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HAEWA CORPORATION - Standard & Custom Enclosures
Modular Cabinets - Consules - 19" racks - PC Cabinets - Network Cabinets - EMI/RFI Cabinets - Distribution Cabinets - Disconnect Cabinets - Wire Ways - Wall Mount Enclosures - Seismic Cabinets - Climate Control - Filter Fans - Heat Exchangers - Air Conditioners - More! Click to enter the Haewa website, or call . . . 770-921-3272 . . .

ACCES I/O PRODUCTS, INC. - San Diego, CA - - Analog, digital, serial communication, and isolated I/O boards and solutions. Offering complete systems, integration services and enclosures with quick turn-around on custom projects, including software. Designed for use with PC/104, PCI, PCI Express, Low Profile PCI, Pico-ITXe, Pico-I/O, ETX, USB, USB/104, USB/PICO, Ethernet and ISA, and distributed and wireless I/O..

(858)550-9559, Fax: (858)550-7322, E-mail: contactus@accesio.com Request a quote

ADAPTICOM, INC. - Raleigh, NC - - Providing OEM clients with engineering & design, focusing on new product development - Experts in programmable logic, including FPGAs, PALs, and Flash based microcontrollers. Engineering, design and manufacturing expertise in a veriety of applications, including aerospace, military, medical, automotive, computer, telecom & test industries, instrumentation, RF/microwave, analog, digital, high-speed designs, and more.

(919)870-0608, Fax: (800)290-8381, E-mail: Info3@Adapticom.us Request a quote

AMERICAN EPOXY & METAL, INC. - Bronx, NY - - PLASTIC ENCLOSURES, bobbins, potting shells and battery cases - All shapes and sizes available for electronic, military and mechanical applications. In-house machining and molding capabilities, including CNC routing and laser cutting. Secondary operations available such as, holes, slots, terminals, standoffs, and internal wiring. No job too big or too small. Send us your blueprint for a competitive price quotation.
800-503-3883, (718)828-7828, , (718)823-1677, E-mail: info@americanepoxy.com Request a quote

AMJS CONSULTING, INC. - Fair Oaks, CA - - Full electronic product development services including hardware and software development, microcontroller-based products and INJECTION-MOLDED enclosure design - Working prototypes provided with all design projects.
(916)967-6275, Fax: (916)967-6275 E-mail: samarininc@aol.com Request a quote

ATS CASES, INC. - Northborough, MA - - - ATS Cases is a manufacturer of electronic rack mount cases and enclosures for mobile applications. These cases feature removable front and rear doors, casters, and shock mounting. Available in 19”, 23” or 24” wide and any depth you require. Typical uses include Portable classrooms, broadcasting, product demonstrations etc. Quick Delivery.

(800)451-4242, (508)393-9110, Fax: (508)393-9508, E-mail: casemakers@mac.com Request a quote

BULL METAL PRODUCTS, INC. - Middletown, CT - - Fabricators of all types of custom electrical enclosures, including weather proof cabinets, surface mounted annunciator panels, flush mounted wall cabinets, equipment control boxes, along with housings, shrouds, and chassis assemblies for all types of apparatus. Call to discuss your enclosure requirements. Quality products and excellent customer service since 1954.

(860)346-9691, Fax: (860) 346-2722 , E-mail: tde@bullmetal.com Request a quote

BYERS CHASSIS KITS - - Manufacturers of low volume aluminum chassis, panels, boxes, brackets, enclosures and cabinets, in both assembled and kit form for R&D and OEM applications. Suppliers of small sheets of aluminum and brass and VHF/UHF antenna parts.
(717)292-4901, Fax: (717)292-4901, E-mail: k3iwk@flash.net Request a quote .....

CMP ENCLOSURES. - Gurnee, IL - - Manufacturers of electronic enclosures for rack mounting equipment and NEMA rated enclosures for harsh environments.
(847)244-3230, Fax: (847)244-3257, E-mail: Info@Enclosures.com Request a quote

CompuStation - Newport Beach, CA - - NEMA 12 rated RUGGEDIZED ENCLOSURES for all your computers and computer-based instrument. Please visit our Website now and return later to read our product description here.
800-600-6829, (714)979-7671, Fax: (714)979-1859, E-mail: CompuStation@Earthlink.net Request a quote

