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1 NATION ELECTRONICS - Oldsmar, FL - - Government, military and aerospace components such as connectors, circuit card assemblies, microcircuits and discrete devices. ISO 9002, government quality assurance specialist available for inspection compliance as needed. Value added services on all board level components cuh as tape & reel service, burn-in testing, specification data sheets, end-of-life and obsolescence part support.
(866)550-8804, (813)349-6852, Fax: (813)349-6839, E-mail: Request a quote

4 STAR ELECTRONICS, INC. - San Clemente, CA - - 4 Star Electronics is an ISO 2001:9000 certified independent distributor of obsolete electronic components. We have an extensive in-stock inventory of obsolete electronic components which includes millions of industrial, commercial and MIL-spec components. Use our Free Part Search Utility to check inventory and request a quote online.
(877)240-8595, (949)276-5225, Fax: (949)240-8503, E-mail: Request a quote

ACE WIRE SPRING & FORM COMPANY, INC. - McKees Rocks, PA - - Leading manufacturer of compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, coil springs, drawbar springs, garter springs, assembly springs, titanium springs, hot wound springs and wire forms for a large variety of industries. Applications include aerospace, agriculture, firearms, gas & steam turbines, material handling equipment, medical devices, valves & actuators, security & bariers and more!
(800)828-3353, (412)331-3353, Fax: (412)331-1602, E-mail: Request a quote

ACF COMPONENTS & FASTENERS, INC. - Hayward, CA - - One-stop shopping for all your fastener and mechanical component requirements. As a Master Stocking Distributor, ACF is ready to give you a competitive edge by saving you money, and by being your quality on-time supplier. Stocking AVK, Bivar, Heyco, Ideal, Keystone, Panduit, PIC Design, RAF, Richco, Sumitomo Electric, 3M, and Zierick.
(800)227-2901, (510)487-2100, Fax: (510)471-7018, E-mail: Request a quote

ACROSS THE BOARD ELECTRONICS - La Crescenta, CA - - Southern California based distributor, meeting the component needs of OEM and CEM customers, both domestically and globally. Representing the highest quality electronic components from manufacturers across the globe. We're ready to quote and quick to deliver.
(818)951-8398, Fax: (818)951-8479, E-mail: Request a quote

ADI - AMERICAN DISTRIBUTORS, INC. - Randolph, NJ - - Please return later to read our product description.
(800)877-0510, (973)328-1181, Fax: (973)328-2302, E-mail: Request a quote

ADMIRED ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS - Saint Augustine, FL - - Obsolete and hard-to-find electronic components and hardware distributor for military, aerospace, industrial and commercial applications. While most parts are supplied directly from stock, Admired Services also utilizes trusted supply chain partners to acquire reliable parts and reduce lead times. Offering custom packaging, labeling, tape & reel services and kitting.
(904)547-2647, Fax: (904)779-3298, E-mail: Request a quote

AEROSUP, INC. - Los Angeles, CA - - Worldwide supplier of aircraft parts and aviation services to the airlines, aircraft operators, airframe manufacturers and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) operations. Airframe parts and accessories, aircraft engine parts, landing gear components, aircraft avionics, flight controls, aircraft lights and more. OEM parts are supplied with complete certification and traceability documents.
(310)649-1000, Fax: (310)649-3200, E-mail: Request a quote 10/GP

AFR ENTERPRISES - Santa Ana, CA - - Electronic component stocking distributors, specializing long lead-time, hard to find, and obsolete components - Resistors, semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, memory, as well as military, aerospace and avionic parts. We also provide services for electronic components - Consignment, lot management, testing & verification, and component taping & reeling, and other component prep services.
(949)209-8712, Fax: (714)398-8215, E-mail: Request a quote

AMS XS - San Jose, CA - - Distributors ICs, resistors, capacitors and more!. Offering materials management services such as warehousing, turnkey and kitting of components related to printed circuit board assemblies. All components are guaranteed NEW and we strive to offer attractive prices.
(408)294-7100, (408)291-0300, E-mail: Request a quote 11/GP

