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AIMTRON Corporation Electronic Contract Manufacturers
Printed Circuit Assembly - CERTIFIED: ISO 13485:2003 / ISO 9001:2008 / ESDA S.20:20:2007 - SMT - Through Hole - Box Build - Custom Cable Assembly - Turnkey & Consignment - Prototype thru Production Volume - Offshore Savings - Click Here to Enter or Call 630-372-7500 . . .

3M TOUCH SYSTEMS - Methuen, MA - - Offering design engineers the industry's most comprehensive range of TOUCHSCREEN options. Capacitive touch sensors, featuring durability exceeding 150 million touches, and antibacterial protection. 4-wire and 5-wire resistive touch sensors provide handheld, wireless, point-of-sale, and display devices unmatched touch sensitivity, optics, surface durability, and the convenience of flexible stylus input.
(800)642-7686, Fax: (978)659-9051, E-mail: Touch@MMM.com Request a quote

4TH DIMENSION PCB, INC. - Orlando, FL - - Dedicated to providing quality Printed Circuit Board design services, utilizing experienced designers, at affordable rates, in a "timely" manner. Serving Electronics OEMs that develop, manufacture or market electronic products for automotive, military, avionics, communications, computer hardware, consumer electronics, and medical applications.
(407)893-7320, Fax: (407)893-7321, E-mail: Info@4thDpcb.com Request a quote

A SQUARED TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - San Marcos, CA - - Product research, design, prototype and assembly services for electronics and electromechanical OEM products. Embedded controllers for smart systems - Developer of 1994 Fortune 500 "Product of the Year." From patent research to OEM production, we help large and small OEMs and independent inventors - Providing SMT and thru-hole electronic assembly services.
(760)432-8285, Fax: (760)432-8286, E-mail: Asquared@cts.com Request a quote

ACCUTEK MICROCIRCUIT CORP. - Newburyport, MA - - Designers of custom and standard PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS. We maintain four Pentium Board Design Cadsystems, using Zuken Redac Cadstar, Advanced CAM 350, PC Gerber II and Drafix Cad Professional. Contact via Website, or call...
(800)652-7505, (978)465-6200, Fax: (978)462-3396, E-mail: sales@accutekmicro.com Request a quote

ADAPTICOM, INC. - Raleigh, NC - - Providing OEM clients with engineering & design, focusing on new product development - Experts in programmable logic, including FPGAs, PALs, and Flash based microcontrollers. Engineering, design and manufacturing expertise in a veriety of applications, including aerospace, military, medical, automotive, computer, telecom & test industries, instrumentation, RF/microwave, analog, digital, high-speed designs, and more.
(919)870-0608, Fax: (800)290-8381, E-mail: Info3@Adapticom.us Request a quote

ADI ENGINEERING, INC. - Charlottesville, VA - - Providing comprehensive design-through-production solutions for custom, semi-custom, and standard SBCs, reference boards, embedded Intel Architecture ("IA" or x86) processors and XScale network processors. We also provide leading edge custom design services for the communications, networking, wireless, military and government, high-end embedded computing, security, and video/audio processing markets.
(434)978-2888, Fax: (434)978-1803, E-mail: sales@adiengineering.com Request a quote ..... ...

ADVANCED CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Indianapolis, IN - - Let us show you how POWERLINE CARRIER MODULES can be designed into your product to allow send & receive of data signals via any building's existing AC wiring - Small X10 compatible transceivers for OEM applications utilizing our Powerline Carriers will expand a product's uses anywhere in a building.
(317)337-0100, Fax: (317)337-0200, E-mail: info@act-solutions.com Request a quote

ADVANCED POWER SOLUTIONS - Livermore, CA, - - APS is a leading-edge global company that specializes in POWER SUPPLY DESIGN and Manufacturing. Our extensive product line makes APS a one stop shop for your power supply needs. Most of our products can be customized to meet specific requirements for OEMs.
(925)456-9890, Fax: (925)456-9891, E-mail: sales@advpower.com Request a quote

ADVANCED VLSI ENGINEERING, INC. - Reno, NV - - Designers of state-of-the-art ASICs and standard components. Experienced in all aspects of semiconductor technology development, IC design and electronics engineering. Successful analog and digital IC designs: Microprocessors, network processors, DSPs, FPGAs, SerDes I/Os, ADCSs, PLLs, frequency synthesis & clocks distribution, RF transceivers, power conversion & management, and micro/nano power applications.
(775)970-5473, Fax: (775)970-5473, E-mail: pierre@advlsi.com Request a quote