CONNECT-TECH PRODUCTS, INC. - Carson City, NV - - A hugh selection of enclosures, including die cast, rackmount, injection molded, watertight, sheet metal, cable TV, electronic, hand held, dust tight, aluminim. Also makes custom OEM enclosures.
(800)809-2751, Fax: (775)883-2384 E-mail: Info@Connect-Tech-Products.com Request a quote

DUSTX COMPUTER DUST SOLUTIONS, INC. - London, ON, Canada - - Dust is the #1 cause of computer hardware failure! Protect your PC from harmful dust by using our new patent pending Peel-and-Stick computer dust filters. Just cut to size of your enclosure's external air intakes and stick on. Filters air before it enters your computer, prevents fan clogging and overheating.
(888)373-0353, Fax: (888)373-0353, E-mail: yosisalman@gmail.com Request a quote
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ELECTRONIC DEPOT, INC. - Lawrenceville, GA - - Authorized distributors for over 100 manufactures, we stock Hammond manufactured electronic & electrical enclosures, rack , panel and transformers, and also Burndy electrical terminals and lugs. We also carry Steinel heat guns, Philmore , CalRad, Waldom, Crown International, Cooper tools, and more. We specialize in hard to locate components, currently shipping worldwide.

(888)686-5752, or (770)237-3088, Fax: (888)453-2707, or (770)962-8812, E-mail: bendepot@bellsouth.net Request a quote ..... ..
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ELECTRONIC PROCESS SOLUTIONS - Wylie, TX - - Offering a new cost effective solution for your network storage needs. The TekRak is a SERVER & RELAY RACK that saves your company installation time and money. (67-75%) without requiring costly additional support framework. Widths in 19", 23" and 25". Heights ranging 4' - 8'. Non-Seismic, Seismic, Bellcore - Cooled and chilled racks available.
(972)429-9498, Fax: (972)429-5402, E-mail: Paul.Taylor@EPStexas.com Request a quote

ENL - Santa Fe Springs, CA - - Finish your enclosures and panels with our MEMBRANE SWITCHES, graphic overlays and rubber keypads - Quick-turn prototypes manufactured in 5 working days with no NRE charges. SMT LEDs, EMI/RFI shielding, embossing and subpanel assemblies. From concept to completion, ENL is your single source for all front panel and switch requirements.
(562)407-0251, Fax: (562)802-1885, E-mail: info@enl.com Request a quote

ENVIROSAFE TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Jacksonville, FL - - Dustshield offers standard NEMA COMPUTER ENCLOSURES, PC enclosures, computer cabinets and computer security enclosures which are designed so the user always has easy access to the protected equipment while preventing damage from dust, oil, and other abrasive airborne contaminants found in a harsh environment workplace.
(800)587-9557, (904)646-3456, Fax: (904)646-3537, E-mail: Sales@DustShield.com Request a quote

EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORP. - Aurora, IL - - From your computer: Design, spec, view, price or print out everything you want to know about enclosures and other packaging for electronics. Enclosures for EMI/RFI, FCC/VDE, EMP/TEMPEST, Mil-Spec 810 and Mil-Spec 901. Protection against earthquakes, dust, shock and vibration. Products that meet regulatory compliance including NEBS TR 63 and UL 508A.
(800)204-7225, (630)859-7840, Fax: (630)897-5314, E-mail: Info@EquiptoElec.com Request a quote

FIBOX ENCLOSURES - Glen Burnie, MD - - FIBOX is the global manufacturer of corrosion resistant, plastic enclosures for the electronic and electrical industry. Our NEMA 4X enclosures protect your product from hostile environments! We offer over 700 off the shelf sizes from 2x2x2” up to 24x16x10”. Visit our website to begin your design process or call us.
(888)342-6987, 410)760-9696, Fax: (410)76- 8686, E-mail: sales@fiboxusa.com Request a quote ..... .

GOLDEN VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. - Minneapolis, MN - - Please visit our website now and return later to this page later for a complete description of our custom membrane switches.
(800)959-0947, (612)827-8216, Fax: (612)824-8708, E-mail: Teresa@gvp-inc.net Request a quote

HAEWA CORPORATION - Duluth, GA - - Worldwide supplier of standard and custom electrical and electronic enclosures, modular cabinets, consoles, 19” racks, PC cabinets, network cabinets, distribution cabinets, wire ways, climate control products, filter fans, heat exchangers, air conditioners, punching tools and accessories. UL, CE, CSA, Lloyds approvals, NEMA & IP ratings, ISO 9001 registered.

