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ABIA TECHECHNOLOGY - Cypress, CA - - Reliable industrial computer SBCs offered for distribution in key markets, worldwide - All-in-one 386 SBC with VGA & LAN - PC/104 386 CPU modules with LAN. Visit our website for complete line and product comparison chart. Committed to offering OEMs & system integrators high quality solutions at competitive cost.
(714)821-8762, Fax: (714)952-3306, E-mail: Info@ABIAtech.com

ACCUTEK MICROCIRCUIT CORP. - Newburyport, MA - - Looking for small to medium size Rep Firms to sell our CONTRACT MANUFACTURING services, custom ELECTRONIC DESIGN, and a quality line of standard MEMORY MODULES. Several US territories available. Contact via Website.
(978)465-6200, Fax: (978)462-3396, E-mail: sales@accutekmicro.com

ACE WIRE SPRING & FORM COMPANY, INC. - McKees Rocks, PA - - Leading manufacturer of compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, coil springs, drawbar springs, garter springs, assembly springs, titanium springs, hot wound springs and wire forms for a large variety of industries. Applications include aerospace, agriculture, firearms, gas & steam turbines, material handling equipment, medical devices, valves & actuators, security & bariers and more!
(800)828-3353, (412)331-3353, Fax: (412)331-1602, E-mail: aceinfo@acewirespring.com Request a quote

ADVANTECH EMBEDDED COMPUTING. - Irvine, CA - - Seeking distributors to sell a full line of compact yet powerful, small footprint, ruggedized SINGLE BOARD COMPUTERS. We also manufacture 5.7" - 15" ruggedized, fanless, modularized, ultra slim, wireless and portable panel computers ideal for industrial automation, HMI, POS/POI, transportation, medical/healthcare and kiosks.
(800)866-6008, (949)789-7178, Fax: (949)789-7179, E-mail: ECGInfo@Advantech.com

AMERICA'S HEALTH LABS LLC - Cheyenne, WY - - Providers of the latest advances in weight loss & dieting supplements, health & beauty supplements, green coffee extracts and anti-aging supplements. Our special formulations promote cardiovascular health and combat disease. All products are manufactured in the US with the industry's finest and most respected certified ingredient manufacturerers, ensuring purity and potency.
(844)342-5245, E-mail: info@americashealthlabs.com Request a quote

ANALYTIC SYSTEMS - Surrey, BC, Canada - - Manufacturer of POWER SUPPLIES / POWER CONVERSION products for the military, marine, alternative energy and industrial markets requires additional distribution. DC/DC converters, AC/DC power supplies, DC/AC inverters, battery chargers, and AC/AC frequency converters. Our ongoing R&D programs create innovative, state-of-the-art electronic designs that provide clean outputs in efficient and compact packages.
(800)668-3884, (604)946-9981, Fax: (604)946-9983, E-mail: AnalyticInfo@AnalyticSystems.com Request a quote
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APEX EMBEDDED SYSTEMS - Monona, WI - - . Currently setting up distribution in the U.S. and international markets for board level ruggedized COTS PC/104 analog and digital I/O products which will operate at temperature extremes from -40°C to +85°C, providing opportunities for hi rel OEM embedded applications.
(608)256-0767, Fax: (608)256-0765, E-mail: Sales@ApexEmbedded.com

CAD DESIGN SERVICES, INC. / CDS - Santa Clara, CA - - Standard and custom electronic design automation solutions - 3D CAD and CAM software for physical layout, full 3D electrical and thermal model generation and manufacturing of all types of printed circuit boards, flex, RF/microwave, ceramic designs, LTCC and thick/thin Film, semiconductor packages including lead frames and gold wire bonding.
(408)436-1340, Fax: (408)436-1341, E-mail: hschiesser@cad-design.com Request a quote

CLEARSTONE TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Hopkins, MN - - Designers & manufacturers of turnkey UV light sources for end users and systems integrators. With expertise in optics, thermal design and electronics, we build robust, reliable, and user-friendly UV light sources - Solid state light sources for ultra-violet applications, such as curing adhesives, coatings, inks, and other light-sensitive materials.
(612)824-4846, (866)387-6558, E-Mail: Info@ClearstoneTech.com Request a quote

