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AIR SYSTEMS MANUFACTURING OF LENOIR, INC. - Lenoir, NC - - Leading manufacturers of air filtration systems and equipment since 1988. The affordable dust filtration systems and dust collection systems are used for wood, metal, synthetic dust, fumes, smoke and toxic vapors. Reduce your cleaning costs, reduce fire hazards, create a safer and more friendly & productive workplace for your employees.
(828)757-3500, Fax: (828)758-5178, E-mail: sales@airsystemsmfg.com Request a quote 10TP

DeltaMAXX CARTRIDGE FILTERS - Jackson Center, PA - - Top manufacturer of industrial air filtration equipment, dust & fume collectors, cartridge filters, and all industrial dust collection equipment. All replacement cartridge filters are made to the original OEM specs and made for all types of cartridge dust collectors, offering the longest filter life, cleanest air, and greatest overall cost savings.
(877)421-2205, E-mail: info@isystemsweb.com Request a quote

IMPERIAL SYSTEMS, INC. - Jackson Center, PA - - Designers, manufactures and installs of dust collection systems, utilizing pleated filter cartridges and other cartridge filters for industries like mining, dust removal at excavation sites, and underground mining and foundry dust, including weld fumes. Upgrade from Torit Cartridge Filters or Farr Filter Replacement Collector Filters to DeltaMAXX Cartridge Filters.
(800)918-3013, (724)662.2801, Fax: 724.662.2803, E-mail: info@isystemsweb.com Request a quote

SENTRY AIR SYSTEMS, INC. - Houston, TX - - AIR PURIFIERS for health and quality assurance. Control smoke, fumes, dust, particulates & contaminants generated during hand and automated soldering operations. Exclusive patented line of small, quiet, modular and economical air cleaners provide source capture utilizing a variety of hoods and snorkel devices as well as hepa and carbon filters.
(800)799-4609, (713)690-2153, Fax: (713)690-7872, E-mail: bryan@sentryair.com Request a quote

TRM FILTRATION - Lexington, NC - - Leading supplier of industrial dust collector equipment and systems for a variety of markets. Offering high quality air handling and filtration equipment for dry applications - Baghouses, balers, conveyors, cyclones, grinders, material handling fans, replacement filters, shredders and waste separators - Diverting valves, duct silencers, standard or custom ductwork and fabricated hoods.
(336)248-2253, Fax: (336)248-2460, E-mail: Sales@TRMfiltration.com Request a quote

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