ADVANTECH EMBEDDED COMPUTING - Irvine, CA - - Designers and manufacturers of standard and OEM custom SINGLE BOARD COMPUTERS. Biscuit PCs, half-sized CPU cards, full-sized CPU Cards, PC/104, WebCon, POS, embedded OSs. We also offer ruggedized, fanless, modularized panel computers with 5.7"-15" LCD displays. NEMA 4/IP 65, IEC601/UL2601. Ideal for industrial automation, POS/POI, transportation, medical/healthcare, kiosk applications.
(800)866-6008, (949)789-7178, Fax: (949)789-7179, E-mail: ECGInfo@Advantech.com Request a quote

AIMTRON CORPORATION - Palatine, IL - - Printed circuit design, assembly and support, prototype through high volume, quality management, domestic & international options with box build. Serving electronics based OEMs in the medical, green energy, military/Aerospace, commercial, consumer and ndustrial markets. Our customers reduce their unit cost, while improving their time to market for new products.
(630)372-7500, Fax: (630)372-7505, E-mail: info@aimtron.com Request a quote

ALTAN TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Vancouver, BC, Canada - - Electronic product development, consulting and implementation, prototyping through manufacturable product. Specializing in embedded systems, wireless communications, including software and mechanical design, Your one-stop shop for transforming your device requirements into reality. Our engineers will blend seamlessly with your product marketing team until full completion, helpling you create a winning product.
(866)992-5826, (604)948-9322, E-mail: sales@altantechnologies.com Request a quote

AmeriCAD PCB DESIGN, INC. - Ramona, CA - - High speed and RF PCB design services using Advanced IPC-certified designers with many years of experience. Co-creator of the Footprint library from PCBLibraries.com ensures integrity all the way down to the component level. Offering quality designs, rapid response, reasonable rates. On-site or in our office in the San Diego County area.
(760)787-1873, E-mail: sales@AmeriCADPCB.com Request a quote

AMJS CONSULTING, INC. - Fair Oaks, CA - - Full electronic PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT services including hardware and software development, microcontroller-based products and injection-molded enclosure design - Working prototypes provided with all design projects.
(916)967-6275, Fax: (916)967-6275 E-mail: samarininc@aol.com Request a quote

AMP-RTI, LLC - Lenoir, NC - - Premier provider of PCB assembly services, both SMT and through hole assembly, printed circuit board design and fabrication, and other electronic manufacturing services, including wire & cable harness assembly and product development consulting. ISO-9001:2000 Registered, where customer service, quality, and using cutting edge technology is the keystone to our success.
(828)759-0161, Fax: (828)759-0179, E-mail: Sales@PCBassemblyDepot.com Request a quote

ARMA DESIGN - San Diego, CA - - Electronics engineering services, specializing in new product development. Electronic designers specializing in custom circuit design for new product development. ARMA produces rapid prototypes and first production runs as a result of our electronic consulting service. Come to ARMA Design where engineers do more than design, do system integration, test and drop-ship.
(858)373-1320 x125, Fax: (858)373-1325, E-mail: john_turner@armanet.com Request a quote

AXELSYS ENGINEERING - Fremont, CA - - Axelsys is a premier Electronic Design and Manufacturing Services (EDS and EMS) company that provides complete product realization services. From product concept to volume manufacturing, Axelsys is a single source solution for its customers' product development and manufacturing needs. Design services include project management, design reviews, and system architecture development.
(408)600-0871, Fax: (408)622-6331, E-mail: sales@axelsys.com Request a quote

CALPAK USA, INC. - Redondo Beach, CA - - A PCB LAYOUT & DESIGN house with over 100 Man years of experience in hardware design, software development, fabrication, prototypes (Small run), PLC programming & control panels for automation, schematic capture & PCB layout....
(310)937-7335, Fax: (310)937-7219 E-mail: Saleem@CalPak-USA.com Request a quote

CANCINO TECHNOLOGIES CORP., LTD. - Dorval, QC, Canada - - Specializing in complicated PCB designs, production and assembly. Through hole, SMT, press-fit, Go no go and full electronic testing, final assembly. Will quote on single prototype to medium volume production - turnKey and consignment contracts. QA systems second to none. 48-hr, 1-week and 3-week turns.
(514)631-7667, Fax: (514)631-6786, E-mail: Info@CancinoTechnologies.com Request a quote