ATOMETRON - Costa Mesa, CA - - Independent stocking distributors of electronic components. If We don't have it, we will literally scour the globe for you! Additionally, we build and stock a variety of memory modules, including MAC DIMMs and 72-pin EDO & FPM SIMMs.
(888)440-0777, (949)646-3332, Fax: (949)646-3663 E-mail: Request a quote

AUTO PARTS COMPANY - Cartersville, GA - - Family owned auto parts professionals serving the automotive industry with 5 store locations in North West Georgia. Your #1 source for replacement parts, performance parts, and aftermarket accessories. Stocking parts from over 100 manufacturers with well over 100,000 SKUs in stock. Online store offering promotions and the convenience of in-store pickup options.
(770)382-1881, Fax: (770)387-1755, E-mail: Request a quote
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AVAILABLE COMPONENTS, LLC - Haverhill, MA - - Over 25 years of experience, delivering hard-to-find, allocated, discontinued and obsolete componets. Our worldwide resources will allow us to expedite your order quickly and efficiently. Your source for electronic components, sub-assemblies and electro-mechanicals. Inspected, reliable parts, fast turn-around from stock, and from worldwide surplus inventories, at competitive prices.
(508)320-4356, Fax: (978)373-2682, E-mail: Request a quote

BERTECH-KELEX - Torrance, CA - - Your source for capacitors, resistors, relays, switches, fuses, ESD products, solder paste, tantalum capacitors, modems, production tools, diodes, LEDs, LCDs, potentiometer, memories and connectors. Major brands are Honda connectors, Fuji Semiconductors, Samsung, Collmer Semiconductor, ASJ, Avex, Kemet, Lamb switches, Hantronix and RCD components.
(310)787-0337, Fax (310)787-0854, E-mail: Request a quote

BOWMAN GROUP, INC. - Chandler, AZ - - Buyers of OEM surplus, overstock, discontinued & end of life ICs. Memory, DRAM, SRAM, digital, analog, linear, military. etc. We pay COD + freight as room is made for your new inventory. We can also locate component products for your needs. Call or fax your surplus inventory or current needs ASAP!
(480)961-3478, Fax (480)961-3404, E-mail: Request a quote

BROOKDALE ELECTRONICS, INC. - Deer Park, NY - - Your Frequency Control solutions distributor . . . Specializing in crystals and oscillators, Brookdale combines technical knowledge, a large inventory and over a decade of experience in the frequency controls industry. Whether you require VCXOs, TCXOs, VCOs, TVCXOs, SMD, CMOS, TTL, ECL, PECL, Brookdale Electronics, Inc. will meet your frequency control requirements.
(800)229-8033, (631)595-1845, E-mail: Request a quote

C PLUS ELECTRONICS, INC. - San Clemente, CA - - A leading independent broad line distributor of electronic components, specializing in ICs, passives; interconnect products, memory modules, and various other computer related products. Let us improve your supply chain management initiatives by reducing the number of your component vendors to obtain the highest possible volume discounts along with vast global availability.
(877)97-CPLUS, (714)783-7141, Fax: (714)783-7766, E-mail: Request a quote

CAMPONIL ELECTRONICS - Las Vegas, NV - - Exclusive distributor for a number of companies in the Microwave/RF space, offering world class service and support with all types of passive and active components. With over 20 years of experience in the Industry, we are able to source all types of components, while providing honest and reliable quotes.
(888)823-2295, Fax: (888)825-3306, E-mail: Request a quote

CAYMOO AIR PRODUCTS, LTD. - Melville, NY - - We supply and export electronic component and aircraft parts to the UK and Europe. Providing technical assistance and licensing if required. We supply both military and commercial components. Consolidated shipments provide considerable savings in transportation and handling costs. Orders are scheduled to deliver material to your production line without delays.
(631)421-8410, Fax : (631)421-8412, E-mail: Request a quote

