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AUTO COMPUTER SPECIALIST - Plantation, FL - - Auto computer & repair specialists, dedicated to providing you with the best customer service and quality parts at competitive prices. We repair and maintain a large inventory of auto computers - ECM ECU PCM TCM TCU BCM FCM IDM FICM - Search our inventory by make, model & year to place an order today.
(954)513-8359, E-mail: autocomputerspecialist@gmail.com Request a quote

AUTO PARTS COMPANY - Cartersville, GA - - Family owned auto parts professionals serving the automotive industry with 5 store locations in North West Georgia. Your #1 source for replacement parts, performance parts, and aftermarket accessories. Stocking parts from over 100 manufacturers with well over 100,000 SKUs in stock. Online store offering promotions and the convenience of in-store pickup options.
(770)382-1881, Fax: (770)387-1755, E-mail: onlinesales@auto-parts-company.com Request a quote
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CYBERMETRIX, INC. - Columbus, IN - - Turnkey Palm-based data link hardware adapter for J1939, J1587/J1708, and other Controller Area Network (CAN) based protocols. Application experience includes passenger, heavy-duty, and off-road automotive, and medical devices. Application development environment training and licensing to empower OEMs to develop their own Palm data link related applications.
(800)713-1203, (812)378-5903, Fax: (812)378-3393, E-mail: Sales@Cybermetrix.com Request a quote

DEARBORN GROUP, INC. - Farmington Hills, MI - - In-Vehicle Network products, supporting multiple protocols including CAN. Our Hercules software supports advanced communication with in-vehicle networks utilizing the CAN (low-speed, mid-speed and high-speed) protocol - The ideal GM CAN analyzer tool for diagnostics, simulation and custom applications. GM Class 2 protocol can be added with an optional protocol card.
(248)488-2080, Fax: (248)488-2082, E-mail: dg@dgtech.com Request a quote

EMAC, INC. - Carbondale, IL - - Special purpose communication modules which offer CAN connectivity to your PC. With the built-in CAN controller, our PCM-3680 provides bus arbitration and error detection with automatic transmission repeat function. Operates two seperate CAN networks at the same time at high speed transmission, up to 1 Mbps. Semi-custom engineering services available for OEMs.
(618)529-4525, Fax: (618)457-0110, E-mail: info@emacinc.com Request a quote

HMS INDUSTRIAL NETWORKS, INC. - Chicago, IL - -CANopen was designed for motion-oriented machine control networks, such as handling systems. Today it is used most by european vehicle manufacturers, but is also used in various fields, such as medical equipment, off-road vehicles, maritime electronics, and public transportation. HMS has a variety of embedded networking products supporting CANopen.
(888)8ANYBUS, (773)404-3486, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: us-sales@hms-networks.com Request a quote

MB AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES, INC. - Rockville, MD - - Maryland area's leading provider of foreign car services, repairs and maintenance. Highly experienced with most vehicle brands including BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Range Rover, Mini Cooper, and Porsche. You can depend on our experienced technicians for quality workmanship, expert repairs, and fast turnaround. Offering nationwide warranty, free rentals & shuttle services.
(301)881-8990, E-mail: mbautoinc@verizon.net Request a quote

SIA ELECTRONICS - Tilden, IL - - Industry leader in the remanufacturing of automotive electronic control modules ECUs for all domestic & foreign vehicles, with over 20 years of experience. Also remanufacturers of mass air flow sensors, powertrain control modules, fuel injector control modules, anti-lock brake computers EBCMs and anti-lock brake hydraulic units, for domestic and foreign automobiles.
(800)737-0915, (618)587-3308, Fax: (618)587-6408, E-mail: email@siaelec.com Request a quote

TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, INC. - Dallas, TX- - CAN-Bus demonstration platform showcases TI's robust SN65HVD230 (3V) and SN65HVD251 (5V) CAN transceivers. Each node features a different TI processor with on-board CAN controller. Solutions for industrial applications that need high-performance DSP functionality (i.e. for motion control), low-cost DSP based architectures (i.e. for monitoring), and ARM-based automotive applications.
(972)644-5580, Fax: (972)927-6377, E-mail: sc-webmaster@ti.com
Request a quote

VECTOR CANtech, INC. - Novi, MI - - Software code and tools for Controller Area Network (CAN) design, analysis and testing of CANbus applications. Our powerful software tools are used in the automotive, heavy-truck, agriculture and various other industries throughout the world. Vector tools are available for other communication protocols as well, including LIN, MOST and FlexRay.
(248)499-9290, Fax: (248)449-9704, E-mail: info@vector-cantech.com Request a quote

ZANTHIC TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Alberta, Canada - - Providers of embedded microcontrollers, specializing in CAN interfaces. Experienced in 68HC11, HC12, MPC555, 68376, AN2131 (USB) and Atmel processors. Also experienced with Intel 82527, Phillips SJA1000 and Microchip MCP2510 stand alone CAN controllers. Our projects have involved military, industrial, agricultural and automotive customers, for both local and international clients.
(403)526-8318, Fax: (403)528-9708, E-mail: sales2005@zanthic.com Request a quote

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