing capabilities quickly guide you from concept through production. We partner with our customers and suppliers to create state-of-the-art solutions for your demanding power applications.
(262)268-2150, Fax: (262) 268-4100, E-mail: TechSales@Cramerco.com Request a quote
TDE membership candidate: 4/1/10/TP

E-CRAFTSMEN - Waterloo, Ont. Canada - - Designers and manufacturers of a wide range of high-reliability transformers including: Aviation transformers and 400Hz transformers, switch mode transformers / switching transformers, current sense transformers, 3-Phase transformers, power transformers, 347V transformers, pulse transformers, OEM custom Transformers. Designed to meet MIL-PRF-27 requirements.
(800)565.9118, (519)884-2210, Fax: (519)884-2211, E-mail: Info@Ecraftsmen.com Request a quote
TDE membership candidate: 4/14/10/TP

ELECTRONETICS - Everett, WA - - Specialists in design and manufacturing of power transformers, high frequency magnetics, current and voltage sensing transformers, constant voltage transformers, planar magnetics, SMT magnetics. Custom magnetic components for a broad range of industries, including aerospace, medical, defense, audio and telecommunications. Our established relationships with CSA, UL, and TUV expedite compliance approval.
(425)355-1855, Fax: (425)355-0710, E-mail: Info@Electronetics.us Request a quote
TDE membership candidate: 2/7/10/TP

ELNA MAGNETICS - Woodstock, NY - - Magnetic components in standard and non-standard core shapes for electronics OEMs. Extensive machining and custom manufacturing & assembly of ferrite components and other magnetic materials. Elna Magnetics is an authorized distributor of products from Fair-Rite Products, Ferroxcube, MMG, Metglas Inc., EPCOS, Magnetics Inc, Micrometals, Leadertech (Ferrishield), Ferrite International and TGL Technologies.
(800)553-2870, (845)679-2497, Fax: (845) 679-7010, E-mail: Info@ElmaMagnetics.com Request a quote
TDE membership candidate: 4/7/10/TP

GOWANDA ELECTRONICS CORP. - Gowanda, NY - - Gowanda Electronics, founded in 1963, is a leading supplier of high-performance magnetic components to the global electronics marketplace. Typical applications include medical & diagnostic devices, military/aerospace, test & measurement, monitoring systems, communications, computers & peripherals, and many consumer products. AS9100, ISO 13486:2000, & ISO 9001:2000 registered.
(716)532-2234, Fax: (716)532-2702, E-mail: sales@gowanda.com Request a quote

INSTEC FILTERS LLC / Div. Gowanda Electronics - Arcade, NY - - Designers and manufacturers of EMI/RFI Filters and filter assemblies used to suppress electromagnetic interference. Instec filters are used in a wide range of applications including military/aerospace, medical, high frequency/microwave, communications, and industrial. Offering competitive pricing for the highest quality filter products, with the shortest lead-times in the industry.
(716)307-8542, Fax: (716)532-2702, E-mail: Sales@Instec-Filters.com Request a quote

MAG-CON ENGINEERING, INC. - Lino Lakes, MN - - Custom transformers from 5VA to 10kVA single phase and up to 50kVA three phase. Voltages up to 60,000 volts, and from 2 to 400 Hz. Applications can be power supplies, line isolation, stepup or stepdown. All transformers meet or exceed UL, CSA, IEC, CE, TUV, MIL T-27 and other safety requirements.
(651)784-8888, Fax: (651)784-8100, E-mail: Info@MagConEng.com Request a quote
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MAGNETIC SPECIALTIES, INC. - Telford, PA - - Wound wire components includes transformers, high accuracy instrument transformers, specialty transformers, toroids, inductors, filters, magnetic amplifiers, ferroresonent transformers, switchmode/high frequency components and more. Custom design with value-added capabilities in power control, power electronics and power transformation products. Specializing in electrical control components, subassemblies and devices for industrial equipment OEMs.
(267)384-5231, Fax: (267)384.5236, E-mail: Info@MagSpecInc.com Request a quote
TDE membership candidate: 4/7/10/TP

MOHAWK ELECTRO TECHNIQUES, INC. - Barneveld, NY - - Electromagnetic coils, inductors, transformers, sensors and toroids, off-the-shelf or custom built, at competitive prices and delivered to you on time. Built well and to your specs, and made to last. Our goal is always zero defects and just-in-time delivery. That’s why we’ve continued to be successful. ISO 9001:2008 Certified.
(315)896-2661, Fax: (315)896-6765, E-mail: Info@MohawkElectro.com Request a quote
TDE membership candidate: 4/7/10/TP

NICOLLET TECHNOLOGIES CORP. - Minneapolis, MN - - We focus on price and performance for virtually any transformer configuration and quantity up to 50kVA. More than 3500 different OEM designs since 1969 for a wide variety of industries. Isolation transformers, auto transformers, current limiting transformers, ferro-resonant transformers (CVT), toroidal transformers, inductors, chokes, coils, electronic Ballast Systems, More!
(612)379-7919, Fax: (612)379-1184, E-mail: sales@nictec.com Request a quote