CHAMPION ELECTRONICS - Levittown, NY - - Premier independent stocking distributor for semiconductors, passive, electro-mechanical devices and computer products, serving top tier original equipment manufacturers as well as contract manufacturers, distributors and resellers. Started in 1999 with a commitment to customer service through year round departmental training, continual process improvement and superior materials management.
(631)391-8400, Fax: (631)391-8411 E-mail: Request a quote

COM S.I.T., INC. - Danvers, MA - - ComS.I.T. is a global independent distributor with over 85k line items in stock, available to ship same day. HQ is in Zolling, Germany, with sales offices globally and additional warehouses is Hong Kong and USA. The intelligent choice When it comes to professional global procurement and supply chain management services.
(978)539-8600, (978)304-1080, E-mail: Request a quote 11/GP

COMPASS ELECTRONICS - Santa Ana, CA - - Full service electronic component distributors with global partners assisting in locating the most difficult to find components. Visit our website to download our current line card. Additional services include component refurbishing, wire harness & cable assembly, and injection molded plastic parts.
(714)424-9100, Fax: (714)424-0667 E-mail: Request a quote

COMPONENT DISTRIBUTORS, INC. - Denver, CO - - High tech electronics distributor, providing state-of-the-art products and world-class service. CDI is a franchised distributor for top vendors providing communications, power, optoelectronics, sensors, test and measurement, and interconnect products.
(800)777-7334, (720)962-5152, Fax: (720)962-4437, E-mail: Request a quote

CONNECT-TECH PRODUCTS, INC. - Carson City, NV - - A reliable distributor of components, including BNC, TNC, Triax, RF, SMA/B/C, DC power, RCA, phono, F-type and IEC adapters, connectors, plugs and jacks. Also die cast, rackmount, injection molded, water tight, sheet metal, cable TV, electronic, hand held, dust tight, aluminum and custom enclosures.
(800)809-2751, Fax: (775)883-2384 E-mail: Request a quote

DMAC INTERNATIONAL, INC. - Sebring, FL - - Independent distributors of capacitors, connectors, ICs and hard to find parts. Utilizing a computerized worldwide tracking system - Kitting & scheduled orders.
(941)655-6221, Fax: (941)655-5191, E-mail: Request a quote

EZ-IC - Riverside, CA - - Same day shipping from our ESD controlled warehouse - ICs, hard drives, CPUs, memory, LCDs, motherboards, video cards, networking cards, video controllers, inverters, cables, flash, microprocessors, fans, chipsets, power supplies, logic, connectors, EEPROMs and value added services as component testing, counterfeit screening and Mil-Spec upscreening. Customer service and complete customer satisfaction.
(951)398-3222, Fax: (951)398-0363, E-mail: Request a quote

EASTERN COMPONENTS, INC. - W. Conshohocken, PA - - Full service, value-added distributor for major lines of MAGNETIC MATERIAL. Our machining center will produce custom FERRITE COMPONENTS according to your needs and specs.
(800)223-3850, (610)825-8610, Fax: (610)825-6929, E-mail: Request a quote

ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS CO. - Irvine, CA - - Stocking distributors of board level components, combining the latest technology with the finest personnel to supply board level components from a global database of suppliers. Our customers include companies such as NASA, Siemens, General Electric, and Tyco. Our products include integrated circuits, capacitors, passives and discreets.
(877)275-3226, Fax: (949)417-1866, E-mail: Request a quote

ELECTRONIC EXPEDITERS, INC. - Via Pescador, CA - - Huge inventory of diodes & transistors, integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, relays, switches, military and obsolete components. Please visit our website for a complete description of our products. View part numbers & inventory.
(866)577-1520, (805)987-7171, Fax: (805)987-3344, E-mail: Request a quote

ELECTRONIC MATERIAL INDUSTRIES - Toluca Lake, CA - - Independent stocking distributors of Military & Industrial electronic component parts such as Capacitors & Resistors, ICs, Diodes, Transistors, and other Semiconductors. Please fax your requirements for immediate response.
(818)769-1002, Fax: (818)769-1084, E-mail: Request a quote