COASTEL CABLE TOOLS International, Inc. - Syracuse, NY - - Electronic component and equipment distributors needed to handle our complete line of cable and WIRE STRIPPERS. Coastel is the manufacturer of the original "Port-a-Strip" battery powered cable stripper and a world leader in supplying cable and wire stripping equipment and tools to the telecommunictions, electronics OEM, RF, and microwave industries.
(315)471-5361, Fax: (315)472-1765, E-mail: John@CoastelTools.com

COMPUFAB, INC. - Woodstown, NJ - - Distribute our Universal Stiffener™ - An aluminum bar which functions as a mechanical PCB stiffener, a heat transfer device or an electrical bus bar. It fastens to a PCB anywhere along the length of the bar - A lower cost alternative to machined fiberglass or machined metal PCB stiffeners.
(856)769-9050, (856)769-9058, E-mail: webmaster@compufab.com Request a quote

CompuStation - Newport Beach, CA - - NEMA 12 rated RUGGEDIZED ENCLOSURES for all computers and computer-based instrument. - Distributors needed immediately in key industrial markets. Please visit our Website now and return later to read our product description here.
800-600-6829, (714)979-7671, Fax: (714)979-1859, E-mail: CompuStation@Earthlink.net

COMPUTER EXPRESS, LLC, - New Britain, CT - - Distribute a leading line of INDUSTRIAL COMPUTERS, including rackmount enclosures and systems - 1U 2U 3U 4U 5U 6U 7U chassis for housing backplanes for a Full or Half-Size single board computers. We design panel PCs, embedded applications such as Windows CE and embedded XP and a variety of PC/104 cards and modules to fit OEM requirements.
(860)826-1310, Fax: (860)826-1320, E-mail: MikeP@cttel.net

CONITEC DATASYSTEMS - San Diego, CA - - EU leader with 65% market share. PALMSIZE PROGRAMMERS with 7600+ device output. 90% worldwide sales via resellers, with generous markup! Handles 8/16-bit EPROMs, EEPROMs, 0-Power RAM, FLASH, Serial EEPROMS, GAL, PALCE, EPLDs, MCU's e.g. 87/89xxx, PIC, AVR, ST62, etc.
(619)702-4420, Fax:(619)702-4419, E-mail: Contact@Conitec.net

CORES ELECTRONIC LLC / TAG4M - Austin, TX - - Wi-Fi tags which read sensors and push data to web based instruments are now available to distributors. Tag4M is a Wi-Fi RFID active tag with the functionality of a multifunctional I/O measurement device, offering wireless measurement capabilities for sensors and actuators that generate output as voltage, current, or digital signal.
(512)905-0181, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: info@tag4m.com Request a quote ..... ....

COREL USA COMPONENTS, INC. - Pinellas, FL - - U.S. sales representatives for COREL IBERICA of Madrid and other principals, we welcome new distributors to share in our vast component inventory - Specializing in allocated, hard-to-find, obsolete, and military components. We speak Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English. Responding promptly to your component requirements.
(727)579-9201, Fax: (727)217-0190, E-mail: Milly@corelusa.com

DIGITAL MICROWAVE COMMUNICATIONS - Chula Vista, CA - - Providing RF design, wireless design, RF microwave product development and consulting, from prototype to manufacturing for defense and commercial applications. Custom software radio design, transmitter, receiver, amplifiers and other RF component designs. We also assist in wireless COTS solutions for businesses.
(619)892-7341, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: info@dmicrowave.com Request a quote

DIGIFLOW SYSTEMS - Lucas, OH - - Distribute our low flow liquid and gas FLOWMETERS, utilizing turbine, laminar flow/differential pressure, and other technologies for end-use and OEM applications. Disposable components for liquid flows, teflon flowmeters, and gas flow controllers are available. High pressures and temperatures can be accomodated.
(419)892-2402, Fax: (419)892-2420, E-mail: digiflow@richnet.net

EPOXYSET, INC. - Lincoln, RI - - Distribute our line of custom formulated adhesives, encapsulants & potting compounds and thermal grease used in advanced technology applications. We supply superior quality products used in the electronics and microelectronics, medical devices, semiconductor, fiber optics, and aerospace industries. Our product line constantly expands to meet innovative material requirements for the technologies.
(401)726-4500, Fax: (401)726-4502, E-mail: kp@epoxyset.com Request a quote

