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1 NATION ELECTRONICS - Oldsmar, FL - - Specializing in warranty and maintenance work for Nortel Networks and Avaya TELEPHONES & SYSTEMS. Our facility can accommodate, test, repair, refurbish and burn in many types of electronic equipment in large runs. Certified staff ensure quality results on single items and complete systems.
(866)550-8804, (813)349-6852, Fax: (813)349-6839, E-mail: Mjaffe@1NationTech.com Request a quote

A1 SERVO MOTOR REPAIR - Irving, TX - - Dedicated servo motor repair facility with expertise to repair all types and makes of complex servo motors including DC and AC servo motors and stepper motors. Fast turnaround, since are not a broker - Our 12,000 square foot servo motor repair facility is designed expressly for high-tech electromechanical repair and remanufacturing.
(888)336-8430, (972)313-1133, Fax: (972)313-1341, E-mail: Sales@servorepair.com Request a quote

A&D ELECTRONICS, LLC - Ontario, CA - - Repair depot and wholesale distributors for consumer electronics. We repair and wholesale a wide range of brands from Philips to Element to Toshiba. Products include HD TVs, blue ray disc players, home thatres, dvd players, monitors and more.
(909)230-9505, Fax: (909)230-5275, E-mail: robya@adelectronicsusa.com Request a quote

AEROSUP AVIONICS CORP. - Van Nuys, ca - - Aviation components and electronics, repairs, overhaul and installation services to the commercial and regional airlines and corporate air transport operators. We offer a wide range of high quality products and systems to the global air transport marketplace ranging from full avionics suites and cockpit upgrades to In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems.
(888)649-0080, (310)649-0400, Fax: (310)649-0600, E-mail: Avionics@Aerosup.com Request a quote 10/GP

AUTO COMPUTER SPECIALIST - Plantation, FL - - Auto computer & repair specialists, dedicated to providing you with the best customer service and quality parts at competitive prices. We repair and maintain a large inventory of auto computers - ECM ECU PCM TCM TCU BCM FCM IDM FICM - Search our inventory by make, model & year to place an order today.
(954)513-8359, E-mail: autocomputerspecialist@gmail.com Request a quote

BEST, INC. - Rolling Meadows, IL - - Expert BGA rework services, ECO modifications and PCB rework. State of the art equipment and IPC certified operators insure the BGA rework will be done correctly and reliably. Compare your fully burdened overhead rate of rework/repair to our per board price - Turns as quick as 24 hours on BGA rework and reballing.
(847)797-9250, Fax: (847)797-9255, E-mail: bwet@solder.net Request a quote

COMMSHARK - Baltimore, MD - - Local providers of voice & data systems, premises based phone systems, VoIP and cloud based phone systems to businesses within the Baltimore & Washington, DC area - New phone system sales, installation, repair service, upgrades and office relocation, voice & data cable infrastructure, music on hold, paging & intercom systems, together with remote tech support.
(443)873-3633, E-mail: info@commshark.com Request a quote
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CompuSolveUSA, INC. - Conshohoken, PA - - Experts in solving computer, server, and networking issues. Services include clean ups, setups & computer sales, data recovery & transfer, hardware installation, network setup, operating system install, printer fix & setup, tablet/eReader setup, virus removal, workstation migration, and more. Offering IT solutions for business computer systems through remote, on-site, and emergency support.
(215)628-8348, E-mail: Info@CompuSolveUSA.com Request a quote

COMPUTER REPAIR CHICAGO - Chicago, IL - - Serving homes and offices throughout the Chicago area, with no added transportation charges. Call us for all your computer hardware installation, repairs and upgrades - Computer backup & data recovery issues - computer software installation & consulting - Adware , spyware &, virus removal - Help with setting up your computer Network & wireless network and more!
(773)844.9251, Fax: (866)480.2332, E-mail: support@pcmatix.com Request a quote