EVERIGHT POSITION TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION - Narberth, PA - - Major North American distributors of linear and rotary position sensors, displacement sensors and inclinometers from worldwide manufacturers which measure linear, angular and tilt positions. Everight has a range of solutions that can answer all your engineering requirements when sourcing a particular sensor capability, performance and physical size, at a given price.
(856)727-9500, Fax: (610)672-9663, E-mail: Request a quote

FORESIGHT ELECTRONICS - Sunnyvale, CA - - Standard, Off-the-shelf & custom switching POWER SUPPLIES, DC/DC converters, desk & wall mount, distributed power front ends, PC type switchers, medical power supplies, board level switchers, linear power supplies, rack mounted power trays, redundant/hot plug solutions, engineered power subsystems, distributed power subsystems.
(800)276-9378, (408)732-7777, Fax: (408)732-2002, E-mail: Request a quote

FREELANCE ELECTRONICS - Santa Fe Springs, CA - - Freelance Electronics buys and sells obsolete electronic components such as integrated circuits, diodes, actives, passives, connectors, switches, commercial/military surplus and hard to find electronic components. We are stocking distributor of allocated and obsolete electronic components/surplus electronic parts. With over 150,000 lines items in stock, we can ship within 24 hours.
(562)204-0611, Fax: (562)204-0621, E-mail: Request a quote 10/GP

JIM D. GRAY & ASSOCIATES, INC. - Richardson, TX - - AC/DC current and voltage transducers, Ave or True RMS, 0 to 5VDc or 4-20mA, power or frequency, single or three phase. Since 1977 we have evolved into a hybrid factory representative, and stocking distributor, including exclusive relationships with global manufacturers. Call us for all your transducer requirements and other components and electro-mechanicals.
(972)699-9976, Fax: (972)699-9977, E-mail: Request a quote 11/MA

MICROFARADS - Torrance, CA - - Independent distributors of surface mount ceramic & tantalum capacitors, resistors, military switches & relays, coils & inductors, and other passive components. Providing component solutions and offerring equivalents and upgrades when exact part numbers are not available or out of your budget. Serving electronics OEMs, contract manufacturers, product developers, hobbyists, and more.
(310)370-3106, E-mail: Request a quote

MONSTER COMPONENTS LLC - Volente, TX - - Monster Components is an independent stocking distributor for ICs. We specialize in long lead time, hard to find, and obsolete board level electronic components. We carry in stock all brands of industrial, commercial and MIL-spec components, passive and active components, inductors, relays, capacitors, microcontrollers, microprocessors, CPUs, diodes, crystals and much more.
(512)828-8722, Fax: (512)276-6713, E-mail: Request a quote

NATIONAL TEAM COMPONENTS, INC. - Brockport, NY - - Factory-direct buying power - As a large stocking distributor we can help support you during allocation periods. We have stock of Analog Devices, Maxim, Allegro, Onsemi, Zilog... to name a few. Come to us with your needs, large or small - Minimum order $50 usd.
(716)802-9631, Fax: (716)637-5690, E-mail: Request a quote

netCOMPONENTS - Boca Raton, FL - - netCOMPONENTS' electronic component SOURCING DATABASE contains billions of parts from hundreds of suppliers worldwide! Multilingual site has LIVE DEMO for buyers of integrated circuits, semiconductors and other active, passive and electromechanical components. Part Search
(561)274-6780, Fax: (561)274-6796, E-mail: Member Registration Supplier Registration

NET SEMI, INC. - Boca Raton, FL - - Net Semi stocks obsolete, military, end of life, and hard to find components. With over 150,000 items in stock, we are sure to have the part you are looking for. Sourcing products for OEMs, CMs, and ODMs - If you cannot find what you are looking for chances are we can.
(888)933-7364, Fax: (888)933-7364, E-mail: Request a quote 11/GP