FOOD FOR SALE - East Brunswick, NJ - - The online wholesale food marketplace. US based sales company strictly business to business representing processors and farmers wishing to sell to recognized wholesale buyers: Supermarket chains, food service companies & industrial users. Selling in quantity to provide the missing link to major customers. Representing Cargill, Smithfield, Hanover Foods and many others.
(732)238-6883, Fax: (732)238-7541, E-mail: foodforsale@comcast.net Request a quote

FORMAWELL HAIR RESURRECTION / JH COSMETICS, INC. - Corona, CA - - Hair resurrection shampoo & conditioner products, containing potent ingredients from the Amazonian Orchid that resurrect and repair hair from the cortex to the cuticle. All four steps of the Formawell treatment process miraculously create natural, silky, shiny and healthy hair. Active ingredients are extracted from natural resources with no chemicals added.
(800)437-9522, E-mail: info@formawell.com Request a quote

FRIENDLY BANDS, LLC - Riviera Beach, FL - - Manufacturer and seller of the internationally popular Sunshine Loom - A circular loom craft kit for creating rubber band bracelets, necklaces, rings and more! Easy numbered pegs for easy instructions. The circular Sunshine Loom is the only loom that makes a full-size, all-around rubber band bracelet for a child or adult.
(800)334-6319, E-mail: info@friendlybands.com Request a quote

G&F PRODUCTS / WORK GLOVES DEPOT - Philadelphia, PA - - Distributors needed for our full line of high quality work gloves - Standard & custom imprinted hand protection glove products - Leather work gloves, high performance gloves, cut resistant gloves, heat resistant gloves, etc. Aside from our own G&F brand, we're your alternate source for CutSHIELD, HeatRESIST, HyperGRIP, ToughMAX and other major manufacturers.
(888)225-9661, (215)781-6222, Fax: (215)781-6565, E-mail: info@workglovesdepot.com Request a quote

G.W. SCHULTZ TOOL, INC. - Tavares, FL - - Manufacturer of highly engineered custom, standard and modified standard carbide cutting tools. AS9100 certified, specializing in high performance custom carbide end mills, offering a standard line of 2,600 specialty cutting tools, custom etching services, coatings, and re-grinding services. Serving customers in the defense, aerospace, power generation, and medical device sectors.
(866)866-5497, (352)343-8778, E-mail: sales@gwschultz.com Request a quote

HarnessIT - Westford, MA - - Distributors needed for revolutionary WIRE & CABLE AUTOMATION solution - A $5K software product called HarnessShop™, which will process critical wire harness data to help streamline all stages of production such as cost and quote creation, engineering drawings and shop floor fabrication documents.
(978)392-9284, E-mail: Info@HarnessIT.com

HASCO COMPONENTS INTERNATIONAL CORP. - New Hyde Park, NY - - Distribute our REED SWITCHES & REED RELAYS. Since 1976... 500 different types of relays and electromechanical relays - 24 types of reed relays, from milliamps to 80 amps - DC and AC coil voltages, one pole to 4 pole switching. ISO registered factory, drop shipments to OEMs and contract manufacturers worldwide.
(516)328-9292, Fax: (516)326-9125, E-mail: Info@HascoRelays.com

HEV, INC. - Fresno, CA - - Seeking distribution for our diversified line of high quality industrial V-belts, chainsaw bars, grass trimmer heads and many other quality landscaping and industrial products to complement your current product line.

(800)888-6766, (920)562-0002, Fax: (800)818-6766, Email: Sales@HEV.com

HULL SPEED PRODUCTS, INC. - Melbourne, FL - - Distribute our line of high-reliability, state-of-the-art DATA COMMUNICATIONS accessory products designed to facilitate the connectivity and enhance the performance of a broad range of computer and data processing equipment, including mainframes, minis, and PCs.
(800)771-4855, (321)768-0063, Fax: (321)768-6730, E-mail: Sales@HullSpeed.com

HUNTER PRODUCTS, INC. - Bridgewater, NJ - - Become a distributor for the popular GOLDFINGER Re-Plating and Re-Work system - Environmenatally-friendly compounds permit instantaneous selection of ELECTRO-PLATING possibilities without preparation of solutions. Used for contact repair, prototype development work, electronic instrument repair, etc. Pens available with copper, tin, zinc, nickel, black nickel, silver, chrome-color, rhodium, palladium, and gold.
(800)524-0692, (908)526-8440 Fax: (908)526-8348, E-mail: hunter@eclipse.net