(770)921-3272, Fax: (770)921-2896, E-mail: haewa@haewacorp.com Request a quote

INDUSTRIAL PC ENCLOSURES - New York, NY - - A manufacturer of Industrial protective enclosures for standard IT equipment. Our enclosures protect to NEMA & IP standards for computers, printers, TFT displays and even LC DTVs. Turnkey solutions for computer and IT equipment installed on hazardous shop floors, warehouses and distribution centers. Protect against dust, fluids, vibration, access and theft.

(212)321-8556, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: info@pcenclosures-direct.com
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iSkin, inc. - Toronto, Ont., Canada - - We design and manufacture colorful silicone molded cases for electronic instruments and small hand-held devices. Also available are standard and OEM custom keyboard protection products.
(416)924-9607, Fax: (416)924-7731, E-mail: rgp@iskin.com Request a quote

LEADER TECH - Tampa, FL - - REMOVABLE-COVER design allows protecting sensitive components from EMI noise, while providing access to adjust and repair. Latest additions include the 20-S SMT style and the versitile CBS2 Dual-sided shielding enclosures. Call for free catalog.
(813)855-6921, Fax: (813)855-3291, E-mail: sales@leadertechinc.com Request a quote

MARKTEK INC. - Chesterfield, MO - - Conductive materials that are used to line and shield enclosures and rooms. Metallized fabrics and EMI gaskets for shielding electronic enclosures, metallized nonwovens for architectural shielding, and special lossy materials for making sure electronic enclosures with apertures are and remain in compliance with regards to radiated emissions and susceptibility.

(866)364-6285, (314)878-9190, Fax: (813)855-3291, E-mail: Info@MarkTek-Inc.com Request a quote

METAL COMPONENTS ENGINEERING - Aptos, CA - - Full service electronic enclosure manufacturer with 11 facilities located throughout South East Asia and China. From prototype development to volume production, our engineering and manufacturing teams will help you meet your time to market, cost and quality objectives.
(831)212-0625, Fax: (831)689-9148, E-mail: sos.consulting@pacbell.net Request a quote ..... ...

KOOL CASES, LLC - Westmont, IL - - Large inventory of unusual computer cases and mods, cooling fans, power supplies and other accessories.
(630)963-6796, Fax: (630)963-6798, E-mail: Info@KoolCases.com Request a quote

NOREN PRODUCTS, INC. - Menlo Park, CA - - Manufacturers of a broad range of compact cabinet cooling products incorporating heat pipes. Mainenance-free, reliable heat removal and 10X more efficient that air conditioners. ENCLOSURE COOLING solutions for over 30 years.

(650)322-9500, Fax: (650)324-1348, E-mail: DavidM@NorenProducts.com Request a quote
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OLEA KIOSKS, INC. - Cerritos, CA - - Industry leader in the interactive kiosk market. Offering a full range standard kiosk models as well as custom enclosure manufacturing. Olea employs the most talented consultants, designers, engineers, and craftsmen in the American kiosk market. We are devoted to producing excellent kiosks using our “Better kiosks through intelligent design” concept.
(800-)927-8063, Fax: (562)926-5805, E-mail: info@olea.com Request a quote
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PFANNENBERG, INC. - Lancaster, NY - - Specializing in thermal management of electronic enclosures - Filterfans, cooling units (air conditioners), air water heat exchangers, chillers, heaters, hydrostats, and thermostats. Our products are designed to save energy and other resources, keeping your electronics from overheating and your processes up and running on a consistent basis, avoiding costly down time.
(716)685-6866, Fax: ( 716)681-1521, E-mail: info@pfannenbergusa.com Request a Quote

TDE Vendor candidate: 9/16/11/GP

PROTOCASE - Lewiston, NY - - Protocase provides rapid turn enclosures for the electronics industry. Specializing in low-volume prototyping and research enclosures, Protocase will assist with design and deliver a completed enclosure in as little as two days. Our minimum order quantity is one, and our service and turnaround is unequalled.
(866)849-3911, Fax: (902)567-3336, E-mail: info@protocase.com Request a quote ..... ..