PACIFIC COMPONENT XCHANGE - Huntington Beach, CA - - Broad line stocking distributors of IC's, passives, connectors, memory - SRAM, DRAM, DDR, DDR2, GRAM, chips and modules from all the major brands, programmable logic devices - NOR flash, NAND flash. Sourcing of hard to find/allocated components - VMI, consignment, JIT and bonded inventory programs. Generous payment terms and flexible credit limits.
(714)374-3070, Fax: (714)374-1123, E-mail: Request a quote

PANTHER PARTS - North Hollywood, CA - - Established in 1979, Panther Parts is a leading independent distributor of passive electronic components. We stock commercial and military board level components, high voltage parts and plenty of obsolete, hard to find parts. Over 120,000 line items and nearly a billion parts. No more waiting lead times, we have it all.
(818)506-1777, Fax: (818)766-1626 , E-mail: Request a quote . . Browse recent acquisitions

POWER SOURCES UNLIMITED, INC - Wrentham, MA - - Authorized North American ISO 9001:2008 Registered distributor of AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters from the world's leading manufacturers. Our strategic alliances allow us to support you, providing over 5,000 power conversion products from over 15 industry leading manufacturers, together with applications engineering assistance for your OEM custom design requirements.
(800)966-7784, (508)384-1419, Fax: (508)384-1896, E-mail: Request a quote

PRINCETON SSD / Div. Princeton Technology, Inc. - Irvine, CA - - Manufacturers & distributors of industrial SSD and flash storage products used in industrial computer OEM applications. Using our technical memory expertise, global procurement network, and lean manufacturing practices, we produce an outstanding quality line of high speed, durable, Lynx Solid States Drives designed especially for industrial and other rugged environments.
(949)851-7776, Fax: (949)851-7986, E-mail: Request a quote

PRINCETON TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Irvine, CA - - Manufacturers & distributors of industrial SSD and flash storage products. Using our technical memory expertise, global procurement network, and lean manufacturing practices, we produce an outstanding quality line of high speed, durable, Lynx Solid States Drives. OEMs depend on Princeton for their quick product introduction in a shorter product life cycle environment.
(949)851-7776, Fax: (949)851-7986, E-mail: Request a quote

QUEST COMPONENTS, INC. - INDUSTRY, CA - - Stocking electronic component distributors of integrated circuits, semiconductors, resistors & capacitors, switches & relays. Large Inventory of long lead time components, hard-to-find components, obsolete components, replacement & alternative parts. OEM applications in commercial, hi-rel, military/aerospace, and industrial electronics. Value-added component prep services include taping & reeling, device programming, kitting, more! JIT scheduling.
(800)445-4720, (626)333-5858, Fax: (626)723-2860, E-mail: Request a quote

RIGHT PARTS, INC. - San Jose, CA - - For over 15 years Right Parts has distributed millions of stocked items including semiconductors, capacitors, resistors and electromechanical devices. Focusing on new technologies allows us to provide our customers cutting edge solutions for their applications. From design to delivery, we assist you in selecting products from leading electronic suppliers worldwide.
(408)935-9505, Fax: (408)935-9515, E-mail: Request a quote ..... ...

RYDEK ELECTRONICS - Gardena, CA - - Do you have a bill of materials to fill and want to come under budget? We are a stocking distributor with over 40 million dollars of inventory full of "hot" HARD-TO-FIND PARTS to serve your needs at 20% savings below franchised distributors. We also wish to buy your excess inventory.
(310)823-2825, Cell: (310)874-1101, Fax: (310)527-7012, E-mail: Request a quote

SEMILINKS, INC. - Sunnyvale, CA - - Independent distributors of electronic components, computer peripherals, computer software, hardware and firmware. New and obsolete parts, we'll get them to you in time, at very reasonable pricing. Multiple locations across the globe in 34 countries directly or indirectly, including USA, India, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Singapore and more.
(408)530-8833, Fax: (603)710-5890, E-mail: Request a quote ..... ...

