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4 STAR ELECTRONICS, INC. - San Clemente, CA - - 4 Star Electronics is one of the world’s largest purchasers and consignees of excess electronics inventory. We buy and consign all types of electronic components including semiconductors, integrated circuits, relays, connectors, switches and other board level components. Call today for a quote on your surplus electronics.
(877)240-8595, (949)276-5201, Fax: (949)240-8503, E-mail: Excess@4StarElectronics.com Request a quote

ABSOLUTE SOLUTIONS - Orlando, FL - - Commercial and MIL-Spec -- Passive components & semiconductor products. Capacitors, inductors, resistors, relays, switches, filters, connectors, oscillators, displays and readouts, batteries and acessories, audio components, power and telecom products, antennas., cables and wires, transformers, circuit protection devices, memories, ICs, and more. Ready to ship today, at factory direct prices!
(407)679-5155, Fax: (497)679-5868, E-mail: ash@magicnet.com Request a quote

ADVANCED MP TECHNOLOGY - San Clemente, CA - - Established over 25 years ago with the promise to "deliver what customers want, when and where they want it." In keeping the promise Advanced MP has been consistently responding to the constantly changing market dynamics and customer needs. We have become a leading open market electronic COMPONENT DISTRIBUTOR worldwide.
(949)492-3113, Fax: (949)492-9589, E-mail: randyh@advancedmp.com Request a quote

AMOR ELECTRONICS, INC. - Laguna Hills, CA - - Independent electronic component stocking distributors made up of 2 divisions - One supplies brand new ICs, memory chips, and discrete semiconductors to commercial and military OEMs, while the other purchases surplus inventories and excess PCBs, populated with chip components which we refurbish, so we can offer 5-25X normal scrap recycling value.
(949)581-6303, (949)581-0148, E-mail: Stan@AmorElectronics.com Request a quote

AMS XS - San Jose, CA - - We're changing the way materials move in the secondary market. We are a clearing house for electronics inventory. We either stock or have assured local access to the entire inventory listed on our website. All components are guaranteed NEW and we strive to offer attractive prices.
(408)294-7100, (408)291-0300, E-mail: Info@AMSxs.com Request a quote

AUCTION HUB - Brooklyn, OH - - Premium auction company determined to help you earn more money from your assets! Specializing in liquidation auctions of electronic equipment, restaurant equipmet, supermarkets, tanning salons, pizza shops, colleges & universities, farm equipment and more. Handling every aspect of your auction from staging, listing, advertising, customer relations, shipping, collection payments and more!
(888)570-1153, E-mail: info@auctionhub.com Contact Us
CLICK HERE TO SEARCH OUR ENIRE SITE ~ Skip a space after our domain name and search any keyword !

AVAILABLE COMPONENTS, LLC - Haverhill, MA - - Over 25 years of experience, delivering hard-to-find, allocated, discontinued and obsolete componets. Our worldwide resources will allow us to expedite your order quickly and efficiently. Your source for electronic components, sub-assemblies and electro-mechanicals. Inspected, reliable parts, fast turn-around from stock, and from worldwide surplus inventories, at competitive prices.
(508)320-4356, Fax: (978)373-2682, E-mail: AvailableComponents@Comcast.net Request a quote

BUYERS OF SURPLUS MEMORY - Irvine, CA - - Liquidate your surplus and excess computer memory parts, including SSDs, DRAMs, DDRs, SRAMs, Flash, USB and other memory chips and modules. Top dollar paid for immedate liquidation of your surplus memory inventory. Please E-mail us your parts list.
(949)851-7776, Fax: (949)851-7986, E-mail: njaved@princetonusa.com

California Electronic Asset Recovery / CEAR, INC. - Streetsboro, OH - - Click left to visit our website and return soon to read our complete product description.
(330)329-5078, Fax: (330)676-1133, E-mail: tgeorger@neo.rr.com Request a quote

D&D SURPLUS - Batavia, IL - - We have quite a supply of surplus items to choose from - All brand new! Resistors & capacitors, inductors, switches & relays, filters, connectors, displays & readouts, audio components, power supplies, telecom products, antennas, cables & wires, transformers, circuit protection devices, memories, ICs and more. Check our site for weekly specials.
(630)879-0020, Fax: (630)879-6749, E-mail: ddsurplus@aol.com Request a quote 10/GP

DMAC INTERNATIONAL, INC. - Sebring, FL - - Independent distributors with large inventories of surplus capacitors, connectors, ICs and hard to find parts. Utilizing a computerized worldwide tracking system.
(941)655-6221, Fax: (941)655-5191, E-mail: Dmccoomb@WebDmac.com Request a quote

ELECTRONIC EXPEDITERS, INC. - Via Pescador, CA - - Huge surplus inventory of diodes & transistors, integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, relays, switches, military and obsolete components. Please visit our website for a complete description of our products and return to this page later for a full description of our inventory of integrated circuits.
(805)987-7171, Fax: (805)987-3344, E-mail: Sales@Expediters.com Request a quote

ELECTRONIC MATERIAL INDUSTRIES - Toluca Lake, CA - - Independent stocking distributors of Military & Industrial electronic component parts such as Capacitors & Resistors, ICs, Diodes, Transistors, and other Semiconductors. Please fax your requirements for immediate response.
(818)769-1002, Fax: (818)769-1084, E-mail: electmatind@earthlink.ne Request a quote

