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International Cord Sets, Inc. - Power Cords for the World
CE Approved - International Cordsets - Any Length & Color - EU Harmonized Cables - Silicone Cables - PVC Cables - Rubber Cables - Neoprene Cables - Inline Switches - IEC 309 Connectors - Liquid Tight Strain Relief - Enter Here or call (973)227-2118 . . .
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A&M ELECTRONICS SUPPLY, INC. - El Paso, TX - - Contract manufacturing services, specializing in custom cables and wiring harness assemblies. Offering high quality manufacturing and fabrication capabilities, from custom design & prototyping to full scale production, wire marking & labeling, termination & connector assembly, and more. Serving OEM customers in the communications, network equipment, heavy equipment, military, industrial, transportation and aerospace industries.
(800)553-5087, E-mail: Request a quote

ALPHA WIRE COMPANY - Elizabeth, NJ - - High performance ELECTRONIC CABLES for critical applications. Our XTRA-GUARD Cables offer over 4,700 standard constructions. They are "hazard-matched" to survive in the most demanding environments. Also available: Large selection of HEAT SHRINK tubing products.
(800)52-ALPHA, (908)925-8000, (908)925-6923, E-mail: Request a quote

BERGQUIST COMPANY, The - CHANHASSEN, MN - - Bergquist's Electronic Components Group is a world class manufacturer of custom power cords and connectors with offshore manufacturing capabilities, and is the largest distributor of electronic components in the Midwest. Bergquist also offers multiple value added capabilities for complete assemblies which include a wide range of components, wire harness, wire and cable.
(800)347-4572, (952)835-2322, Fax: (952)835-0430, E-mail: Request a quote

COMMSHARK - Baltimore, MD - - Local providers of voice & data systems, premises based phone systems, VoIP and cloud based phone systems to businesses within the Baltimore & Washington, DC area - New phone system sales, installation, repair service, upgrades and office relocation, voice & data cable infrastructure, music on hold, paging & intercom systems, together with remote tech support.
(443)873-3633, E-mail: Request a quote
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DYNAMIC SIGNAL, INC. - Stoneham, MA - - Standard and custom cable assemblies - coaxial cable assemblies - coaxial connectors - coaxial adapters - coaxial terminators - coaxial attenuators - fiber optic cables - ethernet cables - bulk coaxial cable and accessories. Cable assemblies can be configured in a wide range of 50 and 75 Ohm cables (RG8, RG58, RG400, etc) and lengths, with a variety of connectors.
(800)982-4064, (781)279-0900, Fax: (781)279-9034, E-mail: Request a quote

INTERNATIONAL COMPONENTS, INC. - Clifton, NJ - - Large inventory of liquid tight wire & cable strain relief fittings, flexible conduit, and related products. 24-Hour turn on stock items. Stocking distributors for Hummel, pioneer in Nylon liquid tight strain relief fittings, carrying UL/CSA and VDE approvals - ISO 9001. Stocking also Heyco Products' pigtail fittings, straight-thru fittings, and right angle fittings.
(973)778-0149, Fax: (973)778-4479, E-mail: Request a quote

INTERNATIONAL CORD SETS, INC. - Fairfield, NJ - - Since 1981 ICS has specialized in the manufacture of international cord sets. Available in any length, several colors and materials, such as PVC, rubber and Neoprene. Large inventory of HAR cables for immediate shipment. Custom services available, include cutting, terminating, etc., in our ISO 9001-Registered plant.
(973)227-2118, Fax: (973)882-8918, E-mail: Request a quote

ISOTEC - Des Plaines, IL - - High performance standard & custom-made electronic cables designed to meet a wide range of electrical specifications - hook up, harness, fire alarm, sound & security and custom designs. All of our products are manufactured to OEM specification in our ISO 9002 facility located outside Chicago. Call us now or E-mail any questions or requests for quotes.
(847)299-9299, Fax: (847)299-9298, E-mail: Request a quote

MEGA ELECTRONICS, INC. - New Brunswick, NJ - - Stock or custom cordsets, powercords and related components for the domestic and international markets. Related components such as hand assembled plugs and connectors, locking devices, AC inlets and outlets and power strips. Cables available on spools or cut to length.
Toll-Free: (888)463-4235, (732)249-2656, Fax: (732)249-7442, E-mail: Request a quote

Multi/Cable Corporation - Bristol, CT - - Multi/Cable Corporation is a leading manufacturer of electrical & electronic wire & cable. Our line includes: Instrument, control, data, & thermocouple wire & cable. We specialize in short runs & custom cable constructions and will deliver within three weeks, from design to shipment.
(860)589-9035, Fax: (860)589-7520, E-mail: Request a quote

NORTHPOINT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. / Wire & Cable Assembly - El Paso, TX - - Please visit our website now or return later to read a complete description of our membrane switches.
(800)553-5087, Fax: (915)591-6300, E-mail: Request a quote

NORTHWIRE, INC. - Osceola, WI - - Our wire & cable product offerings for the medical and specialty industrial markets include UL / CSA approved and custom-designed cables in PVC, polyurethane, fluoropolymers, TPEs, and proprietary blends in a variety of strandings ranging from 10 - 32 gauge multi-conductor configurations.
Toll-Free: (800)468-1516, (715)294-2121, Fax: (715)294-3727, E-mail: Request a quote

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QUAIL ELECTRONICS, INC. - Livermore, CA - - Quail Electronics is a world leader in domestic and international power cord supplies for the OEM market. Our power cord, cord sets, adapters and power strips are in use across every industry and are available from stock items or as a custom-made product. Click on the RFQ button above to design your custom cable.
(800)669-8090, (925)737-6700, Fax: (927)373-7099, E-mail: Request a quote ....

THOMAS TECHNICAL - Concord, CA - - Standard & custom CABLES for audio, control, data, instrumentation, signal, power and others - 12 AWG to 30 AWG (many stranding variations) - Insulation and jacket types include PVC, Polyurethane, Polypropylene, FEP Teflon, TPR, Neoprene, Silicone, XLPE, EPDM, more - Shielding in aluminum/polyester, braided and spiral in various configurations - High and low voltage.
(925)288-9473, Fax: (925)288-1210, E-mail: Request a quote

UNITED UNIVERSAL INDUSTRIES, INC. - Joliet, IL - - Bulk wire, cable and portable cordage - (SOW, SJTOW, SVT, SPT1,2,3) in addition to UL/CSA power supply cords & cordsets. Wire harnesses and cable assemblies, in-line switch cords, cut/strip & terminate, coiling/hanking, coil cords, hot stamping, and connector overmolding. International cordsets to IEC specs. Photos & details on our website.
(800)683-7228, (815)727-4445, Fax: (815)727-4490, E-mail: Request a quote

VALE DISTRIBUTION CO., INC. - Vincentown, NJ - - Stocking distributors of power supplies and related power products from worldwide manufacturers. Standard and OEM custom power products with value added services - Internal power supplies, AC-DC modules, medical power supplies, wall mount power adapters, LED power supplies, DC-DC converters, battery chargers, battery packs, power cords, cable assemblies and more!
(800)606-8253, Fax : (609)859-8759, E-mail: Request a quote
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