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ENVIRONMENTAL INSTRUMENTS, LLC - Waynesville, NC - - Environmental Instruments is a research, development and manufacturer for environmental monitoring and controlling instrumentation. Our patented Fluoroprobe, optical/luminescent/fluorescent DISSOLVED OXYGEN ANALYZER is the only new technology for measuring dissolved oxygen in the last 50+ years. We changed the way the world measures oxygen.
(828)452-7776, Fax: (828)452-7076, E-mail: Sales@TheFluoroprobe.com Request a quote ..... .

INTEGRATED SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES (IST) - Goleta, CA - - OEM electronics design and product development of SENSOR-BASED PRODUCTS as gas detection equipment, high speed miniature digital current probes, as well as general printed circuit board project management, reverse engineering, layout, and prototyping. Lower rates for manufacturing rights.
(805)968-6600, Fax: (805)968-6600, E-mail: Peter@iSensorTech.com Request a quote

NEODYM TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Port Moody, BC, Canada - - Designers and manufacturers of GAS DETECTION DEVICES for OEMs, as well as generic detection equipment for industrial, commercial and domestic applications. Offering simple, stand-alone gas detectors as well as advanced multi-sensor monitoring systems. Equipment is DC-powered making it suitable for use in all countries of the world.
(877)723-5400, (604)939-5544, Fax: (604)939-4153, E-mail: wjm@neodymsystems.com Request a quote ..... .

REL-TEK CORPORATION - Monroeville, PA - - Manufacturers of intrinsically safe gas sensors, including methane, propane, etc. combustibles, and CO, H2S, SO2, etc. toxics. Complete systems, not just bits and pieces. Telemetry, controls, logging, networking and hot-standby are second to none. Rel-Tek pioneered in automatic gas sensor calibration technology, saving money, improving safety.
(800)783-9228, (412)373-6700, Fax: (412)373-6703, E-mail: Marketing@Rel-Tek.com Request a quote .....

UTILITARGET ENERGY SOLUTIONS, LLC - Buffalo, NY - - Cost effective LED lighting and solar power conversions for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications. Our team of energy and lighting specialists are dedicated to providing you with the most efficient, industry-leading LED lighting and solar power products and installation, together with a total energy review including utility company audits.
(716)871-1111, E-mail: info@utilitarget.com Request a quote
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