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4 STAR ELECTRONICS, INC. - San Clemente, CA - - 4 Star Electronics is an ISO 2001:9000 certified independent distributor of obsolete electronic components. We have an extensive in-stock inventory of obsolete electronic components which includes millions of industrial, commercial and MIL-spec components. Use our Free Part Search Utility to check inventory and request a quote online.
(877)240-8595, (949)276-5225, Fax: (949)240-8503, E-mail: RFQ@4StarElectronics.com Request a quote

ACCUTEK MICROCIRCUIT CORP. - Newburyport, MA - - Custom and standard electronic assemblies - Adapter modules for obsolete ICs: DIP, SIP and ZIP adapters, PGA adapters, surface mount adapters. Memory modules: standard SRAM, DRAM and custom memory mezzanine modules. Custom and standard resistor and Capacitor networks.
(978)465-6200, Fax: (978)462-3396, E-mail: sales@accutekmicro.com Request a quote

ACE WIRE SPRING & FORM COMPANY, INC. - McKees Rocks, PA - - Leading manufacturer of compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, coil springs, drawbar springs, garter springs, assembly springs, titanium springs, hot wound springs and wire forms for a large variety of industries. Applications include aerospace, agriculture, firearms, gas & steam turbines, material handling equipment, medical devices, valves & actuators, security & bariers and more!
(800)828-3353, (412)331-3353, Fax: (412)331-1602, E-mail: aceinfo@acewirespring.com Request a quote

ACK TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Buena Park, CA - - HEAT SINK Specialists. Thermal management solutions for CPUs, small chips, and high power devices.
(714)739-5797, Fax: (714)739-5898. Request a quote

ADAPTERS-PLUS, INC. - Tracy, CA - - designers and manufacturer of cutting edge interconnect solutions for SMT and thru-hole applications. IC SOCKETS & ADAPTERS for BGA, LGA, PGA, CSP, PLCC, DIP, TSOP, TSSOP, SSOP, packages. IC package conversion for programming and prototyping, emulation, and a wide variety of board to board connectors and terminals. OEM custom designs available.
(209)839-0200, Fax: (209)839-0235, E-mail: Sales@Adapt-Plus.com Request a quote

ADI - AMERICAN DISTRIBUTORS, INC. - Randolph, NJ - - Please return later to read our product description.
(800)877-0510, (973)328-1181, Fax: (973)328-2302, E-mail: adisales@americandistr.com Request a quote

ALL FLEX, INC. - NORTHFIELD, MN - - Manufacturers of quick turn prototype and production quantities of FLEXIBLE PRINTED CIRCUIT boards. Lead times from 3 days to 3 weeks. Products include single, double, three and four layer flexible circuits made using polyimide and polyester materials. We offer design assistance, electrical testing, and assembly.
(800)830-0181, (507)663-7162 Fax: (507)663-1070 E-mail: Info@AllFlexInc.com Request a quote

BUYERS OF SURPLUS MEMORY - Irvine, CA - - Liquidate your surplus and excess computer memory parts, including SSDs, DRAMs, DDRs, SRAMs, Flash, USB and other memory chips and modules. Top dollar paid for immedate liquidation of your surplus memory inventory. Please E-mail us your parts list.
(949)851-7776, Fax: (949)851-7986, E-mail: njaved@princetonusa.com

CAL CRYSTAL LAB / COMCLOK, INC. - Anaheim, CA - - CRYSTALS & OSCILLATORS: Custom Quartz Crystal, Clock Oscillators and Voltage Controlled Oscillators. Fequencies from 30KHz to 200MHz. Standard lead-time is three weeks or less. Domestic and offshore manufacturing available. Factory-direct.
(800)333-9825, Fax: (714)491-9825, E-mail: sales@calcrystal.com Request a quote

CAL-CHIP ELECTRONICS, INC. - Ivyland, PA - - Largest inventory of SMD PASSIVES including 0402 Chip capacitors, thick film (1% & 5%) and thin film resistors, inductors (multilayer, molded, open wound/high frequency) and beads. Plus, tantalums (A-E/low ESR), resistor and capacitor arrays, SMT electrolytic caps, varistors, LEDs, diodes, transistors, and more. Factory direct prices!
(800)915-9576, Fax: (215)942-6400, E-mail: Jgiuliano@CalChip.com Request a quote

