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Altronics Manufacturing Inc. PCB Assembly - SMT / PTH
PCB Assembly - SMT & Through-Hole - Flexible Circuit Assembly - Quick Turn Prototypes - Volume Production - Commercial - Military - Medical - Telecom - ISO-9001:2000 Compliant - Lead-Free RoHS - Competitive New England Pricing - Click Here to Enter or Call (603)577-8855 . . .

ACE WIRE SPRING & FORM COMPANY, INC. - McKees Rocks, PA - - Leading manufacturer of compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, coil springs, drawbar springs, garter springs, assembly springs, titanium springs, hot wound springs and wire forms for a large variety of industries. Applications include aerospace, agriculture, firearms, gas & steam turbines, material handling equipment, medical devices, valves & actuators, security & bariers and more!
(800)828-3353, (412)331-3353, Fax: (412)331-1602, E-mail: Request a quote

ACF COMPONENTS & FASTENERS, INC. - Hayward, CA - - One-stop shopping for all your fastener and mechanical requirements. As a Master Stocking Distributor, ACF is ready to give you a competitive edge by saving you money, and by being your quality on-time supplier. Stocking AVK, Bivar, Heyco, Ideal, Keystone, Panduit, PIC Design, RAF, Richco, Sumitomo Electric, 3M, and Zierick.
(800)227-2901, (510)487-2100, Fax: (510)471-7018, E-mail: Request a quote

CURTIS INDUSTRIES - Milwaukee, WI - - Manufacturers of DIN mounting rails and brackets. Search our website now for your requited specs. ISO 9001:2000 certified procedures ensure high quality product design and manufacturing for electronics OEMs worldwide.
(800)657-0853, Fax: (414)649-4279, E-mail: Request a quote

DOUGLAS ELECTRONICS, INC. - San Leandro, CA - - Metal chassis, card cages, boxes & enclosures, front panels, brackets, fasteners, levers and latches. High quality, quick turn manufacturing services directly from your layout file. Interface cards between PC/104, PC/104-Plus, ISA, PCI, PMC and Compact PCI. Broad line of PC/104 bus converters, extenders, interconnects, breadboards and other prototyping products.
(510)483-8770, Fax: (510)483-6453, E-mail: Request a quote

FIRST CUT - Maple Plain, MN - - First Cut offers CNC-machined plastic parts in one to three business days. The company provides low volumes for prototypes where form, fit, and function are needed, and is an alternative to rapid prototypes when material properties, surface finish, and dimensional characteristics are important.
(763)479-3680, Fax: (763)479-2679, E-mail: Request a quote

INTERNATIONAL COMPONENTS, INC. - Clifton, NJ - - Large inventory of liquid tight STRAIN RELIEF FITTINGS, flexible conduit, and related products. 24-Hour turn on stock items. Stocking distributors for Hummel, pioneer in Nylon liquid tight strain relief fittings, carrying UL/CSA and VDE approvals - ISO 9001. Stocking also Heyco Products' pigtail fittings, straight-thru fittings, and right angle fittings.
(973)778-0149, Fax: (973)778-4479, E-mail: Request a quote

MARCO MNANUFACTURING CO., INC. - Philadelphia, PA - -Injection molded plastics from a leading manufacturer of TERMINAL BLOCKS - military, commercial aircraft, Eurostyles, and more. Offering many variations of terminal block materials, terminal lugs, quick connect tabs, marker strips, hardware and fasteners.
(215)463-2332, Fax: (215)334-4990, E-mail: Request a quote

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SERVICES CO. - Florida City, FL - - Designers and producers of PC BRACKETS - Specializing in PCI, ISA and custom brackets - Send us your specs for PC brackets, custom metal chassis, boxes, panels, and face-plates. Our facilities include complete design of all metal fabrication, tooling and parts for all your short or long run needs.
(305)247-2836, Fax: (305)247-3569, E-mail: Request a quote

PENN ENGINEERING - Danboro, PA - - Global leader in fastening solutions and the parent of PennEngineering, PennEngineering Automotive Fasteners, 3V Fasteners Company, Inc. and QRP Inc. PennEngineering provides fastener and fastener installation design and product solutions worldwide for diverse industries, including electronics, computer, data/telecom, medical, automotive, marine, and aircraft.
(215)766-8853, Fax: (215)766-0143, E-mail: Request a quote
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PIC DESIGN - Middlebury, CT - - Manufacturers of standard catalog and special build to print precision mecahanical components in metric and inch sizes including positioning tables, linear slides, lead screws, modular framing elements, gears, racks, shafts, bearings, precision hardware and hardware kits, clamps, couplings, and many types of brackets & fasteners. Quantities range from prototype through production.
(800)243-6125, (203)758-8272, Fax: (203)758-8271, E-mail: Request a quote ....

PRODUCT DESIGN SOURCES, LLC - Athens, GA - - Offering a wide variety of mechanical design services, specializing in SolidWorks and Autocad. Services - 3D CAD models, structural analysis, machine design, thermal management design, design documentation, test procedures, component selection, troubleshooting, manufacturing support, vendor liaison, electromechanical packaging and ruggedized electronic packaging, plastic injection molding, new product development, prototyping and more.
(706)250-1919, E-mail: Request a quote

PROTOMOLD - Maple Plain, MN - - Turn your 3D CAD model into real plastic injection molded parts in one business day! Protomold automates many of its processes and provides accessible, live customer support before, during and after an order is placed. Best for 1010,000+ pieces. Upload your CAD files today for a free, fully-automated ProtoQuote interactive quote.
(763)479-3680, Fax: (763)479-2679, E-mail: Request a quote
TROPIC FASTENERS, INC. - Apopka, FL - - ISO 9001:2000 distributor of fasteners, electro-mechanical parts and components. Multiple branches with inventory in each, stocking PEM, Southco, POP, Dodge, Helicoil, Bivar, Richco, Heyco, Heat Shrink, RAF, Amatom, Keystone - kitting and vendor managed inventory programs.
(407)880-4777, Fax: (407)880-2122, E-mail: Request a quote

WAITE ENTERPRISES - Perkiomenville, PA - - Prototype or production parts machining, models, progressive dies and stamping. We will supply parts, brackets, fasteners, mechanical assemblies, and tooling. We even work weekends on our 24 hour emergency calls to get you up and running when production machines need parts, at hourly rates lower than factory service.
(800)476-3674, (610)754-1117, Fax: (610)754-1002 , E-mail: Request a quote


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