CREATIVE HI-TECH, LTD - Elk Grove, IL - - Now operating 2 static free, air conditioned facilities - Elk Grove, Il and Riverside, CA - Providing the electronics OEM with PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT services starting with engineering and design through working prototypes, all the way to full scale production and assembly. Elk Grove, IL: (847)718-0655, Fax: (847)718-0656, E-mail: Sales@CreativeHiTech.com - - - Click for our Riverside, CA facility:
, Fax: (909)739-0307, E-mail: Sales@SierraAssembly.com Request a quote

CTTF - Seattle, WA - - PCB DESIGNS using schematic sketches or electronic schematics in PADS software with low EMI/RFI and mechanical tolerances. CTTF can solid model the entire project to assure component placement. Providing complete manufacturing documentation, BOM, assembly instructions, solder paste stencils, and manufacturing engineering.
(206)632-0332, E-mail: velopsych1@seanet.com Request a quote

DCI, INCORPORATED. - Lenexa, KS - - DCI offers complete turnkey product design, development, manufacturing, and test. Our design team specializes in electronic interface solutions incorporating LCDs, LEDs, keypads, and other electronic components. DCIís design capability also includes design for manufacturability, miniaturization, and through hole to surface mount conversion. Full functional and environmental test development also available.
(913)982-5672, Fax: (913)982-5766, E-mail: Sales@DCIincorporated.com Request a quote

DESIGN CHAIN ASSOCIATES, LLC - San Francisco, CA - - Design consulting services to Electronics OEMs and their contract manufacturers - Focusing on strategic processes and tools for supplier, component, and partner selection, management, and risk mitigation in new product development and throughout the product lifecycle. The result is alignment of your Design Chain with your Supply Chain.
(866)DCA-7676, Fax: (419)735-3602, E-mail: Info@DesignChainAssociates.com Request a quote

DPS, INC. - Carrollton, TX - - Complete PCB design, fabrication and assembly services. Click above to visit our website or return later for complete description of our services.
(972)417-7642, Fax: (972)418-0753, E-mail: sales@dpspcb.com Request a quote

ENGELMAIER ASSOCIATES, L.C. - Ormond Beach, FL - - Design For Reliability of solder joints, printed circuit boards and printed circuit assemblies. Accelerated reliability testing and data analysis. Failure root cause determination and developing solution options. Solder joint reliability is even more important now that for most electronic products, Pb-based solders are banned. Providing training workshops and litigation support.
(386)437-8747, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: engelmaier@aol.com Request a quote 11/GP

HI-TECH ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS & MFG., INC. - Oglesby, IL - - Full service electronic design, product development and prototyping, to complete turnkey electronic production of both lead and lead-free PCBs. Our state-of-the-art facility houses the latest in technology and equipment for all your short run or long run requirements.
(815)220-1543, Fax: (815)410-2050, E-mail: sales@hitech5.com Request a quote

HULL SPEED PRODUCTS, INC. - Melbourne, FL - - Designers of OEM/custom, state-of-the-art DATA ACQUISITION & COMMUNICATIONS accessory products designed to facilitate the connectivity and enhance the performance of a broad range of computer and data processing equipment, including mainframes, minis, and PCs.
(800)771-4855, (321)768-0063, Fax: (321)768-6730, E-mail: Sales@HullSpeed.com Request a quote

INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS - Minford, OH - - Specializing in PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTservices and existing designs in search of optimization or technology upgrades from an assembly cost, performance, or manufacturability perspective - Complete contract manufacturing & prototype services - Experts in the substitution or redesign and manufacture of obsolete assemblies or components that must maintain compatibility with legacy equipment.
(740)820-3751, Fax: (740)820-5451, E-mail: sales@insolves.com Request a quote

INTEGRATED SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES (IST) - Goleta, CA - - Experienced OEM electronic design and product developers - Specializing in sensor-based products as gas detection equipment, high speed miniature digital current probes, as well as general printed circuit board project management, reverse engineering, layout, and prototyping.
(805)968-6600, Fax: (805)968-6600, E-mail: Peter@iSensorTech.com Request a quote

JADAK TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Liverpool, NY - - Microcontroller-based product engineering & design. Software, hardware, mechanical design, prototyping, manufacturing and assembly services.
(315)701-0678, Fax: (315)701-0679, E-mail: Jpine@JadakTech.com Request a quote