California Electronic Asset Recovery / CEAR, INC. - Streetsboro, OH - - Click left to visit our website and return soon to read our complete product description.
(330)329-5078, Fax: (330)676-1133, E-mail: tgeorger@neo.rr.com Request a quote

CASCO WIRE & CABLE PRODUCTS, INC. - West Babylon, NY- - Master distritutor of UL-Listed PVC and irradiated HOOK-UP WIRES. Specializing in UL styles 1007/1569 - 1015 - 1061 - 1429 - 1430 and UL 1431. We distribute to OEMs and contract manufacturers. Casco can also strip, stripe and twist wires. Call for pricing and availability and save on all your purchases.
(631)253-2247, Fax: (516)253-2144., E-mail: cascowire@aol.com Request a quote

ChemArt Company - Lincoln, RI - - Industry leader in custom decorative etched ornaments and collectibles. Precision etched parts for electronic and industrial applications demanding exacting tolerance requirements. Recognized leader in precision metal component parts manufacturing using PCM / Photo Chemical Machining. Fully vertically integrated with two facilities totaling 55,000 SqFt, housing concept/design to assembly, to distribution.
(800)521-5001, (401)333-9200, Fax: (401)333-1634, E-mail: jbeck@chemart.com Request a quote

CONNECTICUT MICROCOMPUTER, INC. - Brookfield, CT - - Our low cost CONVERTERS adapt any RS232 port for RS422 or RS485 operation to provide your RS232 device with all the advantages of RS422 or RS485 - Get reliable high speed operation (up to 200 kbaud), and data transmission distances up to 5000 feet. Transparent to the system, no software changes required.
(800)426 2872, (203)740-9890, Fax: (203)775-4595, E-mail: Info@2CmC.com Request a quote

DMCRF - Chula Vista, CA - - DMCRF offers low cost RF component modules used in system verification, test and design engineering. Amplifier, power detector, mixer, RF switch, filter, splitter and attenuator pad designs in multiple dB steps. Coaxial and module housings from DC to 6 GHz in various frequency ranges. Products shipped same or next day.
(619)823-7341, Fax: (619)671-0125, E-mail: dearl.mcpeak@dmcstore.com Request a quote 11/GP

ELECTRONIC EXPEDITERS, INC. - Via Pescador, CA - - Huge inventory of diodes & transistors, integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, relays, switches, military and obsolete components. Please visit our website for a complete description of our products. View part numbers & inventory
(866)577-1520, (805)987-7171, Fax: (805)987-3344, E-mail: OEM@Expediters.com Request a quote

ELITE ELECTRONICS, INC. - Plano, TX - - Direct importer and supplier of MU / LC/APC / ST / SC/APC / FC & MTRJ fiber connectors, adapters and custom fiber & copper assemblies (MPO / military/aerospace / oil seismic / mining / DVI / Cisco / mode-conditioning / loopback, etc.). Also, electronic hardware, D-Sub components, modular plugs and established offshore "close tolerance" tooling.
(800)553-4376, (972)881-0026, Fax: (972)422-9707, E-mail: Sales@Elitelex.com Request a quote

EVERIGHT POSITION TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION - Narberth, PA - - Major North American distributors of linear and rotary position sensors, displacement sensors and inclinometers from worldwide manufacturers which measure linear, angular and tilt positions. Everight has a range of solutions that can answer all your engineering requirements when sourcing a particular sensor capability, performance and physical size, at a given price.
(856)727-9500, Fax: (610)672-9663, E-mail: info@evrtp.com Request a quote

HASCO COMPONENTS INTERNATIONAL CORP. - New Hyde Park, NY - - Relays, reed switches and reed relays since 1976... 500 different types of relays and electromechanical relays - 24 types of reed relays, from milliamps to 80 amps - DC and AC coil voltages, one pole to 4 pole switching. ISO registered factory, drop shipments to OEMs and contract manufacturers worldwide. Free samples available.
(516)328-9292, Fax: (516)326-9125, E-mail: Info@HascoRelays.com Request a quote