HYPER MICROSYSTEMS, INC. - Vernon Hills, IL - New and lots of used & preowned items. Hard to find parts, end of life computer equipment from Intel, HP, IBM, Dell, Sylvania, and more! Your online store for motherboards, hard drives, servers and server components, video cards, networking solutions, controllers, processors (CPUs), computer memory, tape drives, CD and DVD writers.
(847)499-7023, Fax: (847)537-9829, E-mail: web@hypermicro.com Request a quote 11/GP

I GROUP ELECTRONICS - Pinellas Park, FL - - Stocking Distributor of active and passive electronic components such as flash, memory, microcontrollers, capacitors, etc. Over 5000 line items in stock ready to ship today!
(727)522-3464, Fax:(727)521-6273, E-mail: Sales@iGroupElectronics.com Request a quote

LEDTRONICS, INC. - Torrance, CA - - Liquidating inventories of surplus LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). Our inventive product line encompasses an array of direct incandescent lamp replacement Based LED lamps for decorative and task lighting applications. Wide range of Snap-in and relampable panel mount LED lamps, sunlight visibile discrete LEDs and PCB LEDs. Full spectrum Surface Mount rainbow RGB LEDs and IR LEDs.
(800)579-4875, (310)534-1505, Fax: (310)534-1424, E-mail: Webmaster@LEDtronics.com Request a quote

MEREDITH INSTRUMENTS - Glendale, AZ - - LASERS - - New & used laser diode modules & drivers, collimating lasers, lab lasers, helium neon lasers, He-Ne laser tubes & power supplies. Lasers repaired, surplus laser devices & components purchased.
(800)722-0392, (602)934-9387, Fax: (602)934-9482, E-mail: info@mi-lasers.com Request a quote

KEPONT ELECTRONIC SURPLUS TRADE, INC. - Clifton, NJ - - Buyers & sellers all types of excess, surplus, obsolete, overstock, returns, etc. - Items such as active, passive, electromechanical components, and finished goods. We deal with OEMs, contract manufacturers, and distributors. Ask about our asset management program - Asset recovery, de-manufacturing, outright purchase and consignments - Customized to your needs.
(973)777-7002, Fax: (973)777-7093, E-mail: Sales@Kepont.com Request a quote

MONSTER COMPONENTS LLC - Volente, TX - - Excess inventory managers and liquidators, specializing in electronic component surplus. We buy and sell everything that has value, including new and obsolete semiconductors, integrated circuits, military components, transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, connectors, switches, relays, CPUs and hard drives. We have the solution for you to sell your excess electronics inventory.
(512)828-8722, Fax: (512)276-6713, E-mail: Sales@MonsterComponents.com Request a quote

NATIONAL TEAM COMPONENTS, INC. - Brockport, NY - - We buy excess inventories of electronic components. Offering attractive consignment proposals. We also lot bid and pay cash. Our unique reference database enables us to locate end users for your excess stock, resulting in higher returns for you. Send us your excess list for immediate results.
(585)802-9631, Fax: (585)637-5690, Chris@NaTeamUS.com Request a quote

NEW YORK COMPONENTS - Forest Hills, NY - - Millions of parts in stock to fill any requirement. Hard-to-find and obsolete ICs, connectors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, crystals, oscillators, and electromechanicals. Orders shipped ASAP from our centrally located New York warehouse. Contact us with your needs or let us buy or consign your own surplus inventories - We provide safe, secure storage.
(718)275-7775, Fax: (718)275-9888, E-mail: Sales@EC-Electronics.com Request a quote

SOUTHERN CIRCUIT SALES, INC. - St. Petersburg, FL - - Large stock of surplus, hard-to-find, and discontinued electronic components - Please click to visit our website and return here to read our complete product description. Call us now with your component needs.
Toll-Free: (866)822-1600, (727)822-1600, Fax: (727)822-0700, E-mail: SCSsteve@TampaBay.RR.com Request a quote

T-SAN ELECTRONICS, INC. - Torrance, CA - - Independent electronic component distributor, stocking an extensive inventory of batteries, semiconductors, integrated circuits and more. Our wide selection of board-level active and passive devices range through leading edge technology to hard-to-find, obsolete and allocated products. Our In-house inventory, supported by global trading partners, offers access to millions of products worldwide.
(310)542-8666, Fax: (310)542-8674, E-mail: sales@tsan.net Request a quote

TCG - TECHNOLOGY CONSERVATION GROUP - Lecanto, FL - - Recycler of electronic scrap, by-products and other components related to the manufacturing of technological products. We will process your electronic equipment or components for reuse or recycling. If recycling through resale is not a viable option, destruction initiatives can be formulated. Increase revenue as you resolve your company's surplus issues.
(877)926-8824, (352)527-2534, Fax: (352)527-8658, E-mail: Info@TCGrecycling.com Request a quote

TEST EQUIPMENT SALES - Londonderry, NH - - Surplus and used electronic TEST EQUIPMENT - Specializing in oscilloscopes, analog scopes, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, power supplies, more. All guaranteed. Let us bid on your suplus equipment.
(800)684-4651, (603)434-2544, Fax: (603)425-2945, E-mail: Sales@TEsales.com Request a quote

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