CONTEC, WorldWide Digital - Schenectady, NY - - High-end electronic repair facility that has highly skilled electronic technicians who can perform repairs on surface mount components and sub-assemblies. WorldWide Digital has demonstrated it can be flexible on different technologies and with different electronic components/printed circuit boards. Readily available work force.
(800)382-2723 Ext. 2100, Fax: (518)382-8452, E-mail: rkielb@gocontec.com Request a quote

CREATIVE HI-TECH, LTD - Elk Grove, IL - - Now operating 2 static free, air conditioned facilities - Elk Grove, Il and Riverside, CA - Providing enclosed product and PCB-level repair depot services where your customers may ship defective products and receive quick and efficient warantee fulfillment and post warantee repairs - Send us your boards in bulk for rework and parts replacement. Elk Grove, IL: (847)718-0655, Fax: (847)718-0656, E-mail: Sales@CreativeHiTech.com - - - Click for our Riverside, CA facility:
Fax: (909)739-0307, E-mail: Sales@SierraAssembly.com Request a quote

DIAL APPLIANCE SERVICE - Brooklyn, NY - - One of the NYC area's largest appliance repair & installation companies, serving Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Experienced in all types and brands of major appliances, such as washers & dryers, refrigerators, stoves, ovens, dishwashers and air conditioners. We employ highly trained and courteous technicians who are fully licensed and insured.
(800)229-8132, (718)368-1512, Fax: (718)332-3841, E-mail: service@dialappliance.com Request a quote

ECOLOGICAL NJ - Neptune City, NJ - - New Jersey's leading solar power systems developer, providing solar system design and installation, solar inspections and repairs, solar inverter warranty replacements, maintenance of system and management of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs). Working to make sure your commercial or residential solar system is optimized to perform at its maximum capacity.
(732)681-5296, Fax: (732)681-5482, E-mail: solar@ecologicalnj.com Request a quote
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ELECTRONIC ER - El Cajon, CA - - Southern California electronics restoration company, specializing in data recovery requirements resulting from natural & man made desasters, including water, mold, fire, earthquare, valdalism, etc. Helping insurance providers and their insureds save money on "totalled" damaged computers and complex systems by providing diagnosis reports, on-site cleaning, and restoring data from damaged systems.
(619)971-8359, Fax: (619)568-3370, E-mail: info@electronic-er.com Request a quote

ELECTRONIC SPECIALISTS, INC. - Natick, MA - - Retrofit your repaired instruments with our universal AC power adapters and international phone adapters. Manufacturers of PROTECTION & INTERFERENCE control for data, video, modem, phone and power systems. Voltage regulators, isolation transformers and autotransformers. Distributors of variable transformers, variac, frequency changers and voltage converters. Custom designs undertaken.
(508)655-1532, Fax:(508)653-0268, E-mail: ESP@Elect-Spec.com Request a quote

EVENTTONE WIRELESS, INC. - East Hanover, NJ - - Two way radio rentals - Offering direct connect phones and wifi communications equipment for short & long term rental or sale. Providing repair service and consulting for two way radios and telecommunications equipment for industries as diverse as event production, TV, film, and music touring to petrochemical, education and healthcare and more!
(855)396-5450, E-mail: eventtonerentals@gmail.com Request a quote

FIRST DIGITAL SURVEILLANCE - Los Angeles, CA - - Offering CCTV installation, video surveillance, and remote monitoring for residential, commercial & industrial applications. Installing new video surveillance systems and servicing existing CCTV equipment. Specializing in CCTV digital surveillance cameras installation and providing other low voltage services like home automation, access control (card reader access), intercom system, surround sound, & home theater.
(310)294-9033, Cell: (310)901-4954, Fax: (310)626-9679, E-mail: info@cctvinstallation-losangeles.com Request a quote

FIRST DIGITAL SURVEILLANCE - E-Commerce - - Direct sales of HD CCTV security cameras, wireless CCTV cameras, video surveillance CCTV & remote monitoring systems for residential, commercial, institutional & industrial applications. Also offering best prices on a wide range of DVR & NVR systems. Browse our complete online CCTV camera inventory to place your order directly from our E-Commerce site.
(877)901-4954, E-mail: info@cctvsecuritycamerasonline.com Request a quote

