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DA-Green Electronics ~ Electronic Connector Distributors
Stocking Distributors with 10-Million Mil-Spec & Commercial/Industrial Connectors, Tools & Accessories in Inventory - Amphenol / Bendix - Bar Manufacturing - Burndy - Corsair - Cory - Crown Connectors - Daniels - Deteronics - Deutsch - ESC Technologies - Hughes - ITT Cannon - Pyle-National - Robert Technologies - Souriau - Tri-Star Electronics - More! Click Here to Enter or Call . . . 800-DGE-CORP . . .or . . . 800-343-2677

AVAILABLE COMPONENTS, LLC - Haverhill, MA - - Over 25 years of experience, delivering hard-to-find, allocated, discontinued and obsolete componets. Our worldwide resources will allow us to expedite your order quickly and efficiently. Your source for electronic components, sub-assemblies and electro-mechanicals. Inspected, reliable parts, fast turn-around from stock, and from worldwide surplus inventories, at competitive prices.
(508)320-4356, Fax: (978)373-2682, E-mail: AvailableComponents@Comcast.net Request a quote

DA-GREEN ELECTRONICS, LTD. - South River, NJ - - Immediate delivery at competitive prices from our huge inventory - Franchised distributors of connectors, with inverntory of 10-Million military, commercial and industrial connectors and connector tools & accessories. Ready to deliver Amphenol / Bendix - Bar Manufacturing - Burndy - Cory - Daniels - Deteronics - Deutsch - ESC Technologies - Hughes - ITT Cannon - Pyle-National - Robert Technologies - Tri-Star Electronics - More!
1-(800)DGE-CORP / (800)343-2677, (732)254-2735, Fax: (732)254-9172, E-mail: Info@DGEcorp.com Request a quote

EMI SOLUTIONS, INC. - Irvine, CA - - Solid test proven solutions for eliminating RF noise and induced transients right at the source, the connector pins. We produce high quality electronic filters designed to fit completely and unobtrusively inside mated connector pairs at the base of the male connector. Applications include military, aerospace, commercial and industrial electronics.
(949)206-9960, Fax: (949)206-9983 , E-mail: Sales@4EMI.com Request a quote

TECHNICAL CABLE CONCEPTS, INC. - Costa Mesa, CA - - Small-business contract manufacturer for the military, aerospace, medical, storage, image, and robotic industries. TCC provides onsite design and manufacturing of custom cable assemblies - Robotic harnesses, discrete wire harnesses, military cables, camera-link cables, fiber optic assemblies, and much more. World class manufacturing since 1989 - ISO 9001:2008 and UL/CSA Certified.
(714)835-1081, Fax: (714)835-1595, E-mail: Sales@TechCable.com Request a quote 11/GP

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