RACKMASTER SYSTEMS, INC. - Bloomington, MN - - 19" rackmount computer CHASSIS, SCSI subsystems chassis and PERIPHERAL ENCLOSURES. Complete family of single and redundant power supply chassis for ATX motherboards, AT motherboards, SBCs and backplanes from 8 to 20 slots. Also several chassis that support the Sun AXi and AXmp system boards. Made in the USA, 2-Year warranty
(800)480-4384, (612)884-6002, Fax: (612)884-4779, E-mail: Sales@Rackmaster.com Request a quote

STEGO, INC. - Marietta, GA - - THERMAL PRODUCTS for electrical/electronic enclosures used in telecom, automation, security, commercial, and industrial applications. Resistance type and PTC-based enclosure heaters, fan heaters, CCTV camera heaters, heaters for valves and actuators, temperature & humidity controls, lights, filter fans, 19" fan trays and related products. Innovative designs, 120/230VAC and common DC voltages. Same day shipment.
(888)783-4611, (770)984-0858, Fax: (770)984-0615, E-mail: Info@StegoUSA.com Request a quote

STRONGBOX - Culver City, CA - - Industrial & military enclosure systems. 9.5", 12", 15", 19" and 24" heavy-duty RACKMOUNT CHASSIS available in most panel heights.
(310)305-8288, Fax: (310)305-1905, E-mail: sales@rackmountchassis.com Request a quote

SUPERPOWER SUPPLY, INC. - Brea, CA - - Specializing in PC enclosure cases, server cases, aluminum cases, external boxes, data storages, hot swappable, IPC rackmounts, cabinet racks, IA cases, speakers, and bare bone systems. Superpower has been recognized for having the highest quality and reliability of products and will continue to provide the most advanced products and services.
(800)736-0007, Fax: (714)792-0367, E-mail: Lbai@SuperPower.com Request a quote

TECA USA - Chicago, IL - - ENCLOSURE COOLING SOLUTIONS from a world leader in the manufacture of solid-state air conditioners, cold plates and liquid chillers. Complete line of THERMOELECTRIC cooling products from 1-2000 Btu/Hr, featuring Nema 12, 4X, hazardous duty (C1D2), high ambient operation, shock/vibration resistance, air & liquid cooled, in AC and DC configurations. Request our FREE product catalog or Windows-based sizing software.
(888)832-2872, (773)342-4900, Fax: (773)342-0191, E-mail: teca@thermoelectric.com Request a quote

TEN-TEC, INC - Sevierville, TN - - Custom ALUMINUM ENCLOSURES to OEM specification. Complete metal shop for all your chassis requirements.
(800)231-8842, (865)453-7172, Fax: (865)428-4483, E-mail: Enc@TenTec.com Request a quote

TOOLLESS PLASTIC TECHNOLOGIES, LLC - Mukilteo, WA - - Custom plastic enclosures and housings made without molds or tooling. Eliminate the high cost and long lead time of injection molds. Toolless engineers to your specifications and manufactures with our proprietary CNC machining and fabrication process. NEMA / IP65 enclosures & housings for telecom, medical and lab instruments, 50-5000 units.
(425)493-1223, Fax: (425)493-1122, E-mail: Sales@Toolless.com Request a quote

TRITON INDUSTRIES, INC. - Chicago, IL - - Custom electronic enclosures - rack mount, stand alone, vertical, steel, aluminum, stainless. Fabricated & hard tooled - Small, medium & high volume manufacturer using state of technology /new equipment. ISO-9002 & QS-9000 Certified American Manufacturer with warehouses in LA & San Diego. Send your drawings, specs in Pro-E/Auto-Cad.
(773)384-3700, Fax: (773)384-8748, E-mail: Sales@TritonMail.com Request a quote

WAVE SHIELD - Boca Raton, FL - - The Wave Shield was developed in response to the growing concern about CELL PHONE RADIATION safety and was tested on phones in a U.S. laboratory listed with the FCC and recognized globally. Available in leading department stores and through distributors worldwide. Dealer opportunities available to qualified individuals and companies.
(561)989-9147, Fax: (561)982-8834, E-mail: Shelly@WaveShield.com Request a quote

WOODBINE INDUSTRIES, INC. - Bensalem, PA - - Our indepth knowledge of metal forming and fabrication, coupled with our extensive engineering talent, will provide the package solution you envision and will take your concept and turn it into a reality. Woodbine offers customized NEMA enclosures, vertical-multi bay or pedestal cabinets, electronic consoles, seismic cabinets and workstations.
(215)638-7600, Fax: (215)638-7678, E-mail: Liams@WBindustries.com Request a quote

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