GOLD COAST COMPUTER SOLUTIONS, LLC - Coconut Creek, FL - - Experts in computer repair providing on site technical support in Southeast Florida, or remotely from our office. Solving problems regarding e-mail, youtube, AOL, Pogo, Netflix, printers, missing files and pictures, fixing your internet connection, removing viruses, spyware, malware, trojans & worms, speeding up your computer, and various other technical support services.
(855)878-3263, E-mail: support@goldcoastcomputerfix.com Request a quote

HUNTER PRODUCTS, INC. - Bridgewater, NJ - - GOLDFINGER Re-Plating and Re-Work system - Environmenatally-friendly compounds. These low cost disposable applicators permit instantaneous selection of ELECTRO-PLATING possibilities without preparation of solutions. Used for contact repair, prototype development work, electronic instrument repair, etc. Pens available with copper, tin, zinc, nickel, black nickel, silver, chrome-color, rhodium, palladium, and gold.
(800)524-0692, (908)526-8440, Fax: (908)526-8348, E-mail: hunter@eclipse.net Request a quote

INBUS ENGINEERING - Fullerton, CA - - Specializing in the repair and licensed manufacturing of retired INTEL BOARDS - motherboards and systems. We support the complete array of legacy computing platforms including Multibus I, Multibus II, Bitbus, Desktop PCs and servers and carry the world's largest inventory of retired Intel boards and systems.
(925)454-2500, Fax: (925)454-2501, E-mail: Jim.Wright@InBus.com Request a quote

INSTRUMENT CALIBRATION SERVICE, INC. - Alpharetta, GA - - Commercial instrument calibration and test equipment repair services for a wide variety of measurement and test instruments and equipment. Our laboratory currently provides quality instrument calibration and test equipment services to manufacturing, research & development, service, testing, engineering, aviation, and medical/healthcare organizations nationwide. Military trained precision measuring equipment specialists.
(800)826.3759, (678)341-6090, Fax: (678)341-6091, E-mail: Atlanta@InstrumentCalibration.com Request a quote 10/GP

MANDIS ATE TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Morgan Hill, CA - - Mandis is an industry leader specializing in sales & support for the Agilent / HP3070 Series ICT platform. We also offer complete board repair services, as well as rental options. Please call or E-mail for systems, spares, upgrades, repairs, or rental requirements.
(408)776-7878,, Fax: (408)776-7888, E-mail: infolink@mandisATE.com Request a quote

MEREDITH INSTRUMENTS - Glendale, AZ - - Repairs of laser diode devices, collimating lasers, lab lasers, helium neon lasers, He-Ne lasers and power supplies. This company specializes in the sale of surplus & used lasers, and repairs. Also, a major source for laser books and videos.
(800)722-0392, Fax: (602)934-9482. Request a quote

MILLER TELCOM SERVICES - Ramona, CA - - Offering computer networking, phone & data cabling, digital VOIP phone systems, video surveillance, over head paging and other equipment for business communication needs. Maintaining partnerships and certifications with leading equipment manufacturers, technology distributors and national suppliers to deliver effective solutions. Contact us for a free personalized consultation of your communications infrastructure.
(888)904-4687, (760)788-3687, Fax: (760)788-6559, E-mail: sales@millertelcom.com Request a quote

ONE PRICE PC REPAIR - Atlanta, GA - - Remote PC repair services using a unique technology which allows us to create a secure connection directly to your PC over the internet and fix your problem as you watch. Our highly trained tech experts will remotely fix your computer, remove a virus & malware and even resolve software issues or your money back!
(404)919-7884, E-mail: Support@OnePricePCrepair.com Request a quote