IIS - INDUSTRIAL INDEXING SYSTEMS - Victor, NY - - Offering a wide variety of motion control products and services to OEMs and end-users - Single and multi-axis MOTORS, CONTROLLERS, DRIVES and associated hardware. Full range of easy to use software products makes it simple to program quickly and accurately.
(585)924-9181, Fax: (585)924-2169, E-mail: Info@IIS-Servo.com

INTELLIGENT VISION SOLUTIONS - Sonora, CA - - Profitable line of ergonomic, high magnification VIDEO IMAGING systems for fine electronics and bio-medical assembly, quality inspection, and other critical imaging applications. Replacing microscope workstations with our video monitors for viewing reduces forward head tilt. Employees will no longer need to look through the microscope eye tubes.
(209)533-4783, Fax: (413)638-5799, E-mail: Sales@VisionNeeds.com

INTEGRATED SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES (IST) - Goleta, CA - - Instrument distributors needed for newly developed line of SENSOR-BASED PRODUCTS as gas detection equipment, high speed miniature digital current probes . . . More coming soon.
(805)968-6600, Fax: (805)968-6600, E-mail: Peter@iSensorTech.com

INTERACT COMMUNICATIONS, INC. - Boca Raton, FL - - We produce proven and tested ANTI-RADIATION PRODUCTS for cellular and cordless phones. With over 1.5 B cellphone users worldwide, the market is huge. We seek entreprenurial people as distributors. Full training and marketing materials provided. Visit cprnews.com, a reporting site on cell phone dangers then contact us for more details.
(561)989-9147, Fax: (561)982-8834, E-mail: Takensave@aol.com ....

iPixCel, LLC - OKC, OK - - Actively seeking individuals, organizations and software marketing professionals for distribution of the ChaserView family of software which was created for hand held video conferencing, using wireless networks. This concept is new, never before approached due to the insurmountable technical difficulties invlolved with the concept. ChaserView is now available for distribution.
(405)414-7791, (405)225-7139, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: Sales@iPixCel.com Request a quote
TDE membership candidate: 1/9/10

iSkin, inc. - Toronto, Ont., Canada - - We design and manufacture colorful SILICONE MOLDED CASES for electronic instruments and small hand-held devices. Distributors needed worldwide for our profitable line of retail computer accessories. See them on our website.
(416)924-9607, Fax: (416)924-7731, E-mail: rgp@iskin.com

ISOLATION SYSTEMS, INC. - Mound, MN - - Sensitive electronic equipment in industrial, medical and telecom applications often require protection from the disruptive effects of ongoing power line noise. Distribute the popular ONEAC UPS systems, and fully isolated AC POWER PROTECTION products, with or without battery backup which assures increased system reliability with far fewer interruptions or outages.
(952)472-4321, Fax: (952)472-0931, E-mail: Greg@Isolation-Systems.com

JADAK TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Liverpool, NY - - Multi-faceted company provides engineering and manufacturing services as well as a wide range of BARCODE and other DATA COLLECTION devices. Looking for distributors and reps to sell our diverse product line and contract services.
(315)701-0678, Fax: (315)701-0679, E-mail: Info@JadakTech.com

JBC TOOLS USA INC. - Sacramento, CA - - A pioneer in manual SOLDERING, DESOLDERING and REWORK is introducing its advanced series line for distribution to the U.S. market following its popularity within the European and Asian electronics industry. This revolutionary line offers your customers a unique heating system, ensuring excellent recovery, featuring extended tip life and higher productivity at a lower cost of ownership.
(916)564-4210, Fax: (916)564-4277, E-mail: jbcoem@jbctools.com

LEDTRONICS, INC. - Torrance, CA - - Distribute our LED (Light Emitting Diodes) line - An array of direct incandescent lamp replacement Based LED lamps for decorative and task lighting applications. Wide range of Snap-in and relampable panel mount LED lamps, sunlight visibile discrete LEDs and PCB LEDs. Full spectrum Surface Mount rainbow RGB LEDs and IR LEDs.
(800)579-4875, (310)534-1505, Fax: (310)534-1424, E-mail: Webmaster@LEDtronics.com

LIVE LOVE GRANOLA - Kinnelon, NJ - - Dedicated to providing healthy and wholesome snacks with granola made from only 100% natural ingredients and preservative-free. We start with the basics, consisting of organic rolled oats, almonds, organic honey and organic unsweetened coconut, creating a crunchy treat with a hint of sweetness. Our products never contain any gluten/wheat ingredients.
(973)239-6960, E-mail: mjmauro@aol.com Request a quote