KNOX ASSOCIATES DESIGN - San Jose, CA - - Electronic design - Turning ideas into products and products into money. Specializing in circuit and printed circuit board design. Also offering prototype assembly, contract manufacturing, sheet metal, plastics, electronic testing and technical writing. 25 years experience in analog and RF electronics. Engineering assistance of all sorts.
(408)321-3504, Fax: (408)321-8406, E-mail: aknox90210@aol.com Request a quote

LSP CORPORATION - Huntington Beach, CA - - PCB reverse engineering - Recover layout/Gerber data from multilayer bare boards, PCB layout/schematic capture - Mentor Pads, Cadence, & Altium, BOM creation - Component engineering, PCB Gerber scanning - PCB artwork, Mylars, Vellum, & multilayer circuit boards, Data conversion - Gerber to PCB design database conversion, CADtoCAD, & AutoCAD, PCB plotting/film Output - Gerber & Postscript.
View our latest video (714)848-7568, Fax: (714)848-7560, E-mail: engineering@lspcorp.com Request a quote

MEDICAL DESIGN SOLUTIONS, INC. - Milpitas, CA - - Contract medical device design and development services, with a broad base of expertise and experience in medical electronic and electromechanical systems. Senior staff include PhD level systems, electronic, and materials engineers with over 90 years accumulated medical design and manufacturing experience. Specialists in sensors, signal processing, remote monitoirng, and ergonomic interfacing.
(408)684-5110, Fax: (408)520-4992, E-mail: rts@medicaldesignsolutions.com Request a quote
TDE vendor candidate: 7/20/13/GP

MEGA ELECTRONICS, INC. - New Brunswick, NJ - - Designers of custom wire harnesses, powercords, and DC/DC converters. UL listed assembly house with custom tooling for fully molded powercords, strain reliefs, and plugs - to your specifications, or designed by our engineeers. Custom designed DC to DC converters up to 100 Watts. For domestic and international projects. Toll-Free:
, (732)249-2656, Fax: (732)249-7442, E-mail: OEMinfo@MegaElectronics.com Request a quote

MIDWEST MICRO-TEK - Brookings, SD - - Designers of EMBEDDED CONTROL applications. Standard designs available around several families of 8, 16, and 32-bit microcontrollers, including 8031, 386, 486, 8051, 80251, 80188, 68HC11, Z180, PIC17C4X and 80196KC.
(605)697-8521, Fax: (605)692-5112, E-mail: MMT@MidwestMicro-tek.com Request a quote

NEMKO North America - San Diego, CA - - - Assisting OEM designers with services for COMPLIANCE in the area of safety, EMC, telecom, wireless, ISO - Providing worldwide testing, certification, and design assistance - 20 Nemko facilities worldwide, 4 facilities in North America, US/Canada - .
(800)337-4362, (858)755-5525, Fax: (858)452-1810, E-mail: Request a quote

NEW ENGLAND KEYBOARD. - Fitchburg, MA - - CUSTOM KEYBOARDS specially designed to fit your product - From ruggedized industrial systems to kiosks and POS stations. Custom, AT compatible, membrane keypads, and more - Please return for complete product description.
(978)345-8332, Fax: (978)345-4329 E-mail: Info@NewEnglandKeyboard.com Request a quote

NEW TECH ELECTRONICS, INC. - Orlando, FL - - Electronics consultant specialist in power management, medical, wireless, consumer, military, industrial and product development. Expert in compliance support for UL Safety, ETL, CSA, and CE Mark. Equipped with modern electronic test equipment. Capable of development, design and construction of engineering breadboards and prototypes. Develop your product from start to finish.
(407)851-2806, Fax: (407)851-1301, E-mail: jcohen1426@aol.com Request a quote 11/TP

OPTIMUM APPLIED SYSTEMS, INC. - Dobbs Ferry, NY- - Standard and custom systems based on complete customer specification or we assist in developing specs and solutions. Extensive experience with EMBEDDED MICROPROCESSORS including PIC, 8051, and 80x186. Embedded software using C, Basic, Assembler. User Interface using C++ for Windows 95, 98, NT. Contact via Website or call
(914)693-9001, Fax: (914)693-8733, E-mail: sales@oas-inc.com Request a quote

PCB123 - - Download free circuit board design software (converts schematic to layout). Easy order process (quotes your board as you design). Boards delivered in days. E-mail: Support@PCB123.com Request a quote