NORTH HILLS SIGNAL PROCESSING - Syosset, NY - - A leading manufacturer of standard and custom solutions for high frequency magnetic-based products for data communication, noise elimination, ground isolation and signal processing. Our MIL-STD-1553 data bus products and wideband transformers offer unmatched performance and reliability for a wide range of applications in the military, aerospace and industrial OEM markets.
(516)682-7740, Fax: (516)682-7704, E-mail: Info@NorthHills-SP.com Request a quote
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PEARSON ELECTRONICS, INC. - Palo Alto, CA - - Precision current-monitoring transformers since 1958. The Pearson designs produce current monitors with excellent frequency response and amplitude accuracy. Originally developed for measuring pulse currents, Pearson Current Monitors™ are now also widely used to measure more complicated transients and periodic signals from a few Hertz to well into the megahertz region.
(650)494-6444, Fax: (650)494-6716, E-mail: sales@PearsonElectronics.com Request a quote
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POWER MAGNETIC INC. - Buena Park, CA - - Complete on-line references to standard inductors, switch-mode transformers (high frequency) and common mode choke coils. Our designs comply with various standards (i.e., UL, CSA, VDE, IEC ,ect.) based on your requirements. Our facilities in China are certified in ISO 9002, IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components (IECQ), and other agencies.
(714)994-5699, Fax: (714)522-7335, E-mail: Info@PwrMag.com Request a quote
TDE membership candidate: 4/1/10/TP

POWER MAGNETICS CONSULTANCY - San Diego, CA - - Experts with more than 30 years experience in manufacturing low and high frequency Wire Wound Components (WWC), meeting customers' needs in implementing best WWC manufacturing practices, WWC design, optimizing WWC by bridging design and manufacuring, lean manufacturing, six sigma production processes, cost reductions, educating peronnel on-site, program management, and more.
(858)689-4984, Fax: (858)689-9061, E-mail: CustomerService@PowerMagneticsConsultancy.com Request a quote
TDE membership candidate: 4/1/10/TP

PREM MAGNETICS, INC. - Johnsburg, IL - - Electronic & electric power transformer manufacturer offering 6v, 12v, 24v, 120v and 240v transformers and many more low voltage inductors. Prem also offers safety agency approved international power transformers, telephony coupling magnetics, inductors, CRT display adjustable linearity coils and audio transformers. We offer a zero defect guarantee. Order samples online.
(815)385-2700, Fax: (815)385-8578, E-mail: Sales@PremMag.com Request a quote

PULSE ENGINEERING, INC. - San Diego, CA - - Worldwide leader in electronic component, subassembly design and manufacturing. Power and signal products for computing, networking and communications, power conversion, defense, aerospace, automotive, and consumer electronics. State-of-the-art custom designs and catalog products. Source for electronic OEMs, contract manufacturers, and ODMs. Member IEEE, ATIS, ETSI, HDMI, DSL Forum, CommNexus, and MoCA.
(858)674-8100, Fax: (858)674-8262, E-mail: Sales@PulseEng.com Request a quote
TDE membership candidate: 4/15/10/TP

SIGNAL TRANSFORMER, INC. - Inwood, NY - - Off-the-shelf transformers, toroidals and inductors with UL, CSA, VDE, TUV, CE approvals. Leading manufacturer of 50-60 Hz transformers from 1VA to 50KVA. 3-Phase, Class-2, buck-boost, isolation & autotransformers. Printed-circuit and chassis-mount versions in a wide variety of domestic and international wiring configurations. High Frequency, flyback, & switch mode magnetics designed to OEM specs.
(516)239-5777, Fax: (516)239-7208, E-mail: Sales@SignalTransformer.com Request a quote
TDE membership candidate: 4/14/10/TP

STANDEX ELECTRONICS, INC. - Cincinnati, OH - - Standex Electronics designs and manufactures a variety of high frequency custom and standard transformers, inductors and chokes to fit most any need in the 20KHz to RF range. Contact Standex Electronics for a your custom requirement, any of our standard transformers, or custom variation of any of our standard transformers.
(866)782-6339, (513)871-3777 Fax: (513)871-3779, E-mail: Standex@StandexElectronics.com Request a quote

TOROID CORPORATION OF MARYLAND - Salisbury, MD - - High quality, high performance toroidal power transformers and chokes with very low magnetic strayfield emission levels, quiet operation, low weight, small size, high efficiency, and easy assembly. Applications include medical electronics, test and measurement systems, industrial control panels, data communications, motor controls, light fixtures, audio systems, robotics, UPS, and avionics..
(888)286-7643, (410)860-0300, Fax: (410)860-0302, E-mail: Sales@Toroid.com Request a quote
TDE membership candidate: 4/1/10/TP

TRANEX, INC. - Colorado Springs, CO - - Standard and custom transformers, inductors, coils, and toroids. Tranex supplies these products to the medical, semiconductor equipment, food preparation, telecommunications, instrumentation and aerospace industries. With over 80 years of magnetic design experience, our engineers are prepared to design to your exacting standards. Tranex manufactures in compliance with ISO 9001 standards.
(888)369-5403, (719)576-7994, Fax: (719)576-1503, E-mail: Sales@TranexInc.com Request a quote
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TTE, INC. / Div. Gowanda Electronics - Los Angeles, CA - - Pioneers in design, development, and manufacture of high quality filters ranging from a frequency of 5Hz to 26GHz. Passive filter designs include LC, Combline, Helical and Microstrip. Topologies include bandpass, band rejection, lowpass & highpass covering RF & Microwave frequency ranges. Also provding precision inductors, attenuators, terminations, baluns, and matching & isolation transformers.
(310)478-8224, Fax: (310)445-2791, E-mail: tte@tte.com Request a quote

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High Frequency Magnetics
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