LLT BAR CODE & LABEL - Stow, OH - - Looking for a bar coding system hardware and supplies source? LLT carries a comprehensive line of printing, scanning and tracking equipment for BAR CODING. Large inventory from multiple leading manufacturers' branded labels and ribbons as well as our own house brand products. Custom labels available.
(800)882-4050, (330)689-3930, Fax: (800)395-4721, E-mail: Sales@LLTproducts.com

MAPOWER ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. - Fullerton, CA - - Founded in 1987, Mapower Corp. is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of computer peripherals, specializing in  external drive enclosures from Singlebay to Multiple bays. We are currently seeking additional distribution in key U.S. & Canadian market. Please return to read our product description.
(714)738-5510, Fax: (714)738-4820, E-mail: JohnC@Mapower.com

MARCO MANUFACTURING CO., INC. - Philadelphia, PA - - Manufacturers of TERMINAL BLOCKS for military, commercial aircraft, and most commercial and industrial applications, including Eurostyles additional distribution in key markets. Offering many variations of terminal block materials, terminal lugs, quick connect tabs, marker strips, hardware and fasteners.
(215)463-2332, Fax: (215)334-4990, E-mail: MarcoManuf@aol.com

NADCO TAPES & LABELS, INC. - Sarasota, FL - - Utilizing many converting processes we create many different pressure sensitive and non-pressure sensitive TAPES & LABELS. We print and die-cut materials as vinyl, paper, cloth, aluminum and copper foils, Polypropylene and PVC films, foam and many more materials. Applications include ESD protection, EMI-RFI control, insulation, masking, safety, advertising, more!
(800)839-9018, (941)751-6693, Fax: (941)727-8220, E-mail: Sales@NADCOinc.com

MATTSSONS FASTENERS - Indianapolis, IN - - Hard-to-find METRIC FASTENERS available for distribution. No metric fastener stock in USA - We ship to you directly from Sweden. ISO 9002, QS 9000, ISO 14000 Certifications. Distribute our fasteners to your OEM customers in electronics, telecommunications, automotive and many other industries. OEMparts.net is our US representative office.
(317)228-1126, Fax: (317)228-1127, E-mail: info@oemparts.net

MICRO-VAC, INC. - Tucson, AZ - - Antistatic vacuum tubing helps control ESD problems naturally inherent in vacuum lines. Our cleanroom components, which accompany our ANTISTATIC VACUUM TUBING offer inventive ways to microclean at every workstation. Controlling ESD is a high priority and a major challenge in electronics manufacturing & assembly. Our products offer excellent distribution opportunities.
(800)729-1020, (520)750-1200, Fax: (520)750-0001, E-mail: microvac1@aol.com

MIRACLE BUSINESS, INC. - Upland, CA - - Worldwide distribution needed to sell the Miracle line of CRT & LCD monitors, and specialty security products. Please visit our website to see our product line, then call us to get started.
(909)946-9688, Fax: (909)946-9680, E-mail: SalesManager@MiracleBusiness.com

NATIONAL ELECTRONIC ALLOYS (NEA) - Oalkland, NJ - - Sheet, coil, rod, plate METAL ALLOYS from stock: Specialty metals for components and other electronics / high technology applications. Glass & ceramic sealing alloys, 29-17 alloy, nickel iron cobalt alloy, ASTM F15 alloy, kovar, rodar. Chemical milling grade available. No order too small.
(800)524-4309, Fax: (201)337-9698, E-mail: sales@nealloys.com

OTEK CORPORATION - Tucson, AZ - - Stocking & non-stocking INSTRUMENT & CONTROL distributors wanted. High discounts, advertising leads and referrals. Click to visit our Website, review our product line and submit an application on the spot.
(520)748-7900, Fax: (520)790-2808.