PICARD INDUSTRIES - Albion, NY - - A small, highly focused company dedicated to the design, development, prototyping and low volume manufacturing of microcontroller-based OEM products using miniaturized motor and sensor control systems. Specializing in MINIATURE MOTORS (less than 40mm diameter), controls with sensor feedback, using single chip microconrollers for cost effective OEM solutions
(585)589-0358, Fax: (585)589-0358, E-mail: Info@Picard-Industries.com Request a quote

PNC, INC. - Nutley, NJ - - Electronic product designers & developers, with over 20 design engineers, ready to take on you project, from concept to working prototype. PNC's quick turn PCB fabrication services will get your boards ready for our fully equipped SMT or PTH assembly lines so your product hits the market timely and on budget.
Click to watch PNC on Terry Bradshaw's TV show (973)284-1600, Fax: (973)284-1925, E-mail: Sales@PNConline.com Request a quote

POINT DESIGN, INC. - Vernon, CT - - Complete design and engineering services to commercial, industrial, military, and medical electronics-based OEMs. Services include PCB design and fabrication, scanning, CAD editing, data translation, and laser photo plotting. Point Design's strength is in our knowledge and state of the art CAD systems.
(860)875-0654, Fax: (860)875-1794, E-mail: PDI@snet.net Request a quote

PRODUCT DESIGN SOURCES, LLC - Athens, GA - - Offering a wide variety of mechanical design services, specializing in SolidWorks and Autocad. Services - 3D CAD models, structural analysis, machine design, thermal management design, design documentation, test procedures, component selection, troubleshooting, manufacturing support, vendor liaison, electromechanical packaging and ruggedized electronic packaging, plastic injection molding, new product development, prototyping and more.
(706)250-1919, E-mail: Engineering@productdesignsources.com Request a quote

PULSAR, INC. - Franklin Park, IL - - 12,000 Sq. Ft. Printed Circuit manufacturing facility located in a Chicago suburb near the O'Hare Airport. We specialize in PCB DESIGN and medium volume runs and small volume, quick turn prototype circuits, UP TO 8 LAYERS for a multitude of electronic industries. We pride ourselves on our customer support before, during and after your order is placed.
(847)233-0012, Fax: (847)233-0013, E-mail: yogii@flash.net Request a quote

QUADRAVOX, INC - Richardson, TX - - Designers of SOUND MODULES - Add solid state sound to your products. Let us help you design-in our ISD ChipCorder-based sound modules - An inexpensive sound enhancement for your product.
(972)669-1905, Fax: (972)437-6382, E-mail: info@quadravox.com Request a quote

R&R Associates - Sarasota, FL - - Industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, prototyping, manufacturing. Provide services that span the entire product development process, including product definition, market analysis, design, engineering, in-house rapid prototyping, and overseeing the final design into production. Successfully developed an expansive variety of products for clients ranging from amateur inventors to global corporations.
(941)366-7500, Fax: (941)366-7501, E-mail: info@rnrassociates.com Request a quote 11/TP

RICH JUNGERT AND ASSOCS. - Beaverton, OR - - Excellence in printed circuit board design. Multi-layer boards with signal integrity, manufacturability and testability points of view using IPC methods. We have successfully completed over 100 designs to date and would like to quote your next PCB design job.
(503)617-4670, Fax: (503)617-4670, E-mail: Rich@Rjungert.com Request a quote

RMT ASSOCIATES, INC. - West Orange, NJ - - Providing a wide range of outsourced services for Electronics-based OEMs. We evaluate your ideas, do patent searches, commercial viability evaluation, then develop the product, prototype and test it, market it worldwide and get it manufactured overseas. We do all or part of these tasks. For promising projects we provide financing.
(973)669-8214, Fax: (973)669-5161, E-mail: info@rmtassociates.com Request a quote 11/TP

RMV ELECTRONICS, INC. - Vancouver, BC, Canada - - (RMV) Research, Manufacturer, Value: Design, research and manufacture of OEM custom boards. Our team specializes in motion control, data loggers, data acquisition, signal conditioning for sensors, ASICs, embedded networking, and firmware design for 8-,16-, and 32-bit processors. Our customized hardware can pass North American and European Standards if required.
(604)299-5173, Fax: (604)299-5174, E-mail: Customer@RMV.com Request a quote