HOYT ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENT WORKS, INC. - Penacook, NH - - 95 Year old manufacturer of PANEL METERS. Our new Digital/Analog Combo Meters elimnitate the need to choose! High brightness, bulb-less uniform meter scale lighting provides unmatched readability.
(603)753-6321, Fax: (603)753-9592, E-maiL: info@hoytelectric.com Request a quote

INSTEC FILTERS LLC / Div. Gowanda Electronics - Arcade, NY - - Designers and manufacturers of EMI/RFI Filters and filter assemblies used to suppress electromagnetic interference. Instec filters are used in a wide range of applications including military/aerospace, medical, high frequency/microwave, communications, and industrial. Offering competitive pricing for the highest quality filter products, with the shortest lead-times in the industry.
(716)307-8542, Fax: (716)532-2702, E-mail: Sales@Instec-Filters.com Request a quote

INTERNATIONAL COMPONENTS, INC. - Clifton, NJ - - Large inventory of liquid tight wire & cable STRAIN RELIEF FITTINGS, flexible conduit, and related products. 24-Hour turn on stock items. Stocking distributors for Hummel, pioneer in Nylon liquid tight strain relief fittings, carrying UL/CSA and VDE approvals - ISO 9001. Stocking also Heyco Products' pigtail fittings, straight-thru fittings, and right angle fittings.
(973)778-0149, Fax: (973)778-4479, E-mail: BK081849@aol.com Request a quote

INTERNATIONAL MANUFACTURING SERVICES - IMS - Portsmouth, RI - - Quality manufacturer & supplier of thick & thin-film CHIP RESISTORS and CHIP ATTENUATORS since 1974. Industry standard sizes and configurations with terminations for solder, epoxy and wirebond applications. Wraparound, partial wraparound, or single side, high precision, high power or custom OEM configurations...IMS has the chip resistor or chip inductor for you.
(401)683-9700, Fax: (401)683-5571, E-mail: Sales@IMS-Resistors.com Request a quote

LCR ELECTRONICS, INC. - Norristown, PA - - Please return soon for product description.
(888)895-6496, (610)278-0840, Fax: (610)278-0935, E-mail: sales@lcr-inc.com Request a quote

LINX TECHNOLOGIES - Grants Pass, OR - - Wireless made simple. Low cost planar ANTENNAS, WIRELESS RF modules for OEM applications.
(800)736-6677, (541)471-6256, Fax: (541)471-6251, E-mail: info@linxtechnologies.com Request a quote

MONSTER COMPONENTS LLC - Volente, TX - - Monster Components is an independent stocking distributor for ICs. We specialize in long lead time, hard to find, and obsolete board level electronic components. We carry in stock all brands of industrial, commercial and MIL-spec components, passive and active components, inductors, relays, capacitors, microcontrollers, microprocessors, CPUs, diodes, crystals and much more.
(512)828-8722, Fax: (512)276-6713, E-mail: Sales@MonsterComponents.com Request a quote

netCOMPONENTS - Boca Raton, FL - - netCOMPONENTS' electronic component SOURCING DATABASE contains billions of parts from hundreds of suppliers worldwide! Multilingual site has LIVE DEMO for buyers of integrated circuits, semiconductors and other active, passive and electromechanical components. Part Search
(561)274-6780, Fax: (561)274-6796, E-mail: info@netcomponents.com Member Registration Supplier Registration

OEMparts.net - Indianapolis, IN - - OEM components for manufacturers only (no aftermarket). MECHANICAL PARTS made to your prints: Light and heavy gauge metal stampings, brackets, flapper valves, high fatigue disks, shims, laminations, wear plates, deep draw metal forming, stainless stampings, metric fasteners (from Sweden, no faster stock in US), US and European suppliers. Deutsch gesprochen.
(317)228-1126, Fax: (317)228-1127, E-mail: info@oemparts.net Request a quote

PACIFIC COMPONENT XCHANGE - Huntington Beach, CA - - Broad line stocking distributors of IC's, passives, connectors, memory - SRAM, DRAM, DDR, DDR2, GRAM, chips and modules from all the major brands, programmable logic devices - NOR flash, NAND flash. Sourcing of hard to find/allocated components - VMI, consignment, JIT and bonded inventory programs. Generous payment terms and flexible credit limits.
(714)374-3070, Fax: (714)374-1123, E-mail: TechSupport@PCXco.com Request a quote