PHASEDA LLC - Beaverton, OR - - Stocking distributors needed immediately to sel our line of quality rocker switches, power toggle switches, and slide and tactile switches for board level applications. Our switches are widely used in home appliances, office equipment, power tools, medical, industrial, and other OEM applications. UL/U.S., cUL/Canada, and VDE, TUV, ENEC, RoHS European compliant.
(503)564 4647, Fax: (503)579-9776, E-mail: sales@phaseda.com Request a quote
Read our latest new product release:
Phaseda Power Pushbutton Switch ~ Long Life, Color Illuminated

TDE membership candidate: 10/9/10/MA

PDR XYTRONIC - Sacramento, CA - - Seeking qualified Distributors servicing OEM/Contract Manufacturer accounts for our successful line of SOLDERING/DESOLDERING equipment, toxic fume extraction, inspection equipment, hand tools and bench-top accessories. Some technical sales staff/experience beneficial. Key account programs. Comprehensive product line.
(877)700-6085, Fax: (916)395-5596, E-mail: sales@pdrxy.com

Read our latest News Release: Soldering Desoldering Tools ~ PDR/XYtronic to Add 200 New Products

POWERVOLT, INC. - Addison, IL - - Leading manufacturer of DC POWER SUPPLIES & TRANSFORMERS is seeking to expand its network of authorized distributors. Distributorships now available in various states. Please contact us with your line card.
(630)628-9999, Fax: (630)628-9992, E-mail: sales@powervolt.com

PRINCETON TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Irvine, CA - - Manufacturers of industrial SSD / Solid State Drives and flash storage products is looking for distributors. Using our technical memory expertise, global procurement network, and lean manufacturing practices, we produce an outstanding quality line of high speed, durable, Lynx Solid States Drives which OEMs depend on for their quick product introductions.
(949)851-7776, Fax: (949)851-7986, E-mail: sales@princetonusa.com Request a quote

RAPID CONN, INC. - Lake Forest, CA - - Manufacturers of cables, connectors and plastic injected parts at our U.S. based design and development center requires distribution. Fully automated production, design/support, and multi location warehousing, JIT, EDI and various custom services. The Company's offshore manufacturing is conducted in cost efficient global locations such as Malaysia and China.
(949)951-1020, Fax: (949)951-8265, E-mail: Info@RapidConn.com

RC SYSTEMS CO., INC. - Santa Fe, TX - - Please return to read our product description.
(409)925-7808, (409)925-1078, E-mail: rcsci@aol.com

RELIABLE COMMUNICATIONS, INC. - Angels Camp, CA - - Leading DATA COMMUNICATIONS OEM seeks distributors for full line, including Switches, Buffers, Data Spoolers, Current Loops, Print Servers, Cable Boosters, and Custom OEM products.
(209)736-0421, Fax: (209)736-0425, E-mail: rcinfo@relcomm.com

RELIABLE PROCUREMENT - E. Lansdowne, PA - - Distribute our wide range of electronic test equipment, used daily in the manufacturing, assembly, and repairs of electronic products. Also, large selection of safety, environmental, and compliance test instruments. Please visit our website now or return here later for a complete product listing.
(877)ReliPro (735-4776), (610)284-9605, Fax: (610)284-9607, E-mail: Info@ReliableProcurement.com

RF INDUSTRIES - San Diego, CA - - RFI's Connectors Division seeks professional representation for our wide variety of COAXIAL CONNECTORS, adapters, kits and cable assemblies.
(800)233-1728, (858)549-6340, Fax: (858)549-6345, E-mail: RFI@RFindustries.com

RMV ELECTRONICS, INC. - Vancouver, BC, Canada - - Excellent distribution opportunity for industrial motion control boards, intelligent serial interface processors, and data acquisition boards for PC-based systems. In addition, our distributor program offers free training, excellent markup, and very extensive OEM customer support.
(604)299-5173, Fax: (604)299-5174, E-mail: Customer@RMV.com

RSF ELECTRONICS, INC. - Rancho Cordova, CA - - Distributors needed for a line of LINEAR & ROTARY ENCODERS, digital readouts, digital depth probes, and associated electronics for precision motion control closed loop feedback and measurements. Linear resolution range from 10 microns 0.0005 in. to 10 nanometers 0.0000005 in. Models available for high-speed vacuum environments and include integrated limit switches.
(916)852-6660, Fax: (916)852-6664, E-mail: Support@RSF.net

RUDE AMERICAN BAT COMPANY - Henderson, NV - - Makers of the MOAB (Mother Of All Bats) alloy baseball bat, engineered for both speed and power for peak performance. Our products include BBCOR.50 -3 bats, youth SL -10 bats, softball & little league bats and commercial grade inflatable batting cages. Fantastic opportunities for qualified individuals who can represent our product lines.
(855)228-7833, E-mail: staz@rudeamericanbatco.com Contact Us
CLICK HERE TO SEARCH OUR ENIRE SITE ~ Skip a space after our domain name and search any keyword !