PARKER GROUP, INC., The. - Clinton Township, MI - - Factory authorized & field service capable ELECTRONICS REPAIR SOURCE for industry. Component level PC board repairs, AC/DC drives, power supplies, AC/DC servo motors, PLC, NC/CNC controls, encoders, robotics, CRT/monitor, instrumentation & measuring devices. Printed circuit board assembly manufacturing. Free estimates, quick turn, outstanding warranty, competitive pricing.
(586)469-0606, , Fax: (586)469-2826, E-mail: Sales@ParkerGroupInc.com Request a quote

PROCESS SCIENCES, INC. (PSI) - Austin, TX - - Rework and repair center for electronic assemblers. PSI rescues valuable BGA and fine pitch components, as well as assemblies from company scrap piles. We are so dedicated to saving our customers money that we only charge for those components and assemblies that we can repair. Let PSI turn your SCRAP into PROFIT!
(512)259-7070, Fax: (512)259-7073, E-mail: sales@process-sciences.com Request a quote

SEMIPACK SERVICES, INC. - Jacksonville, FL - - - Electronic component preparation and repairs - lead forming - lead straightening - component baking to remove moisture prior to assembly - BGA rework to reball defective BGA chips - device programming - More! Working for contract manufacturers, component distributors, and end-user OEMs. Our services are conducted in accordance with IS9001/QS9000 standards.
(888)876-PACK, (904)733-3755, Fax: (904)733-9664, E-mail: Bwattson@SemiPack.com Request a quote

SIA ELECTRONICS - Tilden, IL - - Industry leader in the remanufacturing of automotive electronic control modules ECUs for all domestic & foreign vehicles, with over 20 years of experience. Also remanufacturers of mass air flow sensors, powertrain control modules, fuel injector control modules, anti-lock brake computers EBCMs and anti-lock brake hydraulic units, for domestic and foreign automobiles.
(800)737-0915, (618)587-3308, Fax: (618)587-6408, E-mail: email@siaelec.com Request a quote

SILICONE SOLUTIONS - Twinsburg, OH Adhesives, Sealants and Encapsulants. Use our unique products for repairs, ask about our Silicone Seminars, and about our Consulting Services, and Custom Formulation.
(330)405-4595, (330)405-4596. Request a quote

TigerTek INDUSTRIAL SERVICES, INC. - Stoneville, NC - - Specializing in in-house servo repair - Fanuc servo motor repair, Pacific Scientific servo motor repair, Yaskawa servo motor repair, and all other major brands. All servo motors are expertly repaired with OEM parts and returned like new, complete with detailed failure report. Offering cost savings, fast turn-around, and a 1-year warranty.
(877)623-1717, (336)623-1717, Fax: (336)623-1725, E-mail: info@tigertek.com Request a quote 10/GP

TRANXITION CORPORATION - Portland, OR - - PC migration software for managing personas (profiles and data) in Windows environments - Automatically extract and preserve end-user customizations, metadata, and files from desktops and move them to new or upgraded desktops, virtual images, or roaming profiles on Windows server. Our Tranxition OnRamp, in beta, transfers user documents to the cloud.
(888)391-4360, (503)688-5046, Fax: (888)391-4360, E-mail: sales@tranxition.com Request a quote
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TRONEX TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Napa, CA - - Manufacturers of quality hand tools for PCB assembly - Over 40 different types of precision hand cutting tools in carbon and alloy steel. The exceptional performance of Tronex cutters results directly from our carefully planned and controlled manufacturing operations in our Napa, CA.
(707)224-9880, Fax: (707)224-9886, E-mail: Arne@TronexTools.com Request a quote

TRUETT ELECTRONICS, INC. - Marion, NC - - Save money by letting us handle your electronic repairs. Specializing in all brands of SATELLITE RECEIVERS, offering 24-Hr turn around. Our techs are well trained and have years of experience in electronic repair and continuously attend seminars on new products from companies like Toshiba, Orion, etc. OEM 3rd party repairs welcome.
(828)738-3102, Fax: (828)738-3102, E-mail: Support@DSSrepair.com Request a quote ..... ...

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