PANTHER PARTS - North Hollywood, CA - - Established in 1979, Panther Parts is a leading independent distributor of passive electronic components. We stock commercial and military board level components, high voltage parts and plenty of obsolete, hard to find parts. Over 120,000 line items and nearly a billion parts. No more waiting lead times, we have it all.
(818)506-1777, Fax: (818)766-1626 , E-mail: Sales@PantherParts.com Request a quote

PRODUCT DESIGN SOURCES, LLC - Athens, GA - - Offering a wide variety of mechanical design services, specializing in SolidWorks and Autocad. Services - 3D CAD models, structural analysis, machine design, thermal management design, design documentation, test procedures, component selection, troubleshooting, manufacturing support, vendor liaison, electromechanical packaging and ruggedized electronic packaging, plastic injection molding, new product development, prototyping and more.
(706)250-1919, E-mail: Engineering@productdesignsources.com Request a quote

QUEST COMPONENTS, INC. - INDUSTRY, CA - - Stocking electronic component distributors of integrated circuits, semiconductors, resistors & capacitors, switches & relays. Large Inventory of long lead time components, hard-to-find components, obsolete components, replacement & alternative parts. OEM applications in commercial, hi-rel, military/aerospace, and industrial electronics. Value-added component prep services include taping & reeling, device programming, kitting, more! JIT scheduling.
(800)445-4720, (626)333-5858, Fax: (626)723-2860, E-mail: Sales@QuestComp.com Request a quote

SENTRY BATTERY CORPORATION - Manchester, MA - - PM Brand maintenance-free sealed lead-acid BATTERIES. Standard, High density and Premium models for Medical electronics, Alarms, Emergency lighting, Telecommunications and other OEM applications.
(800)747-0199, (800)475-9305, E-mail: Sales@SentryBattery.com Request a quote

SORENSON LIGHTED CONTROLS, INC. - Hartford, CT - - Panel mount indicator lights and LEDs. Many types of lenses, colors, sizes, as well as standard voltages. Unimec switches available in momentary or maintained configurations, customized with your own legends. Customized caps and bezels in a variety of colors. Multimec switches are sealed to IP67M specifications, and momentary lifetime is in excess of 10 million actuations.
(800)275-7089, (860)527-3092, Fax: (860)527-6047, E-mail: Sales@SoLiCo.com Request a quote

T-SAN ELECTRONICS, INC. - Torrance, CA - - Independent electronic component distributor, stocking an extensive inventory of batteries, semiconductors, integrated circuits and more. Our wide selection of board-level active and passive devices range through leading edge technology to hard-to-find, obsolete and allocated products. Our In-house inventory, supported by global trading partners, offers access to millions of products worldwide.
(310)212-7705, Fax: (310)212-7815, E-mail: sales@tsan.net Request a quote

UNIVERSAL LASER SYSTEMS, INC. - Scottsdale, AZ - - CO2 LASER MODULES for easy integration into OEM equipment. Slab/Free-Space design provides excellent beam quality from a compact physical size. The beam from this configuration is useable in both near and far fields without additional optical enhancement to accommodate a broad range of OEM applications. 30, 40, and 50 watt versions.
(800)859-7033, (602)483-1214, Fax: (602)483-5620, E-mail: Sales@ULSinc.com Request a quote

VS HOLDING, LLC / Electronic Design & Research, Inc. - Louisville, KY - - SOLID STATE RELAY modules - SPST, SPDT, DPST relays with MOSFET and IGBT on their output(s). Medium & high speed SSR devices, ready to switch various signals and drive different kinds of loads: AC/DC power, video, flashlamp for SS-laser, DC and stepper motors, solenoids, audio signal multiplexing, quartz, lamps, coils, plasma, etc.
(502)933-8660, Fax: (502)933-3422, E-mail: info@vsholding.com Request a quote

WESTLAKE COMPONENTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. - Westlake Village, CA - - Leading manufacturers of METAL DOME custom arrays that use a single polyester layer with a one- or two-sided adhesive. Extremely competitive prices directly from the manufacturer.
(818)707-1134, Fax: (818)707-1754, E-mail: Albert@W-C-I.com Request a quote

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