SCI USA - Doylestown, PA - - Our thermostat controls are presently in use in many upscale condo units in the Upper East Side of NYC, along with condo buildings in the Battery Park area. Telephone controlled thermostats, bac-net communicating thermostat controls, and 3-speed programmagle flush mounts. Made in Israel, North American distributor is looking for distributors nationwide.
(215)766-1487, Fax: (215)766-1493, E-mail: Info@scillc.com Request
TDE membership review: 4/22/10/GP

SensorTec, Inc. - Ft. Wayne, IN - - Distribute our Full line of temperature probes, transmitters, and thermowells. Off the shelf and custom OEM RTD probes with temperatures ranging from -200°C all the way up to 650°C. We utilize both thin film and wire wound technology in our RTD assemblies to maximize your customers' options.
(800)213-3820, (260)497-8811, Fax: (260)497-8822, E-mail: Sales@SensorTecInc.com

SIA ELECTRONICS - Tilden, IL - - Industry leader in the remanufacturing of automotive electronic control modules ECUs for all domestic & foreign vehicles, with over 20 years of experience. Also remanufacturers of mass air flow sensors, powertrain control modules, fuel injector control modules, anti-lock brake computers EBCMs and anti-lock brake hydraulic units, for domestic and foreign automobiles.
(800)737-0915, (618)587-3308, Fax: (618)587-6408, E-mail: email@siaelec.com Request a quote

SIERRA IC, INC. - Manorville, NY - - Stocking distributors of hard to find, allocated, and obsolete ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS and integrated circuits looking to share inventory with other distributors. Solving the IC sourcing needs of OEMs, Contract Manufacturers and other distributors. Visit out online store.
(631)325-9097, Fax: (631)207-8305, E-mail: Sales@SierraIC.com

SILICONE SOLUTIONS - Twinsburg, OH - - A Leader in SPECIALTY SILICONES, marketing advanced technology products, is seeking Distributors to cover the West Coast, Canada, Mexico and selected US regions.
(330)405-4595, (330)405-4596.

SOUTHERN CIRCUIT SALES, INC. - St. Petersburg, FL - - Full line component distributor with value added services will sell large or small lots to other distributors - Please click to visit our website and return here to read our complete product description.
(866)822-1600, (727)822-1600, Fax: (727)822-0700, E-mail: SCSsteve@TampaBay.RR.com

SPECTRA USA - Chino, CA - - Major manufacturer of premium quality blank T-shirts, tank tops, long sleeve tees and hoodies for men & women. Designed with our proprietary 'Spectra Spun' 100% combed and ring-spun cotton to maximize feel. The brand of choice for many marquee apparel brands, silk screen, direct to garment printing and merchandise companies.
(888)909-6516, (714)683-2820, Fax: (855)522-2008, E-mail: Sales@SpectraUSA.net Request a quote

STAND UP ABS BY MITCHCO ENTERPRISES - Downingtown, PA - - Vertical core training - Stand Up Abs™ is core training with resistance, while standing. Tighten the butt, tone the hips and firm up those thighs, all with a few simple but effective moves. Stand Up Abs™ comes with high quality fabric-covered resistance bands, ankle straps, instructional DVD and bag - Dealers welcome.
(484)645-4880, E-mail: sckmitchell22@gmail.com Contact Us

STEGO, INC. - Marietta, GA - - Distibute our thermal products for electrical/electronic enclosures used in telecom, automation, security, commercial, and industrial applications. Resistance type and PTC-based enclosure heaters, fan heaters, CCTV camera heaters, heaters for valves and actuators, temperature & humidity controls, lights, filter fans, 19" fan trays and related products. Innovative designs, 120/230VAC and common DC voltages. Same day shipment.
(888)783-4611, (770)984-0858, Fax: (770)984-0615, E-mail: Info@StegoUSA.com

THE HEDI COUNCIL - Denver, CO - - Designers of clothing, backpacks, hats and accessories for men & women that are rooted in cannabis culture. Every garment created is of the highest quality fabrics & textiles and feature a signature touch of the artist's hand. Characterizing today's premium strain names, THC Clothing delivers a collection of definitive designs and fresh dope gear.
(303)355-0038, CP: (303)524-0607, E-mail: sales@thehedicouncil.com Request a quote

TRANXITION CORPORATION - Portland, OR - - PC migration software for managing personas (profiles and data) in Windows environments - Automatically extract and preserve end-user customizations, metadata, and files from desktops and move them to new or upgraded desktops, virtual images, or roaming profiles on Windows server. Our Tranxition OnRamp, in beta, transfers user documents to the cloud.
(888)391-4360, (503)688-5046, Fax: (888)391-4360, E-mail: sales@tranxition.com Request a quote
CLICK HERE TO SEARCH OUR ENIRE SITE ~ Skip a space after our domain name and search any keyword !