SICONIX, INC. - Calgary, AB, Canada - - Complete contract electronics design services. Over 15 years in electronic design & product development. Experienced in designing turnkey electronics, both hardware & software development. Our specialty is ARM9 embedded platform development, utilizing Windows CE, Linux. Capabilities in RF, DSP, ARM, PXA255, PXA270, 8051, medical, industrial and consumer electronics.
(403)567-0708, Fax: (805)725-4237, E-mail: Info@Siconix.com Request a quote

SIGENICS, INC. - Lincolnshire, IL - - ASIC DESIGN and fabrication - Our recently developed IC design software allows you or us to easily design single chip ICs. We can even reproduce hard-to-find ICs, pin for pin, maintaining original features, both operational and physical.
(847)236-1960, Fax: (847)236-1961, E-mail: Chips@Sigenics.com Request a quote

SONIK TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Vista, CA - - Click left to visit our website now, and return later to read our complete description of RF WIRELESS design & product development services.
(760)536-1000, Fax: (760)536-1025, E-mail: Sales@Sonik.com Request a quote

STRENUMED, INC. - Ventura, CA - - Designers and manufacturing of medical devices, with superior engineering design and developmental expertise in the science of cordless surgical handpieces. We were the first to offer competitively powered surgical battery packs, chargers and autoclavable electronics and motors. Offering design and prototyping expertise on a consulting, project management or partnership basis..
(805)477-1000, Fax: (805)477-1367, E-mail: sales@strenumed.com Request a quote 11/TP

SYSTRONIX - Salt Lake City, UT- - MICRO-CONTROLLER design specialists. The performace bar is raised again with our uCAN2 hardware and RAD51/390 software. This 10-MIP 8051 system can address 4MB of code and data in a flat address mode, and with full 8051 instruction-set compatibility.
(801)534-1017, Fax: (801)534-1019, E-mail: bboyes@systronix.com Request a quote

TechEn, Inc. - Milford, MA- - Full-service electronic product development, specializing in MEDICAL ELECTRONICS. Providing complete development services which include embedded systems, hardware and software, from concept to production. For almost 20 years TechEn has provided over 300 clients in a wide range of industries with cost-effective solutions to their most complex engineering projects.
(801)534-1017, E-mail: pad@techen.com Request a quote ....

TOHO TECHNOLOGY, USA - Elgin, IL - - Innovative electronics & mechanical design and prototyping in Japan or China for U.S. technology companies seeking to localize products to Asian markets. Turnkey product development, management and production with short lead times. ISO9002 approved in China and Japan. - U.S. office handles all communications and coordination. Designing and manufacturing for major Japanese OEMs since 1955.
(847)464-5961, Fax: (847)464-5962, E-mail: Info@TohoTechnology.com Request a quote

TDL TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Las Cruces, NM - - Product development experts with special emphasis on AUDIO ELECTRONICS, including preamp designs and sound-related engineering and product innovations. Will reduce development cost for rights to market. Visit our website to see available products.
(505)382-3173, Fax: (505)382-8810, E-mail: Rtipton@Zianet.com Request a quote

TECHNICAL SUPPORT, INC. - Omaha, NE - - World class systems engineering services - Providing complete hardware and software solutions for custom computing applications. Our focus is primarily in the areas of data communications and real-time computing. TSI's facilities allow us to provide turnkey solutions by designing hardware, creating system software, and manufacturing the finished product.
(800)337-0283, (402)331-4977 Fax: (402)331-7710, E-mail: Info@TechSI.com Request a quote

TRIG-TEK, INC. - ANAHEIM, CA - - VIBRATION SENSORS and instruments designers. Vibration control systems, Vibration monitors, Vibration protectors. Also, custom OEM Vibration control technology.
(714)956-3593, Fax: (714)956-0162, E-mail: Sales@Trigtek.com Request a quote

UNIVERSAL LASER SYSTEMS, INC. - Scottsdale, AZ - - Designers of CO2 LASER MODULES for easy integration into OEM equipment. Slab/Free-Space design provides excellent beam quality from a compact physical size. The beam from this configuration is useable in both near and far fields without additional optical enhancement to accommodate a broad range of OEM designs.
(800)859-7033, (602)483-1214, Fax: (602)483-5620, E-mail: Ghigman@ULSinc.com Request a quote

VESS ELECTRONICS - Glenn Ellyn, IL - - Please return later to read a complete description of our electronic product development applications, specializing in medical device development.
(630)456 3095, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: mailto:vess@vesselectronics.com Request a quote

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