SIA ELECTRONICS - Tilden, IL - - Industry leader in the remanufacturing of automotive electronic control modules ECUs for all domestic & foreign vehicles, with over 20 years of experience. Also remanufacturers of mass air flow sensors, powertrain control modules, fuel injector control modules, anti-lock brake computers EBCMs and anti-lock brake hydraulic units, for domestic and foreign automobiles.
(800)737-0915, (618)587-3308, Fax: (618)587-6408, E-mail: Request a quote

SIMPLE WORLDWIDE, LLP - Warminster, PA - - Worldwide authorized value added component distributor, featuring cable & wire harness assemblies, power supplies, LCDs, Fans, computer products and peripherals. Seeking to offer unrestricted earning potential with no buy-in for experienced, entrepreneural individuals, to create and build their own business within commercial and industrial markets through our managing partner program.
(866)396-6601, Fax: (215)396-6602, E-mail: Request a quote 10/GP

SMITH SEMICONDUCTOR, INC: - North Branch, MI - - Online part search eingine with access to over 400 million line items at your fingertips - Military and commercial ICs, transistors and other semiconductors - Passive components as resistors, capacitors, connectors, etc. Make Smith Semiconductor your first and last call for all obsolete and HARD-TO-FIND components.
(810)688-1174, Fax: (810)688-4738, E-mail: Request a quote

SOUTH BAY-HQ - Harbor City, CA - - We have 50,000 lines in inventory available for fast, efficient delivery worldwide. military, aerospace, ROHS compliant electronic components, board level electronics, finished product, medical industry components and more. We offer liquidation services for all metarials. We can help you find hard to find and discontinued parts, at under franchise pricing.
(310)350-9561, Fax: (310)868-2711, E-mail: Request a quote 11/GP

SOUTHERN CIRCUIT SALES, INC. - St. Petersburg, FL - - Full line component distribution - Please click to visit our website and return here to read our complete product description. Call us now with your component needs.
(866)822-1600, (727)822-1600, Fax: (727)822-0700, E-mail: Request a quote

T-SAN ELECTRONICS, INC. - Torrance, CA - - Independent electronic component distributor, stocking an extensive inventory of batteries, semiconductors, integrated circuits and more. Our wide selection of board-level active and passive devices range through leading edge technology to hard-to-find, obsolete and allocated products. Our In-house inventory, supported by global trading partners, offers access to millions of products worldwide.
(310)542-8666, Fax: (310)542-8674, Fax: E-mail: Request a quote

TAW ELECTRONICS, INC. - Burbank, CA - - Long-established component distributor, since 1963 with a full line of passive components. We were the first distributor for the esteemed line of WIMA FILM CAPACITORS. At TAW Electronics, our mission is simple - To provide our customers with high quality components in a friendly, efficient and cost-conscious manner.

(818)846-3911, Fax: (818)846-1194, E-mail: Request a quote

TCG Components - Lecanto, FL - - TCG Components is an ISO 14001 registered independent distributor, specializing in off-the-shelf, hard to find obsolete components. Stocking brand new resistors & capacitors, crystals & oscillators, connectors, switches & relays, fuses, semiconductors & ICs, CPUs, memory modules, hard drives, military grade components and more. Please visit our website to check our inventory.
(352)527-3195, x707, Fax: (352)527-4984, E-mail: Request a quote

TOUCH INTERNATIONAL INC. - Round Rock, TX - - Please click to visit our website and return to this page later for a review of our touch screen products being offered for distribution.
(512)388-0090, (512)388-0094, Fax: (949)789-7179, E-mail: Request a quote

TRILLIUM CONTROLS, INC. - Concord, Ont., Canada - - Stocking importing agents for many electrical control products. Our offerings include limit and micro switches, relays, contactors and starter, cooling fans, buzzers and pushbuttons.
(905)761-9588, Fax: (905)761-9587, E-mail: Request a quote


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