TRILLIUM CONTROLS, INC. - Concord, Ont., Canada - - Stocking importing agents for many ELECTRICAL CONTROL products. Currently seeking component distributors for our lines of limit and micro switches, relays, contactors and starter, cooling fans, buzzers and pushbuttons.
(905)761-9588, Fax: (905)761-9587, E-mail: Sales@TrilliumControls.com

TRONEX TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Napa, CA - - Distributors needed for a leading line of quality hand tools for PCB assembly - Over 40 different types of precision hand cutting tools in carbon and alloy steel. The exceptional performance of Tronex cutters results directly from our carefully planned and controlled manufacturing operations in our Napa, CA.
(707)224-9880, Fax: (707)224-9886, E-mail: Arne@TronexTools.com

U.S. ELECTRONICS, INC. - Minniapolis, MN - - Distribute our High Resolution TOTOKU VIDEO MONITORS for OEM applications. Large selection of screen sizes in both FLAT PANEL LCD and CRT models. Will ship OEM Qty or single units. Distribute also our quality line of FERRITE CORES, toroids, yoke-rings, beads, bobbins, PCBs and more.
(612)591-2605, Fax: (612)591-0726, E-mail: uselectr@aol.com

VITREK CORPORATION - San Diego, CA - - Leading manufacturer of automated ELECTRICAL SAFETY test equipment for regulatory compliance verification needs reps & distributors for new product series. Testers include AC & DC hipot (dielectric withstand), insulation resistance measurement, ground bond testers, precision high voltage meters and high voltage scanning systems.
(858)689-2755, Fax: (858)689-2760, E-mail: Info@Vitrek.com

VOGT ELECTRONICS - Cupertino, CA - -Global supplier of electronics MANUFACTURING SERVICES and INDUCTIVE COMPONENTS needs distribution for Our NAFTA operation, located in Guadalajara/MEX which provides low cost EMS as well as injection molding. We produce transformers, chokes, sensors, actuators, immobilizers, flyback transformers, DST, planar transformers, more... Our output capacity is approx 1-Million parts per day.
(408)710-4506, E-mail: hloeffler@Vogt-Electronic.com

VS HOLDING, LLC / Electronic Design & Research, Inc. - Louisville, KY - - Seeking immediate distribution in U.S. and worldwide markets - SOLID STATE RELAY modules - SPST, SPDT, DPST relays with MOSFET and IGBT on their output(s). Medium & high speed SSR devices, ready to switch various signals and drive different kinds of loads: AC/DC power, video, DC and stepper motors, solenoids and more!
(502)933-8660, Fax: (502)933-3422, E-mail: info@vsholding.com

WABASH TRANSFORMER, INC. - Clarence, IA - - Distributors needed for our standard and custom TRANSFORMER lines - .5VA to 4KVA power transformers, PCB mounting or frame mounting. UL, CSA, VDE Class 2 and Class 3 transformers approved.
(563)452-3366, Fax: (563)452-3809, E-mail: Wabash@Netins.net

WireStrippers.com - Menifee Valley, CA - - Looking for distributors to handle our WIRE PROCESSING line of Wire Strippers, Thermal Wire Stripping tools, Coaxial Cable Stripping tools and Wire & Tubing Cutters. We offer large discounts and favorable terms.
(800)490-8520, (909)301-8560, Fax: (909)679-4849, E-mail: Wirestrippers@WebTV.net

XEPEX INTERNATIONAL - Diamond Bar, CA - - Transformers, coils & inductors available for private label and distribution. Low/high frequency power transformer/coils, chokes, telecom transformers, magnetics for power supplies, and ac-ac/ac-dc linear adapters. Custom OEM magnetics at competitive prices. In 2000 Xepex was accredited with ISO-9001certification. Xepex factories are located in China.
(909)456-0235, Fax: (909)860-5992, E-mail: Info@Xepex-International.com

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MORE SOURCES: 1,500 Electronics Industry Sourcing Sites

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